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  • Thanks to the rise in popularity of the latest mustache craze, men's facial hair has been a hot topic lately. A Reddit user who goes by the name Bartlebad started growing a full beard last Thanksgiving. About a month ago, he was ready to get rid of it, and he decided to do so in a fun way. Using Imgur and Reddit, he documented the many phases of his beard's final days. He titled the project "adventures in beard." First he had the entire beard braided. Then, paying homage to Blackbeard, the infamous pirate, he filled his beard with incense and lit it up. Next, he bleached the beard. And made it fluffy. He then took the beard for a dip in the water to try what he calls a "glamorous beard flip." Next, it was time to add some color. He picked pink and purple to go with his margarita.

    The beard was then cut into chops, which, judging from the look on his face, Bartlebad did not seem to like too much. A hot-pink mustache was one of the beard's last looks. And then, for the grand finale, he

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  • Whether it is a cool "breaking news" graphic or perhaps Wolf Blitzer talking about federal goats, a cool graphic can draw an audience in and keep it there. Or, you can do what "3 News" in New Zealand did, and make what is being mocked, or perhaps congratulated, as the worst news graphic ever.

    The story concerned Bruno, a bull-mastiff mix, who has a tire phobia due to having been hit by a car as a puppy. Bruno wound up attacking, and destroying, the tires of not one but three government vehicles that had approached his house. The story being told was undercut a bit by "3 News'" decision to use a custom, animated graphic that can best be described as a still image of Bruno wildly shaking over the drawing of a few police cars.

    But don't despair — while Bruno was taken into custody by authorities and originally put in a shelter, he has since been transported to a luxury doggie hotel to receive some treatment until his owners can build a proper enclosure for him. Hopefully Bruno can be sent

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  • Any kid, or grownup kid, who has ever auditioned for a play can tell you that the feeling of finding out you got cast is just plain amazing. Now imagine that you aren't finding out about a school play but instead the musical "Annie." Oh, and it's on Broadway. That extremely rare excitement was captured on video for 8 out of the 5,000 girls who auditioned.

    The videos were made for a documentary called "Annie: It's the Hard-Knock Life," which features a behind-the-scenes look at the run-up to opening the revival of "Annie" on Broadway. Emily gets her call while outside with family, and her reaction is priceless — it could be summed up as a wonderful mixture of delighted squeals and flying pigtails. There are also the adorable reactions of Georgi and Junah. Both go similarly nuts to find out that they will soon be starring on the Great White Way.

    "It's the Hard-Knock Life" shows every single step of one production number from the musical, beginning with the earliest production notes and

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  • You probably recognize the names of artists like Picasso, Renoir, and Van Gogh. How about Halmshaw? You might not know that last painter's name yet, but you do now. Iris Halmshaw is a 3-year-old painter from England taking the art world by storm. You can view some of her astonishing artwork here on her website.

    So how does a 3-year-old find art fame? Since Iris is autistic and does not speak, painting has been a therapeutic way for her to express herself. Her mother said she looked for ways to help control Iris's tantrums and one day discovered that painting soothed her. She put the first of Iris's paintings titled "Patience" on Facebook, where it surprisingly got a lot of attention and inquiries for purchase.

    Not only has Iris been featured in newspapers, but she has the art world talking. A private collector just bought two of her original pieces for over $2,000, and inquiries are coming in from all over the world. Her work will even be featured in an exhibit in central London.

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  • The LGBT community has a lot to celebrate this week, thanks to two landmark Supreme Court rulings in favor of same-sex marriage and the beginning of Pride Month. As part of the celebration, YouTube has started highlighting inspirational videos, and it has even created one of its own. The YouTube video is a compilation of moving moments that include people coming out to family members, marriage proposals and historic events during the gay rights movement.

    YouTube has titled its celebratory collection of videos "Show Your Pride," and the website is encouraging others to do just that by using the hashtag #ProudToLove. Although the video came out just one day after the Supreme Court's decisions on DOMA and Proposition 8, YouTube says that its project's timing was just a coincidence: "We had always planned to launch #ProudToLove to coincide with the gay pride parades and celebrations in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris and other cities around the world during the weekend of June 28

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