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  • In late 2011, Facebook launched its timeline cover photo display platform. While some people were reluctant to accept the change, there were many who embraced it and came up with creative ways to manipulate their personal pages. Perhaps one of the most well-known collections of pop-culture-themed cover photos belongs to teenager Libby Cooper.

    Cooper, who not surprisingly spends a lot of her free time online, likes to edit famous images from movies and art by inserting herself into the scenes. Some of the most-liked photos are of Cooper appearing in "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," joining the British boy band One Direction, holding up baby Simba in "The Lion King," and starring in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy."

    When Cooper posted a sampling of her work on her Tumblr page on Wednesday, it became an instant hit, racking up 55,000 "likes" and reblogs. Commenters speculated that due to the low-resolution and handmade quality of her photos, Cooper may be using Microsoft Paint to

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  • It's the beginning of a new year, and couldn't we all use a heartwarming story to get us off to a solid start? This story is about friendship -- an unlikely one, but a friendship nonetheless.

    When 8-year-old Terfel, a Labrador mix, was diagnosed with cataracts, his future seemed bleak. Terfel was likely to spend his remaining years bumping into things or not straying far from his familiar dog bed. But all that changed when his owner, Judy Godfrey-Brown, let a stray cat into the house and named her Pwditat. No one could have predicted what came next.

    The cliche "fighting like cats and dogs" suggests that dogs and cats cannot be friends -- in fact, it suggests they'll fight. But that is not at all what happened between Terfel and Pwditat: They were instant buddies. Pwditat even became Terfel's seeing-eye-cat, if ever such a thing existed.

    Godfrey-Brown said that Pwditat seemed to instantly understand that Terfel is blind and wanted to help him. Pwditat uses her paws to lead Terfel around

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  • A swimmer stranded in open water at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro got more than he bargained for when he was being rescued via helicopter. Of course the last thing the first responders and the person being rescued wanted was for something to go wrong---particularly with the chopper itself. But that's exactly what happened.

    After a fire department team used a winch to lift the stranded swimmer out of the ocean, the helicopter suffered what officials called an "unspecified mechanical failure," and the pilot, who feared landing on the crowded beach, avoided it altogether and touched down on the water instead. Remarkably, the rescuers and the swimmer sustained only minor injuries.

    Just after the crash-landing on the water, onlookers, who could be heard screaming, rushed into the ocean to help the victims. Then two other rescue choppers arrived to complete the rescue effort. Once the second rescue mission proved successful, onlookers gave the first-responders a well-deserved round of

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  • Dogs have a reputation for being man's best friend, but there's a turkey in the United Kingdom who is giving her canine pals a run for their money. Cranberry the turkey was found wandering around a parking lot at HorseWorld, a rescue operation for mistreated horses.

    Dawn and Jerry Watkins, who live on-site and work for the rescue operation for horses, adopted Cranberry after they found her and introduced her to their black Labrador retrievers, Teal and Widgeon. Surprisingly, all three animals became fast friends. Cranberry now has her own kennel outside next to her canine friends and has even become the alpha animal of the bunch.

    Cranberry has been known to steal food from the dogs from time to time, and it's a move that Teal and Widgeon never do in return. Cranberry likes to go on walks and also tries to bark like a dog.

    Watkins said of his new feathered pet, "She loves being stroked. If you stroke her, she will hunker down. It's quite charming." As doglike as Cranberry behaves, she

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  • If you've ever had to memorize words and recite them in front of a crowd or a camera crew, you will likely empathize with Sonja and John Palmer. The Palmers are featured in a commercial for Dysart's Restaurant in Bangor, Maine, but it's not the commercial that has people talking, it's the outtakes.

    The viral video is full of bloopers as John makes several attempts to describe the restaurant's chicken pot pie as "baked in a buttery, flaky crust." It sounds simple enough, but John just does not seem able to say the words as they are written. Sonja tries to coach him a bit by repeating the words to him. Sonja starts to get a bit annoyed that her husband cannot get it right.

    John seems to get a kick out of the whole shoot and laughs awkwardly when he struggles to nail the take. He instructs whoever is holding the cue cards to make sure they keep the cue cards up for him to see.

    When Sonja just can't take it anymore, she says, "You should have had me do that." John agrees, "Oh yeah, she

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