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  • Chile is once again rallying around the miners who were rescued after being trapped underground for 69 days. However, this time, the 32 men who survived the mining accident are not asking for food or prayers, but rather for support for the country's soccer team as it heads into this year's World Cup.

    And "32 men" is not a typo. Thirty-three workers were rescued; however, one of them was from Bolivia and is not featured in a new commercial from Banco de Chile. The bank is an official sponsor of the Chilean team and published its new commercial on YouTube on May 27.

    The minute-and-13-second video is narrated and hosted by survivor Mario Sepulveda, who is no stranger to such tasks. Dubbed "Super Mario" during the rescue efforts, Sepulveda found himself in the spotlight for the commentary he would offer on the videos that the miners filmed underground. The clips were transmitted to the rescue team using a telecommunications system.

    "In this same place we were trapped for 70 days, the

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  • Did Lee Thompson take the most epic selfie ever? We will leave the final call to you, although let's face it: The photo is up there. Literally.

    Thompson runs the Flash Pack travel blog and recently went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to prepare for the upcoming World Cup. The city is home to the "Christ the Redeemer" statue. Thompson conceived the idea to climb to the top of the 124-foot-tall monument and document the experience with GoPro cameras. He then convinced the Brazil tourism board to allow him to make the mountainous ascent, a staggering 2,400 feet above Rio.

    "Twenty minutes into the climb I reached the heart of the Christ made from beautiful Mosaics," he wrote on his Flash Pack blog. "After what felt like an eternity of pressing heat and pitch darkness, we finally reached the small compartment in Christ's shoulder. I grabbed the rope and pulled myself along the smooth soapstone up into the head of the statue where we carefully opened the hatch. My heart was pounding with

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  • The Sound of Silence (on floppy and HDD)

    "The Sound of Silence" is a song released by Simon & Garfunkel in 1965. It was written by Simon following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The chart-topping single boosted the duo into the national spotlight and is one of their most popular songs. Now, the track is receiving new life, but not thanks to a dance remix or a contemporary artist covering it.

    Rather, a rendition of the song played by computer disk drives is gaining popularity online.

    YouTube user "Arganalth" has released a series of videos in which he programs floppy and hard-disk drives to create sounds that mimic songs. Called "disk symphonies" by one viewer, past disk drive covers have included Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" and the theme for "Back to the Future."

    The latter has received 120,000 views since it was published online two weeks ago. With 18,000 views in its first 24 hours, the YouTube user's latest work is on pace to eclipse that mark.

    "The choice of

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  • "The Price Is Right" trended in the U.S. on Twitter today. It had nothing to do with host Drew Carey or any big winner. Rather a CBS News Special Report carrying a live address from President Barack Obama interrupted the show.

    And if there is one thing evident after scrolling through the tweets, it is that people do not like their hour of "The Price Is Right" interrupted by anyone — even the Commander In Chief.

    "Unless Godzilla is attacking the Eastern seaboard, Obama doesn't need to be interrupting the Price is Right," tweeted Amanda Marie, a viewer. Although, the fact that she wrote that makes you wonder if she would still be upset over missing the Card Game.

    "Eric Shinseki you couldn't resign from VA Secretary after the #priceisright?" questioned another viewer, Alin. Shinseki tendered his resignation today amid allegations of widespread fraud in the department. A report from the Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general's office claimed VA employees falsified wait lists,

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  • Steve Richardson is the lead singer of a band, a college graduate, and a pizza delivery guy. And it is the latter that is gaining him Internet fame.

    The Provo, Utah, native started a Tumblr page on March 12 called "every pizza I've ever delivered." His first post was a photo of a delivery van filled to the brim with pizza delivery cases.

    "Delivering happiness 145 pizzas at a time," he wrote as the caption.

    Since then, Richardson rarely uploads photos to the blog. Instead, he writes short poems that contain rather mundane observations about his experiences delivering pizzas.

    But of course, it is not every day that you read a poem about pizza box folding.

    Steve RichardsonSteve Richardson

    "We used to have box-folding races when I was still new. About four or five months into the job my fold-speed peaked," Richardson wrote. "We don't race anymore. My skills have stagnated since those early months."

    The site,, also contains poetry about the people that Richardson delivers to.

    Steve RichardsonSteve Richardson


    Posted alongside a

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