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  • We must admit, after the original sensation passed, we never thought we would see "Gangnam Style" put to use in another viral video ever again. But some things that might seem completely over get revived with the help of a stroke of genius. The genius in today's story is that of a little girl, who gets an entire wedding crowd (and now us) pumped with the sheer force of an awesome dance routine.

    Taken at a recent wedding, the video follows the girl's energetic rug-cutting through two songs. She begins with Justin Bieber's "Baby," which is cool enough, but then Psy's massive hit begins, and she really gets going. It is abundantly clear that this is not her first rodeo.

    The video is a huge hit on YouTube, gaining more than 100,000 views in only a little over a week. Commenters love the girl and have given her an overwhelming thumbs-up for the performance. One wrote, "This is only the second time 'Gangnam Style' has not gotten on my nerves. She is awesome." That is how you revive a hit

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  • One of the best ways to get out and see our beautiful country is to go on a great American road trip. That's exactly what the Martin family from West Palm Beach, Fla., embarked on in a very big way. They wanted to see the country so much they sold their home and all their belongings and purchased an RV so they could visit all 50 states in just a year. And they did it! Parents Heidi and Randy Martin took sabbaticals from their jobs, and 13-year-old Kristi and 11-year-old Kyle took online classes at their school. The trip began in Delaware, and the family drove to all the lower 48 states before taking a boat to Alaska and a plane to Hawaii. The Martins stopped at every state capitol and many historic sites. They took 13 months to complete the trek, but Randy thinks it was worth it. "It really was the trip of a lifetime. We didn't want our kids to learn about America through textbooks. We wanted them to experience it." The Martins stuck to a strict travel schedule, and in the end they

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  • With the iPhone 5S out and the holiday season fast approaching, the season for gadget buying is already in full swing. Along with the steals and deals you might find from secondhand stores in person and on the Internet, an entire cottage industry of counterfeit items is just waiting to take your money — $700 billion worth, according to So how do you spot the fakes? Here are some tips to be sure that your next iPhone is not an iPhony.

    Let's start with the iPhone. Make sure , when buying a used one, that the serial number is legit. Apple's website is a good tool for determining that what you're getting is a real iPhone. And you'll need a charger for that phone. Real ones will say "Designed by Apple in California." Look out for knockoffs that read "Designed in China" or, more dubiously, "Designd Abble [sic]." But there are other pieces of irresistible tech out there. For an Xbox, look out for the official Microsoft logo on the sticker on the box. Frauds

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  • These days it seems as if people who propose to their significant other do so with a wildly public gesture that ends up on the Internet as a viral video. Whether or not these moments are meant to be shared with the Web, it wouldn't be shocking to find out that people were actively trying to outdo other viral videos and attain some Internet fame while also locking down their future spouse. However, despite any fatigue that comes with these videos, they can still be surprising and incredibly affecting.

    The most recent one making the rounds is just that, and it raises the bar considerably for anyone else looking to pop the question while also racking up the hits on YouTube.

    Here's the story: Dustin took a trip with a friend to a Salt Lake City Home Depot under the pretense of helping to pick out lighting for a party. However, he was quickly rerouted to the lumber aisle, where he was met by a number of his friends and family who began to perform a choreographed routine to the pop song

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  • As you know, today is Friday the 13th. It's an arbitrary distinction, except that we humans have assigned a lot of importance to it. In fact, the Stress Management Center/Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, says that 17 million to 21 million Americans have a fear of Friday falling on the 13th so severe that it can be considered a phobia (if you are afflicted, call yourself a paraskevidekatriaphobe). But where did it start? Why is this date so associated with doom and gloom?

    It has to do with a combination of reputations — of Friday itself and of the number 13. The view of 13 being an unlucky number is surprisingly widespread, around the world. Thanks to Judas, the last to arrive at the Last Supper, having 13 guests at a dinner table is considered bad luck. To the Norse Vikings, as well, having 13 guests is a no-no. Loki was the 13th guest at a banquet, where he killed the hero Balder. Hindus also consider 13 to be an unwanted numeral. This association with the number doesn't

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