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  • There is no good way to find out that your significant other is cheating on you, but one woman in Russia discovered her boyfriend's infidelity in a pretty surprising manner. Marina Voinova was looking up an address on Russia's version of Google Maps, Yandex Maps. She wanted to get a closer glimpse of a building using the street view feature. So she zoomed in, and there was her boyfriend Sasha with his arms around another woman.

    Well, perhaps it was just an old picture that was taken before he and Marina were a couple. Only problem with that was that Marina and Sasha had been together for five years, and the Yandex Maps feature has only been around for three years. And, the plot thickens: Sasha is seen in the photograph with his arm in a cast, which he had to wear last summer.

    When Sasha returned home, Marina asked him to type the address she had looked up into Yandex Maps. Once Sasha saw the incriminating image of himself, Marina said, his entire face changed color and he confessed

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  • These days, many of us turn to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and the like to catch up on our friends' lives, instead of picking up the phone to call them or paying them a visit. But getting bad news via social media about someone we love is a new and sometimes disturbing trend.

    A Clayton County, Georgia, woman is outraged because after she searched for nearly a month for her son, she learned of his death via an unusual Facebook message from the police. The Clayton County Police Department sent the message to Anna Lamb-Creasey to inform her of the death of her son, Rickie Lamb, after he was struck by a vehicle on Jan. 24.

    Lamb-Creasey told Atlanta's WSB-TV News that she was not aware that Facebook messages not sent from friends show up in another box titled 'other.' Lamb-Creasey was further confused because the message was sent by someone called Misty Hancock, but the message asked for Lamb-Creasey to contact Lt. Schindler. Clarence Cox, a spokesperson for the Clayton County

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  • When you think of great escape artists, the names Harry Houdini and David Blaine likely come to mind. Both Houdini and Blaine are known for their amazing stunts and ability to get themselves out of seemingly impossible contraptions. Well, get ready to add a new name to your list, and it's an unexpected one.

    Meet Mariska, aka the Houdini Horse. Her owners, Sandy and Don Bonem, say the 9-year-old Friesian mare has learned how to unlock almost every gate she has been put behind. In addition to her own enclosure, she also unlocks those of neighboring horses. The Bonems note that Mariska is particularly adept at getting into containers where food is stored.

    Online, Mariska is receiving a lot of attention for her escape artist antics. A video featuring one of her exploits has climbed to over 750,000 views in a matter of weeks. Sandy Bonem wrote of her difficulty in keeping Mariska secure, "She learned each of these doors one step at a time. Then we added safety backups she is much too

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  • If you built your dream home for yourself and your family and then were told by the government that it had to be knocked down, what would you do? That's the problem that 63-year-old farmer Robert Fidler is facing in the southern England county of Surrey, but there's more to the story.

    In 2001, Fidler began constructing the home, which is now called Honeycrock Farmhouse and resembles a castle, but he did not get permission to build it from the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council. He secretly lived in the castle, which he hid under a large blue tarp and behind giant 40-foot-high bales of hay. In 2007, Fidler was ordered to tear down the four-bedroom home.

    The guidelines from the council state that any structure built without planning permission but unchallenged for four or more years does not have to be demolished. Reigate and Banstead refused to grant retrospective planning permission, and after six years of fighting through the appeals system, Fidler and his wife, Laura, are being

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  • When new parents bring home their adorable baby from the hospital, they usually want to share their joy with the world. And lately, many people have hired professional photographers to capture their precious newborns' early days. But it's not only biological parents who want photos of their little ones -- nor do the kids have to be newborns to have a fun photo shoot celebrating their arrival.

    Three years ago, Kelli Higgins of Crestview, Florida, had five biological children at home and was pregnant with a sixth. She and her husband then adopted two siblings, 5-year-old Chanya and 10-year-old Latrell. Last month, while the family sat around the dinner table, Higgins, a photographer, told the kids that she would be doing a newborn photo session. Latrell, who spent much of his youth in foster care, mentioned to his mother that he didn't have any baby photos of himself. That gave his 12-year-old sister Alycia an idea: Their mom should take "newborn" pictures of Latrell now, at age 13!


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