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  • The most famous European royals that most Americans know about are Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, but one of the most popular blue bloods in all of Europe is Prince Willem-Alexander of Holland.

    It comes as a bit of a surprise that just a week before his coronation as king of the Netherlands, music was chosen for the ceremony that is causing outrage throughout the nation. The controversy revolves around the song "Het Koningslied," or "King Song."

    While some songs get criticized because of offensive words or subject matter, critics of "King Song" insist it is just plain bad.

    The song begins with a standard, if a little cheesy, folk tune -- along with shots of serene-looking Dutch citizens in the video -- featuring lyrics like, "Through the wind and rain I'll stand beside you … I'll keep you safe as long as you live."

    But then the song takes an odd turn and morphs into a folk-rap, full-on-orchestra mess. Particularly offensive to the song's detractors is the part in the music

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  • Coachella, as the hippest among you know, is a two-week music festival in the desert near Indio, California. This year's festival wrapped up last weekend. More than 60 bands played at Coachella, including little-known, up-and-coming bands hoping to break into the music scene and acquire fans and fame. Hollywood stars and starlets are usually photographed enjoying themselves at the festival among the mellow crowds.

    Late-night TV host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, being the prankster that he is, thought it would be funny to send a camera crew to Coachella to see what attendees would say about a completely made-up fake band. The piece was featured in a segment he called "Lie Witness News."

    Some of the highlights of the segment include people nodding their heads to an off-camera reporter and agreeing that the made-up bands are really great. One guy even says that he used to DJ and played one of the bands' music all the time.

    While many people who have seen Kimmel's prank find it hilarious,

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  • Even with all of the healthy options out there for people on the go who just want something quick and easy, a fast-food hamburger can not only satisfy the appetite, but also be easy on the wallet. But just how easy is it on your digestive tract with all of those preservatives? Simple table salt is a preservative, but the additive butylated hydroxyanisole, or BHA, is commonly used to keep foods from spoiling quickly, too.

    Today's story may make you think twice about how many preservatives some common foods contain. Utah resident David Whipple recently sent in a McDonald's hamburger patty to the TV show "The Doctors." Whipple explained that originally he wanted to show his friends how enzymes work, and he thought using a burger would be a good idea. He bought it on July 7, 1999. However, after a month, he had forgotten about it. Fast-forward two years later, and his wife discovered the patty inside a paper bag in one of his coat pockets.

    Whipple was surprised to see that the hamburger

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  • Good is beginning to emerge from the shock, sadness and devastation caused by the Boston Marathon bombings. People who were injured are slowly recovering, and trying to return to a sense of normalcy. Mother and daughter duo Celeste and Sydney Corcoran are part of this collective effort.

    Celeste, 47, lost both of her legs below the knee because of the blasts, and her daughter Sydney, 17, suffered near-fatal shrapnel wounds. As they lay recovering in the same hospital room at Boston Medical Center, they received a special and emotional visit from someone who can relate to the debilitating injuries that the women suffered: a United States Marine who lost both of his legs in combat.

    He shared his experience with both ladies, offering words of encouragement and expressing how he knows what they're going through. "I'm telling you, with all my heart, you are going to be more independent than you ever were."

    The Marine continued, "This is basically the start, you know, this is the new

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