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  • If you've ever dropped your iPhone, cracked the screen, and then realized you didn't have insurance coverage — this video might make you a little squeamish. Otherwise, the latest piece from Aatma Studio is sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

    The company set up 2,000 iPhones like they were dominoes. The phones were arranged to say "Happy Holidays." For the lighting, Aatma Studio used near-field communication, which allows content to be passed from one device to another.

    With one push, down go the devices, one lighting up after the other. The words "Happy Holidays" stay continuously lit as "fireworks" go off above them. The clip is only 20 seconds long, but you might find yourself replaying it a few times to catch the different light patterns and watch as each iPhone falls meticulously in line.

    Aatma Studio is based in San Francisco and specializes in animation and digital content. The company's portfolio includes commercial work for Lipton Brisk, Nike, and Visa.

    This isn't Aatma's first

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  • Macaulay Culkin is trending today, and it has nothing to do with the time of year and movie series that most people still know him for.

    In an apparent ode to artist Andy Warhol, Culkin uploaded a video to YouTube of himself eating a slice of pizza. It is literally titled, “Macaulay Culkin Eating a Slice of Pizza,” and literally features the child star gobbling down the food with pepper as his choice flavoring.

    In 1981, Warhol ate a burger on camera. The artist downed it with a side of ketchup in less than three minutes.

    There are obvious similarities to the two videos: both struggle to use the dispenser for their respective condiments. The actor goes as far to mimic Warhol’s line, “It’s not coming out,” as he attempts to put pepper on his pizza. The “eating” in each video begins around the 40-second mark in both. Warhol and Culkin are meticulous in the process by which they prepare and then consume their food. After unwrapping the burger and removing its top bun, Warhol places the ketchup

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  • Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran received radio airplay for a song in which he proclaims that he will build his love interest a house made out of Lego pieces. It served more as a metaphor; still, the U.K. artist is known to be quite the Lego aficionado.

    Now two innovators have built something almost as improbable as a Lego house: a car comprised of half a million Lego pieces.

    The project is the brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and Romanian technology guru Raul Oaida. They met on the Internet and then used a single tweet to crowd source the funds needed. In the prospectus, Sammartino does not promise any revenue windfall from the car. He doesn't even state what the final project will yield. Instead, he assures that "all those involved will benefit from the personal branding via having their names against it."

    Sammartino convinced 40 Australians to back the venture at $500 each. It was dubbed "Super Awesome Micro Project," and it became a reality.


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  • A captivating animal rescue video from Hope for Paws is gaining millions of views and in the process probably has a few people in tears.

    Eldad Hagar of the Los Angeles-based nonprofit posted the footage. First, a dog living in a trash pile is seen. The dog rescuer received an urgent call about the animal after she had been found homeless and living among garbage for months. At first sight, the outlook for this dog does not look good. She appeared ravaged and was found to be suffering from mange, parasites, bacterial infections, and malnutrition. Medicated baths would be needed to help her heal.

    After some reluctance, the dog climbs in to Hagar's car and they travel to the Veterinary Care Center. Hagar nicknames the dog Miley.

    With the proper treatment and a little rest, Miley begins to noticeably improve. But the story of second chances is just beginning. Hope for Paws then introduces us to another dog, Frankie.

    Where Frankie was found.
    The black Chihuahua, who was rescued from a drainpipe with the help of the

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  • Patients at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta dreaming of a white Christmas witnessed their dream come true earlier this month.

    Atlanta is far from the Snowbelt, but that didn't stop the children's hospital from turning its three campuses into a winter wonderland with an hourlong snowfall. Zigmont Magic F/X, a company that provides effects services to movies and live events alike, manufactured the snow. The workers used 31 snow machines to create a white substance that looked just like the real deal but felt similar to cotton or the foam from soap.

    "We just thought it'd be great to try and add a little magic and excitement to our kids' day here," Dr. Jim Fortenberry said to Fox 5 in Atlanta. "We thought, ‘What better way to do that than to add some snow?'"

    As families gathered for a prebilled party, children made snow angels and staged snowball fights. Others simply went outside in their wheelchairs to experience the sight firsthand. Patients who couldn't leave their rooms watched from

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