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  • Around this time of year, even the most mundane scene can be something used to inspire fear. Or maybe it's just that clowns and dolls, and especially clown dolls, are creepy on their own. YouTube user Nick Packauskas posted this video, titled, scarily, 'CLOWNFUN,' where it's been scaring people for a couple of days. He simply put this bizarre clown doll next to some child dolls, played a music box, and let peoples' natural fear take course. Hopefully that'll get you in the spirit for further creepiness come Halloween itself. Do you know of any creepy videos you can share? Tell us on Facebook, or @YahooTrending.

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  • Sales manager Joe Barzelay of Eastern Shore Hyundai in Daphne, Alabama, probably hasn't used his moves on the dance floor to seal the deal with any clients. However, those moves made him a Web star and they will soon give him plenty of foot traffic at the dealership. Barzelay was at work one day, talking to some dancers who were at the dealership to appear in one of its commercials. Their work reminded him of his own talents, and he offered to give them a demonstration. Charles Kelley, a co-worker of Barzelay's, sensed that this moment was something he had to capture on camera, so he pulled out his phone. And, boy, did Barzelay move! The video become an instant hit, with more than 150,000 views and counting. Adoring fans wrote in, with one saying in jest, "300 cars were sold that day." That might not be true, but we are sure anyone in the area in need of a car at least has to pop in to meet the Web's newest star.

    Barzelay's exploits reminded us of some other standout, unexpected

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  • The YouTube video, 'There was an incident last night at CVS,' doesn't quite capture the hilarious and puzzling nature of what is contained within, but it's at least a start. According to uploader Aplue, around 50 ducks entered the pharmacy in Saratoga Springs, NY, last week. There is a park down the street where the ducks live most of the time, but somehow they managed to sneak past the front door and hold an impromptu shopping spree. In addition to the ones inside, there were dozens more outside the store as well. After using a swiffer to try to shoo them out, one enterprising employee was able to lure them out with a bag of popcorn. And really, who doesn't love popcorn?

    A pretty cute invasion.

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  • Do you know any dogs that love to sing? Well, Dexter the dog loves to sing along to opera. His owner Nolan Boatwright proved that in a video he shot and uploaded. Here’s the thing though, Dexter only likes to sing one song. It's one that’s featured in commercial actually, and you might of heard it. Take a look at the video:

    You’ll notice at first Dexter wants nothing to do with the first song selection, and then Nolan plays the financial services company J.G. Wentworth’s commercial. Hey, J.G. Wentworth advertising team, I think we found you the star of your next commercial!

     You might think Dexter's talent is pretty unique, but we were able to find other dog's who also love to sing J.G. Wentworth's classic tune:

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  • If you have any negative feelings or opinions about Miley Cyrus, set them aside for a little while during this story. A young blind girl from the Philippines is taking the web’s breath away with her rendition of Cyrus’ "Wrecking Ball," sung while she reads the lyrics in braille.

    The crooner is 11-year-old Joyce Jimenez. She lives in Luzon, the largest Philippine island. The video was uploaded to YouTube by George Doton and it has already been viewed more than 400,000 times and growing. Commenters are saying Joyce has "a soul of an angel" and one person even wrote “This little girl did what Miley failed to do with the original - bring me to tears.” We would love to hear more from you Joyce, don’t stop singing!

    Know of any other talented kids? Share it with us on our Facebook page or by following us on Twitter at @YahooTrending

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