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  • The Web is filled with inspirational videos urging you to get up and do something meaningful with your life. Now the advice is coming from the tiniest of motivational speakers, a 9-year-old kid from Tennessee known as Kid President.

    The videos began as a family joke, but they've blossomed into a viral sensation. His latest "A Pep Talk From Kid President" is filled with simple wisdom on tough issues , humorously delivered, of course. For example:

    "It's like that dude Journey said, 'Don't stop believing …' Unless your dream is stupid. Then you should get a better dream."

    The pep-talk video has garnered more than 2.6 million views in five days. It was uploaded to YouTube by Soul Pancake, the production and development company headed by "The Office's" Rainn Wilson; and other celebs, like Ryan Seacrest, Nick Cannon, and Olivia Wilde, have shown love for the suit-and-tie-wearing star on Twitter.

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  • Math may not be everyone's favorite subject, but a teacher at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, has figured out a way to raise its popularity. Instead of hitting the chalkboard, Jake Scott began writing and filming math-themed rap songs to explain complex precalculus concepts. Suddenly, he found, his students were far more interested and connected to the material.

    Scott, aka 2 Pi, has created raps that address the Pythagorean theorem and the quadratic formula. Says Scott, "I think we can preach to kids until they turn blue, but if there's no connection, then there's no response. I constantly search for ways to connect with students, with language, with conversations, with music."

    "Undefined Expressions," Scott's latest video posted to YouTube, features his own adorable daughter and students from Blair High rapping about zero denominators.

    Have you heard of any innovative tools that teachers use to engage their students?

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  • Residents of Mooloolaba, a beachside Australian town, woke to an unexpected sight on Monday morning -- the beach and streets covered in up to 10 feet of foam.

    The frothy white substance is a freaky side effect of Tropical Storm Oswald, which caused damage throughout Queensland. Turbulent waves forced pockets of air into the ocean water, producing the foam that blanketed the area.

    Tourists and residents were enjoying the fluff, playing in it and taking lots of pictures. But they had to tread carefully. In a video posted to YouTube, police and onlookers were stunned to see a car emerge out of the foam like a sea monster rising from the deep.

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  • Significant rainfall caused by tropical cyclone Oswald has resulted in destructive flood waters across Queensland, Australia. In fact, since Thursday night, there have been reports of about 20 water related rescues. A new video of a dramatic rescue of a teenager has emerged.

    The rescue took place in the coastal town of Rockhampton and the teen can be seen clinging to a tree as raging waters threaten to sweep him away. Then, just as one of the emergency workers is attempting to save the teen and pull him to safety, he is pulled from the boy by the strong currents of the water and he is taken toward a bridge. There is video of the entire harrowing encounter.

    Then, miraculously, the emergency workers are able to pluck the teen from the rushing water. The rescue workers and the soaking wet teen make their way away from the water and toward safer ground. The final images in the video are of the teen safely out of the water boarding an ambulance and out of harms way.

    Torrential downpours and

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  • One of the hardest experiences that anyone can endure is the loss of a pet. The sometimes prolonged illness leading up to the pet's passing can be even more gut-wrenching. Lennox, a boxer breed, was plagued with cancer and arthritis, and he had survived multiple surgeries, but a recent tumor growth on his left shoulder made it difficult for him to even stand.

    Lennox's owner decided that the humane thing to do would be to put Lennox to sleep to end his suffering. His roommate, "Nikolaoss" on Reddit, explained the situation in a post on the site. He included a twist to the story: Lennox would be given an incredible last meal, consisting of a turkey leg, sausage, bacon, and rice. There's even a video of Lennox eating his last meal. Lennox goes for the bacon first.

    The post about Lennox received 24,000 upvotes on Reddit -- and tons of positive comments. People offered their condolences and shared their stories of losing pets. One user wrote, "One of the greatest lessons a pet teaches its

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