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  • Protesting in Istanbul's Gezi's Park began May 28, and has become increasingly tense. But there has been one bright spot among the standoff between the police and the protesters: One hero, on the protesters' team, is of the four-legged variety.

    Protesters have started calling him "Sunglasses Motorcycle Dog" or "SMD." Why? Because he wears sunglasses as he balances his front paws on the shoulders of his human companion as they cruise around on a motorcycle. The pair has been seen riding around the streets of Istanbul among the protesters. Social media users have captured photos of the two — SMD, of course, is wearing very fashionable shades in almost every picture.

    So what caused the protesting? The government has plans to build a shopping mall on the land that is currently Gezi Park. Protesters want the park to stay the way it is, because it is one of the few remaining green spaces in Istanbul.

    SMD also reportedly dresses up in a Turkish soccer jersey and barks at people who are

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  • My high school graduation was so long ago (13 years to be exact) that I cannot recall one word that our valedictorian said in his speech. I'm sure some inspirational words were said, and we were told to go and make our way in the world. As well thought-out as the speech likely was, it did not become a news story.

    That's not the case with a valedictorian's speech at Liberty High School in Liberty, South Carolina. When Roy Costner IV approached the podium, he ripped up his preapproved speech. The crowd seemed a bit stunned, not knowing what to expect next. That's when Costner began reciting a prayer, the Lord's Prayer, word for word. Many students in the audience began applauding. The teachers and faculty members seated on the stage behind Costner did not visibly react.

    So why did Costner choose this time to say a prayer? The stunt was apparently in protest of the new decision made by the Pickens County School District to no longer include prayer at graduation ceremonies. As you can hear

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  • The record-breaking tornado that touched down in the town of Moore, Oklahoma, on May 20 devastated the lives of countless people. The tornado destroyed thousands of homes and killed at least 24 people and many animals. Some animals survived but could not find their way back home because there was no home to return to.

    A boy and his grandfather, who wish to remain anonymous, went searching for their two dogs, Dexter and Repo, who were separated from the family during the tornado. The pair's last stop on their search was the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. A video posted by the World Animal Awareness Society shows the boy and his grandfather looking at the pictures of lost animals on a bulletin board. Then, suddenly, the boy recognizes two of the dogs and identifies them as Dexter and Repo.

    The boy and his grandfather then walk back to the kennels where the animals are. The boy spots one of his dogs, who is barking and all too eager to get out of the cage as he recognizes the boy. Once

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  • Samuel L. Jackson has become a household name. His roles in movies such as "Pulp Fiction" and "A Time To Kill" have made his work synonymous with instant classics. In addition to his huge fan base and the critical acclaim that his work has received, he was named the highest-grossing film actor of all time in 2011. But Jackson is not your typical celebrity. He is not all about fame and notoriety. He wants to use his influence for the benefit of others, particularly those affected by Alzheimer's disease.

    Last week, Jackson reached out to the pages of Reddit. Jackson challenged users to write a monologue that he would read while raising money for the Alzheimer's Association with the help of Prizeo, a website that supports fundraising for charities. Two days after the announcement, Jackson read the winning monologue.

    Jackson quickly doubled down on the original offer, saying that if donations reached $100,000, he would do another monologue, this time of his choosing. Today, we at Trending

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  • Here at Trending Now, we'd be remiss if we did not bring viral videos to your attention on a regular basis. It's part of our job, and we love doing it. The latest one to capture not only our attention but that of the social media world depicts a ship launch apparently gone horribly wrong.

    In it, the NOAA ship Reuben Lasker, at Marinette shipyard in Wisconsin, glides down an inclined metal ramp into the water. It suddenly tips steeply onto its side and crashes violently into the water, sending wood planks and other debris flying into the air toward whomever is filming from behind the boat. The video then ends abruptly after about 18 seconds. It was initially uploaded to YouTube in January by user Jason Bundoff, but the ship launch took place about a year ago. It has already been viewed more than 90,000 times, and people are watching the less than 20 seconds of footage multiple times just to take it all in.

    Bundoff wrote in the description of the video, "Ship side launch goes wrong

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