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  • It is hard to go anywhere in public these days without being caught on camera. It could be a security camera, a traffic cam, or even just someone's camera phone, where you're caught in the background of a shot. We all get captured at some point. But how would you feel if you saw that picture on the Web?

    While it is legal, that is the ethical question facing a new street-fashion blog called Styleblaster. The site features pictures taken from a webcam set up on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. The feed updates live as unknowing subjects walk by, and users can click the image if they like the person's style or want to takea  closer look at what they're wearing.

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    This area is notorious for being the birthplace of so-called hipsters, a mocking term that few people would apply to themselves.

    Unlike the snarky blog "Halloween or Williamsburg," which exists purely to make fun of unusual outfits, Styleblaster says that its aim is

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  • Celebrities visit hospitals from time to time to cheer up the patients. In fact, they're fond of paying visits to children's hospitals in particular, to lift the spirits of the kids being treated. A fictional kind of celebrity visited a local children's hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and it has the Web talking.

    Employees of American Skyline, a commercial window-cleaning business, had the ingenious idea of dressing as comic book heroes while doing their jobs at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. Jordan Emerson, Steve Oszaniec, and Danny Oszaniec dressed as Spider-Man and Captain America, then secured their harnesses and began repelling down the sides of the building as they cleaned the windows.

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    As word spread around the hospital, patients and their parents gathered by the windows to watch the superheroes in action. The children and their parents and caregivers had looks of pure delight and big smiles as they snapped photos with their

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  • Quick! You're being robbed at knifepoint. What's the first thing you do? For most of us, unless we're actually put in that situation or have some prior training in how to escape unharmed, it's hard to know how we would react.

    An Arby's employee named Maria Archer is grateful to have escaped last Friday, when a man attempted to rob the restaurant where she worked. Archer, who was an assistant manager, said she was doing the closing duties at around 1 a.m. when she heard the doorbell ring. She assumed it was her co-worker who had just left and went to answer the door. To her surprise, it was a man with a knife, who tried to push her into a corner. Archer's instincts kicked in, and somehow she was able to push the man away and give herself enough time to escape through the drive-through window. She recalled thinking, "I'm not going to die at Arby's tonight. I'm just not."

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    Here's where things get interesting. When Archer returned to work, she

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  • An archaeologist is on the verge of deciphering a 5,000-year-old language that has bewildered scientists and academics alike since its discovery in the 1800s. The ancient text, written on clay tablets, is from the proto-Elamite language used in what is now Southwestern Iran between 3200 B.C. and 2900 B.C.

    Jacob Dahl, a professor of Oriental studies at the University of Oxford in England, is making progress decoding the archaic tablets, thanks to advances in technology. Dahl's tools of choice are a computer combined with a super-high-definition camera. The machine performs a process called reflectance transformation imaging, which uses a set of 76 lights to photograph every nook and cranny on the surface of the tablets. After being uploaded onto a computer, each image can then be examined from virtually any angle.

    The images will be displayed online under the banner of an international research project headed by Dahl, who hopes to achieve something akin to academic outsourcing in order

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  • A couple from New Zealand are finally getting some good news a year and a half after an earthquake shattered their world. Newlyweds Fen Jeremias and Martin Burley had just returned from their honeymoon in February 2011 when a massive 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit their home in Christchurch.

    The quake forced the couple to flee their badly damaged home, and in the process, Burley dropped their camera somewhere outside and couldn't recover it at the time. The camera contained images from their honeymoon and wedding, which they assumed were lost forever. In fact, the couple say they felt "gutted" when they lost the camera.

    Everything changed last week when the pair returned to the rubble that was once their home and noticed something poking out of the mud. It was the camera they had lost. Even though the camera itself was beyond repair, the memory card inside was still intact. After many hours of tedious dirt removal, the 2.5 gigabytes' worth of pictures on the card were saved and

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