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  • Meet Peeps, a duck that hatched from a batch of eggs. Several things make Peeps different from his duckling counterparts. For one, the man who cared for the eggs Peeps came from was initially attempting to hatch chickens. For another, Peeps did not have any other ducks to socialize with.


    That man is a Reddit user who goes by "Spongi." His series of photos has the online community calling him "the real Duck Commander," but you could also compare him to animal-lover Radagast from "The Hobbit." With a lone duck and no mother to care for it, the farmer Spongi came to the rescue. He raised Peeps in a bed next to his and cared for the duckling with his beard in lieu of a mother's wing.

    Spongi tells his fellow redditors the duck's living arrangement will change with the weather.

    "Once it's spring Peeps will be a free range duck," he wrote. "I'll provide grains, water and a shelter, but that's it other than socialization of course. My chickens are practically no work."

    The man also elaborated on

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  • Last week, we asked you to send us stories of times you shared good news with your family around the holidays. You delivered, and here are some of the best ones we received on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Sarah Wilson found a creative way to break the news to her daughter that she was about to become a big sister. On Christmas morning, Wilson wrapped a shirt that said “Awesome” and placed it under the tree. When 8 year-old Laila opened the present, a small paper towel covered the words “Big Sister.” After realizing that her mother was pregnant, Laila screamed and hugged Wilson.

    In a message to us on Facebook, Wilson explained why the moment was even more emotional for her and her fiancé.

    “My fiancé and I had been trying for a long time to have this baby but due to our upcoming wedding had thought to wait until this summer,” she wrote. “Well life doesn't always wait apparently.”

    Bryan Rakauskas’ family waited anxiously for him to return home from serving the U.S. in Afghanistan. He

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  • Lorin Mills received one of the best gifts she could have wished for this holiday season: a reunion with her long-lost sister.

    A homeless couple gave birth to Mills and her two younger siblings, a boy and a girl, in California. When authorities alleged that the parents were abusive and addicted to drugs, the children were taken away and put up for adoption. Mills was raised with her half-brother; her other two siblings were separated. All four of their names were changed, and they wouldn't see each other for over 30 years.

    Lorin Mills as a child
    Donna Azar as a child

    When Mills turned 18, Adoption Services told her that she had a younger brother and sister. She spent 17 years looking for Donna Azar. A search through led her to Facebook, where Mills found Azar's profile. As soon as Mills saw Azar's picture, she immediately knew she had found her sister.


    "It was quite a search," Mills told KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh. The query included finding Azar's adopted name, then using her wedding registry to find her new last name. "My

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  • When a Reddit user named Lucas returned home this Christmas, he had a surprise for his dad and stepmom. He had lost 130 pounds, and he waited until he saw his parents to share the news. A friend of Lucas recorded the reaction, and it was exactly what you think it might be.

    "Oh my God!" his father exclaims as Lucas walks down the steps. His stepmom shouts the same thing as he enters her view downstairs.

    Lucas went from 300 pounds to a slim 170. According to another post by him on Reddit, he limited his calories to about 1,350 per day. He regularly ate tuna salad, chicken with salsa, vegetables, beans and rice, and sandwiches made with turkey and roast beef.

    When Lucas had lost 100 pounds, he began walking five miles to work every day. He continued this for about two months until the weather became colder.

    The video was filmed in Ontario, Canada. Lucas says he lives far away from his parents and usually travels home about twice a year, but last summer he came up with an excuse to not make

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  • If you’re a Buffalo Bills fan like me, you understand that for many years, you haven’t had much to celebrate. For fourteen straight seasons, the Bills have failed to make the NFL playoffs. That’s the longest active drought in football. The Bills hold the same distinction for losing seasons – they haven’t finished with a .500 winning percentage or better since 2004. It has gotten so bad that Thurman Thomas, the Hall of Fame running back on Buffalo’s last playoff team, is starting to believe the team is cursed.

    In that context, you can understand why Bills fans would try to put a new twist on tailgating. But instead of cooking up some chicken wings or buying an extra case of Canadian beer, they took a cue from the Bills’ head coach and a few of his players.

    Wide receiver Stevie Johnson uploaded a Vine video on the last day of Bills’ training camp in Rochester, N.Y. It showed a player raising a basketball hoop above Doug Marrone, followed by running back Fred Jackson dunking a ball right

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