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  • Quick! What's the best way to sell a house or lease an apartment? Everyone has a different bit of advice for selling a property fast. But most have never thought including a pet on the action would be a key factor. What if that pet photo-bombed all the pictures you put up in the online ad? Would that entice potential renters?

    There may be a canine photo-bombing legend in the making, thanks to a Craigslist ad and Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed posted an article titled, "This Photo-Bombing Dog Is the Best Thing to Happen to Craigslist in a Long Time," and it has already been 'liked' more than 1,000 times on Facebook directly from the site.

    The family's pet makes an appearance in every picture posted on the apartment listing, from the bedrooms to the kitchen to the dining room. It should be noted that while the pooch appears in all of the pictures, it's not a full-body shot each time --sometimes it's just the top of his head -- a true photo-bombing pro move.

    The apartment for rent is located in the

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  • School bus drivers have to follow a strict set of rules in order to ensure the safety of the children on their vehicles. One of those rules for bus drivers in Broward County, Florida, is not to talk on the phone while driving the bus.

    Driver Rossana Lucas was suspended for five days by the school board when video surveillance footage of her taking a phone call while driving a school bus surfaced. But the circumstances surrounding whom she was talking to and why she took the call are now part of her appeal to get the school board's decision overturned.

    Lucas's son, Marine Michael Alfaro, called from Afghanistan, where he is currently deployed. Lucas had not heard from him in more than seven months and said that she knew in her heart that it was her son calling, and that is why she chose to answer the phone. Lucas said she also knew that if she did not answer, that Alfaro would have to wait another three to four months to call her again.

    In addition to the phone call being from her son,

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  • Living a life without sound is something that many people do every day. However, as technology continues to advance, medical science is changing things for the hearing impaired.

    A video recently uploaded to the social news site Reddit shows a 26-year-old woman named Amy with her family as her surgically implanted cochlear hearing device is tested. Amy's aunt Catherine posted the video. Viewers can watch as the hearing aid is turned on. The nurse asks Amy if she can hear her voice, and Amy uses sign language to communicate that yes, she can.

    But that's not all. It gets better.

    Amy becomes visibly emotional as the implant allows her to hear her family member's voices. Her father and son are both in the room as the hearing test is done. Her father speaks first: "Amy, can you hear my voice? Can you hear it?" Amy nods and continues to shed tears. Then her young son, Blake, says, "Hi, mom." He says it quietly a couple of times, and then he speaks loudly so Amy can hear him, and the entire

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  • When you do something wrong, sometimes the guilt associated with the deed can eat away at you enough to make you turn around and do the right thing. That's the case with a burglar in Hastings, Michigan. Apparently, the thief stole $800 from a store in the 1980s, and has felt so guilty about the theft that he felt the need to return it, plus interest, some 30 years later.

    Local news channel 24 Hours News 8 received an anonymous letter in the mail from a burglar asking for help returning money he stole from a store that was once called Middle Mart. The letter did not contain a return address, and it was not signed.

    The Barry County Sheriff's Department received the same letter as the news station, but their letter also contained $1,200 in cash --the extra $400 was interest that the thief gave the business. Part of the letter read, "I did a very bad thing that I am shamed of and have lived with this guilt."

    Barry County Undersheriff Bob Baker helped find the original owner of Middle Mart

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