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  • Like most kids, 6-year-old Christopher Kiezek sat on Santa Claus's lap and requested an Xbox One. But unlike others his age, he also asked Santa for fingers so he could play. Now, thanks to an online campaign, Christopher's request will become reality.

    The Long Island, New York, native was born without part of his left arm. His mother, Christine, told radio station 1010 WINS that Christopher's old prosthesis does not fit him. Insurance will not cover the cost of a new one because it isn't considered necessary to the child's life.

    After hearing of the secret request that he whispered to Santa Claus, family friend Robert Jackson set up a GoFundMe campaign. The goal was to raise the $25,000 needed for Christopher's prosthetic arm.

    "I cried," Jackson said to Fox TV station WNYW in New York after he learned of the boy's Christmas wish. "It's what Christmas is all about — raising money for someone in need. That's what we're trying to do."

    That is exactly what the family friend, known as Uncle

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  • Travelers in Chicago's Union Station were treated to a little music recently as they walked past a piano without a player. What the passersby did not realize was that a hidden pianist was in fact tickling the ivories.

    Rob Bliss Creative and Amtrak teamed up for the holiday surprise. When a person would walk up to or past the piano, musician Andrew Blendermann would begin playing the instrument via remote control. The Chicago-based artist responded to the environment of the piano. For example, when a little girl walks up and begins playing "Chopsticks," Blendermann adds a special touch. Commuters run to make a train, and the pianist plays "Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major." Musicians (who might have been given a heads-up about the piano) walk by with their instruments and begin to play along with Blendermann.

    The video has some other noteworthy parts, including a businessman screaming at the piano because he is having a hard time talking on the phone. Why didn't he just walk away? An older

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  • A French Canadian teenager is gaining fame on the Internet for doing one of the last things you would expect a French Canadian teenager to do: Impersonate Elvis Presley better than men much older than him.

    David Thibault mimics “The King” professionally. He even competed in an Elvis impersonator show and uploads his Presley covers to YouTube. But the 16 year-old reached a whole new audience when he performed “Blue Christmas” for pop music radio station CKOI in Quebec. As the teenager strummed the final notes of the song, the show hosts immediately exclaimed “Wow!” and showered him with compliments in French. Thibault repeatedly said, “Thank you very much” – not in his Elvis voice though.

    Commenters on the YouTube video note that when they close their eyes – it really does sound like Presley singing. Others have voiced disappointment that another guitar-playing teenage Canadian, Justin Bieber, rose to fame and Thibault is still relatively unknown. The cover of “Blue Christmas” has almost

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  • I owned a Super Nintendo as a kid, and one of the games that I would always play with my friends was Super Mario Kart. The racing game stuck out because multiplayer was a lot of fun. Each track had its own quirks, there were a number of power-ups and -downs to mess with opponents, and of course the characters were Nintendo icons.

    The franchise resonated with a lot of gamers, thus the reason that the eighth installment of Mario Kart will be released next year on Wii U. But four Montreal residents decided to reincarnate the game in a whole new way. Using stop-motion animation, 3D artists Olivier Bolduc and Simon Lachapelle re-created Mario Kart in real life. The co-workers recruited Étienne Desbois and Louka Boutin to play the roles of Mario and Luigi, respectively.

    Sure, there's no Rainbow Road — but there are plenty of banana peels, power-ups, and red Koopa shells to have you reminiscing. The soundtrack and sound effects are also authentic. Bolduc and Lachapelle took a few creative

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  • Elaborate Christmas light displays are no stranger to YouTube. Videos showing residential setups with soundtracks have received millions of views. The house with lights dancing to "Sexy and I Know It" went viral in 2011. Last year, video of a home with a display synced to "Gangnam Style" captivated nearly 4 million viewers.

    This year, the attention is heading south of Fayetteville, Ga. Robert Burton usually sets his display to holiday classics such as "All I Want for Christmas," "Jingle Bells," and "O Holy Night." This year, the Auburn University fan created a light display that illuminates to the Auburn radio call of the Tigers' improbable last-second win over Alabama. The lights then kick in to overdrive as they dance along to "War Eagle," Auburn's fight song.

    The rivalry game known as the Iron Bowl took place on Nov. 30. The top-ranked Crimson Tide team entered the fourth quarter tied with the fourth-ranked Tigers at 28. As time expired, kicker Adam Griffith attempted a 57-yard field

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