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  • Toddler Buys Car on eBay Using Father’s Smartphone

    Last month Sorella Stoute from Portland, Oregon, purchased a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite on eBay. Now, this might not sound like much of a story, until you learn that Sorella is only 14 months old. Here's what happened. The tiny online shopper was playing with her father Paul Stoute's smartphone when she inadvertently opened the eBay app and purchased the rundown car for a little over $200 from a seller in nearby Tualatin, Oregon.

    Sorella's dad first learned of the purchase of the car, nicknamed "Franken Sprite," via an eBay confirmation email. At first he was shocked and panicked but in the end decided to keep the car and fix it up, saying, "I've done a lot of bodywork in the past … but this is another realm altogether." Stoute added that he felt lucky Sorella picked a car on the cheaper end of the spectrum, saying he was glad she didn't click on the $38,000 Porsche he had also been looking at.

    Paul Stoute set up a Smarty Pig crowdfunding page to raise money to restore the Franken

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  • Blind Couple Finds Love Thanks to Their Guide Dogs

    Along with an engagement ring always comes the question, 'So, how did you two meet?' Well, one couple from Stoke-on-Trent in England have a pretty awesome answer: Their pets set them up. Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey, who are both blind, ended up going to the same two-week training session for their Labrador guide dogs, Venice and Rodd. The dogs became very close during the training and brought their owners, who lived only a mile and a half from each other, together.

    After the course, Mark and Claire would meet up for coffee and lunch dates, some of which lasted for three and a half hours. Mark told the Sentinel, "Each time we met the lunches were getting longer, and the waitresses were tapping their fingers waiting for us to leave." It wasn't too long before Mark got down on one knee and popped the question, all thanks to puppy love. Claire told the U.K. newspaper the Telegraph, "Rodd and Venice ... are as much a couple as me and Mark."

    The couple's unique love story was featured on

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  • Anyone familiar with Auto-Tune knows that the robotic-sounding voice modulation is a big controversy in music. Singers like T-Pain and Kanye West have been criticized for using it, even while Web shows like "Auto-Tune the News" have become massive hits because of the process. So we have heard a ton of Auto-Tune singing recently, but never anything quite like that of Emmalene (Emma) Robinson, a St. Petersburg, Florida, high school junior who seems to be able to sing in Auto-Tune with no computer software helping her out.

    Robinson told that her boyfriend, unbeknownst to her, posted a video of her singing Rihanna's "Stay" to Reddit's Music section, where he was careful to note that it had not been put through the Auto-Tune process. Her YouTube page jumped quickly from around 600 subscribers to more than 7,000. She says that half of the comments are very kind, while the other half either express doubt that her ability is legitimate or are outright rude. But she swears that

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  • Owning a car can be nerve-racking. Keeping the thing clean is a pursuit that takes a lot of energy, especially in a big city. One artist, though, is inviting people to make their mark on his automobile, and inspiring some creativity along the way. Philip Romano slapped a coat of special paint on his 2004 Hyundai to turn it into a moving chalkboard recently. Since then, he has been driving around New York City inviting people to take turns writing whatever they wish on the exterior.

    Last Thursday, Romano parked it outside of the Museum of Modern Art, where it attracted a horde of people waiting to create some chalk art. Passersby swarmed the automobile, adding drawings and phrases. Romano even got attention from Fox 5 News, who interviewed him about the endeavor. Asked about the reason for the project, he said, "I just had the idea a few years ago, that when I got my first car, I wanted it to be an old used car, and I wanted to cover it in chalkboard paint and let people draw all over

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  • Beauty Pageant Queen Shaves Head for Charity

    Beauty pageant queens have been the butt of a lot of jokes lately — for example, Marissa Powell, Miss Utah, who recently flubbed an answer about the gender gap in wages during the Miss USA pageant. But one crowned beauty has people talking because of a noble act: chopping off all her hair for charity. Patricia Celan was named Miss Charity British Columbia on July 1. Contestants were raising money for the organization Cops for Cancer, which funds research for children's cancers and sends kids stricken with the disease to summer camp. Celan promised that if she raised the most money, she would shave her head. Well, she raised $8,000, topping what the other contestants raked in. So, she made good on her promise right there on the pageant stage.

    First her ponytail was cut off, and then the electric buzzer came out. Celan donated her hair, and she had it shaved to stand in solidarity with cancer patients who have lost their hair. Celan said of her new look, "I've been told that I'm pulling

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