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  • Do you like to laugh? Who doesn't? Watching funny TV shows, movies, and clips online is something people do every day, and now there's a new show that breaks the traditional comedy mold. Get ready to add puppet-crime comedy to your list of favorite genres, now that Yahoo! has teamed up with independent studio Vuguru to bring you "The Fuzz."

    "The Fuzz" is the story of Herbie, a rookie puppet cop who sets out to prove himself to his fellow human officers by trying to clean up Puppet Town’s criminal jellybean trade. The only way Herbie can put a stop to the candy trafficking is to stop Rainbow Brown, the dangerous dealer. Rainbow Brown will stop at nothing to become the most powerful criminal in the city. Herbie and his human partner, Officer Sanchez, delve deep into a world filled with evil puppets, jellybean deals, puppet racism, and romance.

    The 15-episode series is directed by Duncan Skiles and written by Christopher Ford and Jon Watts.

    I had a chance to interview two of the stars of

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  • The Interactive Festival at SXSW is almost over (insert sad face emoticon). With all the new applications being launched and all the emerging startups trying to get people's attention, it's hard to narrow down the list to just one favorite. So we took a man-on-the-street approach and just started walking up to strangers here in Austin, asking them what apps they just could not live without.

    As you might imagine, the apps that people use most involve social networking in some way. People also mentioned a lot of music apps for streaming songs on the go. One trio of teenagers we ran into are particularly fond of Twitter because they are die-hard, self-professed Beliebers, and they love being able to stay connected to superstar Justin Bieber and other celebrities on Twitter.

    People we spoke with also enjoy using photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Instagram to keep up with what their friends and loved ones are up to. Several people mentioned apps that help them to meet up with friends and

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  • Let me preface this blog entry by saying that I love Texas barbecue. As you may have noticed at the end of every episode of "Trending Now," I say "y'all." I don't say it just to be cute. I say it because I am a native Texan, and because the word "y'all" is as much a part of my vocabulary as barbecue has been a part of my diet for as long as I can remember. If I go too long without having some real authentic Texas barbecue, I start to go through withdrawals.

    We are deep in the heart of Texas at the interactive conference during SXSW, and the "Trending Now" team just had to get our hands on some of the local cuisine. It's hard to walk around Austin and not smell the aroma of barbecue. Not only does it make you hungry -- it also makes you curious.

    We started by asking the locals where are the best places to get barbecue. Several restaurants were mentioned over and over again: Franklin BBQ, The Salt Lick, Stubbs, and Opie's. These places are heralded as having some of the best barbecue not

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  • Here at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference, tons of startups and tech companies are vying to get people's attention. Since we're in Austin, a city known for being weird, it turns out that some of the most interesting and innovative technology being exhibited at the conference also happens to be a little offbeat.

    For example, if you ever get tired of 'liking' things on Facebook all the time and want to be a little more negative, there's the 'Hater' App for iOS. Hater's Chief Executive, Jake Banks, says the app was made to, "share the things you hate with the people you love." Users make profiles to upload photos of the things they can't stand- long lines, self-taken photos, or "selfies," and for some, Kim Kardashian. So if you're looking for a way to cut the positivity and just vent a little bit about the things that annoy you, Hater might be for you. It's available for iOS devices now.

    If you're looking for a combination of things you never thought you would see, how about

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  • Trending Now is on location at the Interactive portion of SXSW in Austin, Texas. There is so much to see, and so many people and cats to meet. Yes, I said cats—but maybe there really is just the one. Grumpy Cat is in the house, and the line wraps around the block. People from all over the world have come not just to interact with eachother and network their tushies off, but to meet a cat that has taken the Web by storm. Grumpy isn't the only furry feline capturing the attention of the masses.

    It seems as if you can barely surf the Net these days without coming across a cute cat video or picture. The feline persuasion seems to be in a league of its own when it comes to the level of intrigue. Whether it's Henri the cat, Boots and Cats or even Island Kitty, to name a few, everyone seems to have a favorite.

    Somehow, over the last couple of years, cute cats, silly cats, musical cats, fashionable cats and even Grumpy Cat herself, have virtually taken over the world

    So where does this

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