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  • A couple of guys from Hawaii have taken daredevil surfing to a whole new level. Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala set out to surf a huge wave caused by a calving glacier in Cordova, Alaska. The duo waited for 20 hours a day over the course of a week for a 300-foot-tall glacier to create the icy wave. McNamara was on a surfboard and Mamala was on a personal watercraft, a practice known as tow-in surfing.

    When a chunk of ice finally broke off the glacier and created the massive wave, it was tremendous. Forty-five-year-old McNamara said of the experience, "It's the heaviest thing I've ever done in my life! ... It's like the Empire State Building about to come down on top of you. ... It was the closest I've ever come to death."

    The video of the pair's attempt to surf the wave was recorded by world-renowned surfing videographer Ryan Casey, who can be heard in the background yelling in disbelief at how massive the wave is. You can also hear Casey become anxious as he wonders if his friends

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  • I am not a fan of roller coasters, but that does not mean that I do not appreciate them. Even though physics was by far my worst subject in high school, I'm still in awe of how roller coasters seem to defy the laws of physics while embodying the very definition of those laws at the same time. All told, I think they're cool—from afar.

    A new video taking YouTube by storm gives viewers a stomach-turning, first-person view of Six Flags Magic Mountain's newest thrill ride, Full Throttle. The new coaster in Valencia, California, contains the tallest vertical loop in the world, topping out at a whopping 160 feet.

    When the coaster leaves the station, it accelerates from 0 to 70 miles per hour as it takes thrill-seekers into the loop. A little while later, it comes to a stop inside a tunnel, and some would suspect that the ride is over, but it is not. The coaster shoots backward, accelerating rapidly, and takes the riders back up a bit, and then forward through the tunnel and down a steep drop.

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  • For some people the act of flying in an airplane induces uncontrollable anxiety and panic. These are classic symptoms of aviophobia, the fear that something bad will happen once a person is airborne, and it will be completely out of his or her control. If you're one of those people, then I recommend that you stop reading now, and definitely do not watch the video above.

    A Thomas Cook Airlines flight from Manchester, England, was about to take off from the tarmac when suddenly the right engine exploded. The incident was caught on video by aviation videographer Simon Lowe. The Airbus A330 had 325 passengers onboard and was en route to the Dominican Republic. The plane veers a bit to one side, but the pilot is able to regain control of the aircraft.

    A spokesperson for the airline said, "The aircraft developed an engine fault and returned to stand; as a precaution, the airport emergency services attended the aircraft—but at no time were passengers or crew at risk."

    The spokesperson also

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  • A lot of us waste at least some of our days being lazy or not doing anything particularly productive. Then there are those people who try to squeeze as much joy and happiness as they can out of every hour of every day.

    Performance artist Ze Frank, who is also the executive vice president of video for Buzzfeed, wanted to illustrate the ways we use the number of days in our lives. With the help of the American Time Use Survey, featuring information collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Frank used jellybeans to symbolize the number of days in the average human life span and what we typically do with them.

    Frank says we each get roughly 28,835 days. In his video, Frank begins with a box full of jellybeans. He pours the jellybeans on the ground and spreads them out, explaining, "These are roughly 28,835 jellybeans." (Frank says that he counted 500 of them and used the weight of those to estimate the rest.) He acknowledges that some people have more time, others have less in their

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  • Unless you just love the outdoors so much that creepy-crawly things do not bother you, even the toughest of us freak out at the sight of a spider. Called arachnophobia, the fear of spiders and other arachnids, such as scorpions, is very real. I'm convinced that we all have a touch of it in some way.

    Meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Global BC in Canada had her spider freak-out moment on live television. While giving her weather report, Gordon saw a spider crawl across the live-shot camera. Even though the camera was outside of the studio and nowhere near her, the spider appeared to crawl right on her head. Plus, because of the magnification of the camera's lens and the spider's location, it appeared much larger than it actually was.

    Gordon lets out a shriek when she first sees the spider and moves to the other side of the screen. Still frightened by the creepy-crawly guy, she says, "No, I hate it. I can't stand it." A man in the background yells out, "You realize it's not there?" And a

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