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  • Cat videos that become viral sensations are nothing new to the Internet. But a particular feline in Australia is standing out from the rest of his peers, thanks to some mad skateboarding skills.

    Meet Didga, a cat who cruises around on a deck nicknamed Ollie. In the video "Cat Super Skateboarding Adventure," Didga scoots around the beach town of Coolangatta, Australia, performing tricks off the board. The cat hops off the board and onto ledges or over objects before landing back on its paws and continuing the ride.

    Onlookers are stopped in their tracks as the skateboarding cat casually zips by, checking out the sights in the process. After scaling trees and jumping over obstacles, Didga performs his last trick: leaping over a Rottweiler and landing back on the skateboard without stopping.

    Robert Dollwet trained all of the animals featured in the video, uploaded to the Catmantoo YouTube channel. In just over a week the clip has been viewed over 190,000 times.

    So cats rule and dogs drool? Not

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  • A couple of college freshmen have found more than just friendship at Tulane University: they've also discovered that they share the same biological father.

    Mikayla Stern-Ellis and Emily Nappi became friends after looking for roommates at the same residence hall at the New Orleans college. Stern-Ellis and Nappi did not end up sharing a room but kept in touch on Facebook before meeting on campus. After that initial meeting, the women discovered that not only were they were both conceived by an anonymous sperm donor, but that the donor was Colombian.

    They'd been saying jokingly, "Oh, there's a 25 percent chance we're sisters," 18-year-old Nappi told the Tulane Hullabaloo, a student newspaper.

    Mikayla's parents, Heidi and Debra Stern-Ellis, were a little more curious.

    "When [Mikayla] told us that they had talked a little bit and knew they both had a Colombian donor, Heidi and I said to ourselves, 'You know, we remember going through the donor list, and there [were] probably about 1,000

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  • Kittens have been known to brighten up people's day, but these particular pets playing out Disney-Pixar's "Toy Story" could be considered just too cute for words. We'll attempt to write about them regardless.

    The video, titled "Disney Pixar's Toy Story (Cute Kitten Version)," comes to us courtesy of the Pet Collective. Pets re-create a number of famous TV and movie scenes on TPC's YouTube channel. Dogs can be seen performing a "Baywatch" parody in "Barkwatch." HBO's hit series "Girls" is transformed into a video called "Cats."

    In the Pet Collective's latest offering, the roles of Buzz Lightyear and Woody are filled by two felines. Both cats were borrowed from Cats at the Studios, Inc. The nonprofit organization rescues and cares for the animals while seeking out new homes for them. The rest of the cast is made up of paper cutouts, and a boy named Jackson narrates the two-and-a-half-minute piece.

    YouTube user Kate In LA commented, "I think this was too much cute for one video. I have to go

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  • The story of Rowena Darby will remind you today to be thankful for every moment you are able to spend with loved ones.

    Rowena lives in Bolton, England, with her husband, Phil, and their 3-year-old son, Freddie. The couple welcomed Freddie into their world in June 2010. Months after giving birth, Rowena began experiencing severe stomach pains. Doctors believed the discomfort was caused by her pregnancy and prescribed strong painkillers. But after six months, she was still in pain. A round of screenings turned up nothing. Then in May 2011, she underwent a colonoscopy.

    That June, a week before Freddie's birthday, Rowena learned that she had bowel cancer.

    "I know it sounds odd, but I really wasn't shocked or devastated because I'd already suspected it, so I'd had time to process it," she told the UK's Daily Mail. "My main priority was to find out what treatment I could have to beat it."

    Undeterred, Rowena desired to live with hope, not fear. Before undergoing treatment, she had some of her

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  • You might have a new appreciation for sand grains on your next trip to the beach after viewing the microphotography of Dr. Gary Greenberg.

    The Hawaii native can photograph an object as small as a single grain of sand and magnify it to 100 to 300 times its normal size. The results expose crystals, shells, and biological organisms unnoticeable to the naked eye.

    Greenberg's passion for art and science seems to stem from his grandfather, who gave him the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci when he was a child.

    "I would pore through these books, lying on the ground, looking at these wonderful drawings, the paintings that he had done," Greenberg said in a 2008 video on his YouTube channel. "For me, Leonardo was the poster boy of art and science."

    According to Greenberg's website, the doctor has 18 US patents related to his development of high-definition and three-dimensional light microscopes. The UCLA graduate notes that his mission "is to reveal the secret beauty of the microscopic landscape that

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