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  • This week is a huge one for Apple fans, and there have been others like it almost every year since the release of the first iPhone. Last week, Apple announced two new iPhones, as well as the new iOS 7 software. The new operating system was released Wednesday, and the brand-new iPhone 5s debuts today. And just like every year, many people (and even some other species) rang in with reactions to the new offerings. One of the largest differences in the new iPhone is Touch ID. Instead of using a numbered access code to get into the phone, the 5s will scan a fingerprint to guarantee that its rightful owner is the one getting into it. And it turns out that the rightful owner doesn't even have to be human. TechCrunch discovered that the tech that scans fingerprints also works on the paws of cats, and perhaps other creatures.

    So if you're looking for a holiday gift for your tech-savvy cat, you may want to consider it. Along with those customers who are happy to upgrade, though, are those who

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  • New York City has a rich history of famous photographs that highlight how the five boroughs have changed over the past couple of centuries. But it's hardto get a good feel, especially when looking at black-and-white photography, for what neighborhoods actually looked like then and now. Enter Marc A. Hermann, a photographer and historian at the New York Daily News. He sifted through the paper's many historic crime photos and then combined them with photo-editing software to create stunning images of Gotham's past and present.

    Most of the photos depict (sometimes gruesome) aftermaths of crimes, including murder, and accidents. What's interesting is how the once-gritty streets of NYC have changed. Thanks to the recent record-low crime rates throughout the city, it's not a huge surprise. Some highlights of the photos? Edna Egbert of Brooklyn climbing onto her ledge while fighting with police in 1942. There's also the massive fire at the Elkins Paper Factory in 1958, juxtaposed with Wooster

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  • As historic floods destroyed parts of Boulder, Colo., more than 16,000 families were evacuated. Mark Changaris is one of them. He and his roommate, Stephen Smith, shot a video of the raging waters overtaking their home, and then his brother uploaded it to YouTube. Once the waters stopped, Mark did something out of the ordinary during such a moment. He sat down at a piano inside their home and played a moving song. If you watch the video, you might recognize the tune -- “Mad World” by the band Tears for Fears, an appropriate song for the moment that was made famous by Gary Jules' cover on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Mark and Stephen are safe and staying with friends and family. The flood left their home badly damaged, with mud piled up on the floors. Mark says of the harrowing experience, “The community support has been overwhelming, and the silver lining of this whole episode has been to remind me how truly giving people can be and how lucky we are to be surrounded by people we love.”

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  • Everybody wants to "fly like an eagle," as the Steve Miller Band once put it, but the truth is it probably won't happen. Luckily, there is a new YouTube video out there that gets us pretty close to knowing what it might be like. Some people in the French Alps somehow figured out a way to strap a GoPro camera to an eagle, tape its flight, then gather the footage later. And, of course, the results are simply stunning. As the eagle coasts over mountain and valley, we get a good impression of the point of view a bird has. Feeling jealous? We are, too — it does look awesome.

    Aside from how fun it would be to fly in general, this eagle certainly chose one of the most gorgeous places in the world to live. The valleys near Chamonix look like something out of "Lord of the Rings." Commenters are predictably in love with the video, writing wistful remembrances like, "Reminds me of the dreams that I could fly I had as a kid. Hopefully this makes them come back." It's hard to guide your dreams, but

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  • A prank usually leaves someone shocked and embarrassed. But a duo of good-deed pranksters decided to give food servers a terrific surprise, a $200 tip. YouTube personalities Stuart Edge and Andrew Hale stopped by several diners in Orem, Utah, to record the recipients' shocked reactions, and they are pretty awesome. The jokesters start out by asking their servers what is the largest tip they have ever received. And then they leave each a $200 tip while the camera secretly records the server's reaction.

    The video has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube, and it's leaving commenters with a warm and fuzzy feeling. One commenter wrote, "Now these are the kind of pranksters I like." In the video, one of the waiters says that he makes only about $2.13 an hour, so the tip is gladly welcomed. A female server's co-worker tells the guys that she was recently hit by a car while on her bike, adding, "Thanks for making her night." In the end, it seems that Andrew and Stuart got more out

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