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  • Call your Mom…

    …or better yet, go visit her, already. At least that's what British Airways is hoping you'll do after seeing this amazingly touching viral ad video they've put out. The video tells the story of a young man named Ratnesh, who left India at 17 to make his dreams come true in New York. While things appear to have been going well for him, in all the years since, he hasn't once managed to make his way home to visit his mom. But with a little help from the U.K.-based airline, Ratnesh was able to surprise Mom back home in Mumbai.

    You see, Mom thought that British Airways had made arrangements for her to cook, and the airline to deliver, her son's favorite okra dish in a bid to tempt him to finally come home to visit. But she thought the dish would ride in a seat of its own all the way to New York City, not knowing that the real seat was headed in the opposite direction — and in it was Ratnesh himself.

    In one of the final scenes of the beautifully shot and narrated spot, we see

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  • Yesterday we profiled a couple of Internet jokesters helping a homeless man have a day he wouldn’t forget, in the interest (at least partly) of showing a different side of themselves. Well, it looks like the trend is continuing in a story out of Parma, Idaho.

    Gage Driskell is an 11-year-old boy with life-threatening cancer. For his birthday, the motorcycle-loving youngster asked his dad, Jake, for a ride on a chopper. When Jake reached out to the community for help making Gage’s wish come true, local biker club member Dwight Murphy answered the call — in a major way. He assembled a group of over 75 riders to show up to Gage’s birthday party! And as if simply rolling a legitimate biker-cade into an 11-year-old’s birthday party weren't enough, many of the riders also brought gifts and donations along with their well-wishes.

    Dwight made sure the fun didn’t stop there either, as Gage was given a leather vest autographed by every member of the group, and then popped into a sidecar for a

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  • Sometimes you shouldn't fast-forward through the commercials — at least if you're in the U.K., where telecomm behemoth Qualcomm is currently airing this incredibly witty spot, which aims to show us that the world would be quite a different place without the wonder of mobile. The ad comprises a series of sketches showing people engaging in commonplace mobile activities — without the mobile. Email, video, tweeting, gaming, music, and updating your profile are all tackled. In the Twitter sketch, a small bluebird falls from the sky next to a man, who then bends down to pick it up. He unfolds it into a note, reads it, and then writes a response that he tosses into the air. It's harmless enough, until a massive pile of little bluebirds come falling out of the sky on top of him. So good.

    There was a time when commercials were ridiculously straightforward product demonstrations that I wanted nothing more than to be able to fast-forward through, but of course back then there were no DVRs.

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  • Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Andrew Hales are well-known Internet pranksters. But in a recent YouTube video, the pair decided to take their content in a different direction. While looking for comedic inspiration in Boca Raton, Florida, the two came upon a homeless man named Martin panhandling in a road median. Vitaly approaches Martin and asks him if he needs work, to which Martin replies, "Yes, I need work." Vitaly then tells Martin it's his lucky day and proceeds to deliver an experience he won't ever forget.

    Soon Martin is being treated to new clothes and shoes, a motel room and hot shower, and a spiffy haircut, all en route to a feast at Texas de Brazil steakhouse. Throughout the video Martin repeatedly expresses gratitude and disbelief over the kindness he's been shown. Truth be told, it's kind of a tearjerker.

    What struck me while watching the video, though, was how both Vitaly and Martin were affected by society's propensity to make presumptions about people. In watching all of

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  • Outrage Over SeaWorld Beached Whale Video

    The fight against capturing and keeping marine life in captivity is an issue that's gaining quite a bit of momentum, in no small part due to viral videos like the one taken by Carlo de Leonibus during a recent family outing at SeaWorld Orlando. The video shows a young pilot whale apparently struggling to re-enter its tank after being beached on an adjoining ledge. Patrons can be heard in the background yelling for staff and trainers to assist the whale, though, according to de Leonibus, no one came to its aid for a period of at least 30 minutes. At one point, other whales in the enclosure appeared to make attempts to assist the beached animal. A staff member addresses the panic-stricken crowd over a PA system in an effort to reassure them that the behavior they are witnessing is normal, but the court of public opinion seems to have dealt SeaWorld's already damaged reputation another blow.

    SeaWorld rep Nick Gollattscheck has gone on record as saying that "the animal was never in

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