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  • A little more than two weeks ago, journalist and writer David Drucker passed away. As his son, Daniel, went through his father's possessions, he found a mysterious text file on his dad's computer. It was titled 'Jokes.txt,' and it contained phrases such as 'More birds on that side' and 'Brick the camel.' No explanation was given for the seeming non sequiturs.

    Daniel knew that his dad had had a fondness for bad jokes, and he figured that these phrases must be punch lines to jokes his Father was a fan of. So he enlisted the curiosity of strangers to help him make sense of it all. Daniel took his problem to Metafilter, a website that allows its users to ask and answer questions.

    Daniel's post, "Last Time, You Didn't Have Holes in Your Feet," referencing one of the punch lines, became a hit on Metafilter, as strangers began to fill in the blanks for the jokes' punch lines. In fact, within four hours, 30 of the 31 punch lines had jokes to set them up.

    One user named Elsa suggested that if

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  • Part of the joy of being a toddler is occupying your time with endless fun activities like playing in the sandbox, watching cartoons, and just generally enjoying a worry-free existence. But what happens when you're playing with a game and it's getting the best of you? Do you give up, or do you do what an enterprising youngster did in a new YouTube video, "Toddler gives up trying to figure out which hole the shape fits in," that people all across the Web are getting a kick out of?

    You remember the shape-sorter game where you have to put a block with a certain shape through the proper cutout, right? The circular block fits only through the circle cutout; the triangular block fits only through the triangle cutout. Well, the little girl in this video is playing as her dad says in the background, "Where does the square go?" She struggles to put the block into the circular cutout, but to no avail. So instead of searching for the right cutout, she simply lifts the lid of the toy and tosses

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  • Deep-sea divers have just made the find of a lifetime. A ship that is believed to have sunk almost 400 years ago, has a bounty of treasure on board. Located a quarter mile deep on the bottom of the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico, the sunken ship is believed to be the Buen Jesus y Nuestra Senora del Rosario. The ship was part of a Spanish fleet of 28 ships, eight of which met their demise on September 5, 1622, during a hurricane.

    Perhaps the most exciting part of the find are the more than 17,000 pieces of real-life treasure. There were 39 bars of gold, ceramic jars, jewels, precious stones, silver coins, and even a device that was used to navigate the ship by the stars. And apparently, those aboard the ship kept parrots as pets, because bird bones were found on board. This is the first time the remains of a parrot have been found in a shipwreck.

    The shipwreck and its contents were found by Odyssey Marine Exploration, a company that specializes in locating long-lost deep-sea artifacts.

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  • Good news is always the most fun to report. That's why it's such a pleasure to share today's story with you.

    Chances are, you know about the cult classic movie "Snakes On a Plane" featuring Samuel L. Jackson, but I'll bet you have not heard of "Puppies on a Plane." It has nothing to do with the movie, but everything to do with rescuing puppies and giving them good loving homes.

    Andriss Skulte is a pilot who volunteers his time to the organization Pilots N Paws. The organization works with animal rescues and deals mainly with kill shelters. They have placed more than 1,200 Labs all over New England. "Rather than the dog … spending days in a car, we can take them in a plane and in a couple of hours, get them home," said Skulte.

    In a promotional video for Pilots N Paws uploaded to YouTube, we witness a family with two young kids who are taken to the airport under the premise that they were picking up a family member. Little do they know, that new family member is of the canine variety.

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  • It's that time of year when high school students get ready for prom season. It may shock you to learn just how some students conduct their prom. When integration took effect, the school-sponsored prom at Wilcox County High School ended. Instead, parents began raising money for two separate proms. So students at Wilcox County High School in Rochelle, Georgia, have held one prom for white students and one prom for black students ever since. But a group of students is working together to change that this year.

    In the fall, Quanesha Wallace, a black girl, was crowned homecoming queen. A white male student was crowned homecoming king. They went to two separate dances and were photographed for the yearbook separately.

    Quanesha and a group of her friends, both black and white, decided that they wanted to bring an end to the separate proms so that all of the students could dance together.

    "It is embarrassing to know that I'm from the county that still does this," said Keela Bloodworth, a white

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