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  • The Boston Marathon became the scene of a crime today. Starting at approximately 2:50 p.m., two bombs went off within seconds of each other and caused numerous critical injuries and at least two deaths. CNN reported that at least 132 people were injured.

    People immediately took to social media to share what they were seeing as eyewitnesses and to alert the world to what was happening. A Vine video from user "Doug" of one of the explosions going off recorded from live television was being retweeted and shared multiple times.

    Boston Globe reporter David Abel tweeted from the scene, "Fine. Reporting. I was 10 feet from the explosion. Shaken up. But not a scratch. Worst thing I ever saw." A video uploaded by YouTube user "FatalitySnow" shows a group of people standing around just as the second bomb goes off.

    Other eyewitnesses reported feeling the ground shake during the explosions and seeing lots of blood, smelling smoke and seeing people with missing limbs.

    Tents that were originally set

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  • When it comes to keeping children happy and entertained, there's almost no limit to what some parents will do. Doug Smith, a game developer and father of two young daughters, is no exception.

    Smith started creating a new iOS video game, and he decided to make it just how he thought his 1-year-old and 3-year-old daughters would like it.

    In a posting to Reddit, Smith explained that he wanted to create the game, ChuggaBugga so that both of his daughters would be able to play it. The idea for the theme of the game came from Smith's 3-year-old, who loves both trains and bugs. She even sketched her ideas of what the bugs for the game's characters should look like.

    ChuggaBugga is now available to purchase in the iTunes App store. Smith said, "It was a blast to make this game, and [he hopes] it puts smiles on little faces everywhere." Smith may be on to something, because some commenters on iTunes are praising the game. One person wrote, "This app was the best one I have purchased for my

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  • As Earth Day approaches, people are getting involved in all kinds of ways to help the environment, but one man and a group of his friends have taken on a project of gigantic proportions. Rodolfo Almira and three of his buddies are in the process of building a $1.5 million replica of Noah's Ark in Miami, Florida.

    Almira's plan for what he calls the "Hidden Ark" is for the space to serve as a museum, a shop, and a petting zoo with pigs, chickens, goats, and other small animals. Almira told the Miami Herald that the ark "has nothing to do with any specific religion" but that he is basing the construction of the massive ship on the instructions that God gave to Noah as described in the Bible. So when the project is complete, the ark will measure 500 feet long and be three stories tall.

    Almira said his focus is environmental awareness. He said he was inspired to build the ark after seeing animals struggle to find food and shelter after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. Almira and his

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  • Gorillas are not the kind of creature you would want to cross paths with outside of a zoo or while on safari. They are known for not just their domineering size but also their fierce nature and territorial habits. Get too close to one and a confrontation might not end well for you.

    A new video released by the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas, may debunk all previously held ideas. This video might have you believing that gorillas, at least the one featured here, are more gentle giant than fearsome brute. But what is most surprising is not just how the gorilla reacts but what is causing the reaction in the first place. It's a goose.

    First, the two animals have a bit of a stare-down. Then, as the goose approaches the gorilla with its wings outstretched, the large gorilla begins to retreat. The more aggressive the goose gets, the faster the gorilla backpedals, especially when another goose joins in.

    Canada geese, like the ones seen in the video, are quite defensive themselves,

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  • When 79-year-old Evie Branan suffered a massive stroke six years ago, it left her in a semicomatose state. Branan was unable to eat, speak, or move on her own, and she became a resident of Willowbrook Manor, a long-term care facility in Flint, Michigan.

    With the help of her family and the caregivers at Willowbrook, Branan started to come out of her semicoma in May 2011. She has slowly regained her speech and mobility, but it's not just Branan's motor skills that are reigniting. Her personality and memory are also coming to the surface again.

    The first thing Branan said when she awoke was, "I want to go to a Bob Seger concert." And that's exactly what she did on Thursday night, accompanied by a couple of staff members from her residence. Branan also got to go backstage, attend an afterparty, and even meet Bob Seger himself. The fun did not stop there.

    Seger walked up to Branan and hugged her. "I never thought I would ever see this day. Oh man, it was a lot better than I thought it would

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