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  • So imagine you hopped in a taxi and to your surprise the driver was President Barack Obama. Well, that’s sort of what happened in Oslo when taxi passengers were shocked to discover their country’s prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, behind the wheel.

    The social experiment came out just as the Labour Party leader is in the middle of his campaign for re-election. It didn’t take long for passengers to recognize him. One rider told him his eyes looked just like Stoltenberg’s before figuring it out. Then riders got down to business, giving him their opinions. When one woman complained about the high salaries of corporate leaders, Stoltenberg tried to say it was a hard thing to stop. She fired back by saying, “But you are the prime minister.”

    Stoltenberg said of the stunt, “As prime minister, it is important to listen to people's opinions. And if there's one place people say what they really mean, it's in the taxi." He added that he wanted to hear real voters' opinions before the election

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  • Seeing yoga-enthusiasts engage in limb-bending feats of strength and balance sometimes make the practice look easy. But any novice who has tried it out can tell you that it's really very difficult, and you might end up a sweaty, embarrassed heap lying on the floor. That is what is so dispiriting about seeing Panchino, the yogi-dog, doing his yoga, or perhaps 'doga,' poses with such ease. His owner is an Italian-speaking yoga-instructor, so one can understand where he has learned all of his skills.

    Panchino follows his owner perfectly, transitioning from (appropriately) down-dog, to child's pose, to cobra. His ability to mimic exactly what his owner does is really something, and though it goes without saying, adorable.

    The video has crossed 650,000 views on YouTube since last week, with viewers loving not only the tiny chihuahua, but also his owner. Some compared the man's looks to those of Ryan Gosling, while another said "super cute and amazing." An amateur chihuahua-biologist rang in

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  • Marijuana relieves 6-year-old of epileptic seizures

    Most parents in the United States try their hardest to keep their kids from using marijuana. But not little Charlotte Figi's mother. The 6-year-old from Colorado has Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy, which causes debilitating seizures. In the past, her seizures inhibited Charlotte from eating or even getting out of her wheelchair. After trying just about every possible treatment, Charlotte's family found the only remedy that seems to quell the seizures has been medical marijuana. After a treatment of cannabis oil, Charlotte's seizures were reduced from 300 times a week to about three times a week over an eight-month period. The program was approved for Charlotte by neurologists and pediatricians. The company that created the cannabis, naming the strain "Charlottes web," is now using the same treatment to help other children. Josh Stanley, the owner of the company, spoke with KDVR in Denver about Charlotte's treatment, saying it has allowed Charlotte to come off all of her

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  • The Vietnam War ended 38 years ago. This week, two men were found still hiding in the jungle.

    Authorities in Vietnam located the father and son after an extensive search through the Vietnam jungle and transported them to receive much needed medical care. The father had to be carried out in a hammock as he was too weak to walk.

    Ho Van Thahn fled into the jungle with his 1-year old son in 1971, after a bomb blew up his house, killing his wife and two older sons. Since then, they have been living in fear of someone finding them.

    The father, now 82, and the son had been living in a treehouse made of sticks and had a field on which they grew tobacco and sugarcane in the jungle of the Quang Ngai province. They made pants from dried bark and even crafted axes, knives and arrows for hunting. They've both forgotten the mainstream language, Kinh.

    When another one of his sons, Ho Van Tri — who was born on the day of the bombing and rescued by a relative — tracked the two men down in the deep

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  • Man converts NYC dumpster into a home

    The Big Apple is known for its small living spaces, but one man just took "small" to a whole new level.

    California designer Gregory Kloehn found himself needing a place to stay during his frequent visits to New York — and let's face it, hotels are pricey. So, he bought a dumpster. Yes, the kind you see on construction sites.

    Kloehn got to work on the $2,000 metal box and installed a kitchen, bathroom, bed and sun deck. Kloehn strategically added wheels to the bottom of his new home to give it mobility. You know, it ups the property value. The box is located in a nice area of Brooklyn called Red Hook.

    The sophistication doesn't end there. Kloehn hooked up a six-gallon water tank for drinking; the tank also funnels water to the toilet and an outdoor shower. There's no need for a port-a-potty. Electricity is in full effect, powering a microwave and small stove.

    The interior is padded for insulation, and the color scheme is red and black. There are a few seats, an outdoor grill and a

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