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  • Leave it to the jokers at College Humor on YouTube to call out people who make a big deal about quitting Facebook. In its latest video, the group compares such an event to leaving a party. A man enters a party and calls attention to himself with the help of a trumpet. Then he says, “Attention, attention everyone. I have an announcement to make.” Once he has all eyes and ears on him, he says, “I am leaving this party.” He goes on to explain that he is just different from the rest of the people at the party — special, perhaps — saying, “I do not like your conversations. The things you share are sensational at best.” He adds, “I will be a better person when I finally leave this place.” And finally, he makes his grand exit saying, “Goodbye people I kind of knew from high school.”  

    After he leaves, a few seconds go by, and he returns holding a baby and exclaims, “Good news everyone… ,” illustrating the people on your Facebook feed who only come around when something good happens for them,

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  • When a tractor-trailer carrying three elephants from New Orleans to Dallas got stuck on the side of the highway, the driver came up with a larger-than-life solution. He enlisted the help of two of the elephants onboard, Jenny and Vicki, to hold up the truck and prevent it from falling into a muddy ditch. Photos and videos of the incident quickly went viral. The elephants were being transported to Dallas to appear in the Shrine Circus.

    Yahoo News spoke with Brittany Peet, deputy director of captive animal law enforcement at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), an organization that has been leading the charge against the use of elephants in circus acts. She told us, “This was incredibly dangerous for the elephants and for the traffic going by. It was careless and reckless on the part of the circus. It’s just one more example of the reasons that elephants should not be used for entertainment. It really goes to show why it’s so important that Ringling Bros. recently made the

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  • For the past six years, Scott Worgan has been making videos for his partner, Caitlin, for her birthday, anniversaries, or if she’s had a bad day. So when she sat down to watch his latest video, Caitlin had no idea that it was going to end with a proposal.

    Scott wrote out a series of romantic signs leading up to the big question, and he enlisted their two daughters, Scarlett and Sienna, to help him hold them out.

    “You’re so amazing in every way.” “Everything you do for us.” “Everything you do for daddy.” “Makes us feel sooo special,” the cards read.

    Finally, one reads, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we were your flower girls?”

    Caitlin and Scott have been together six years, but Caitlin told the Daily Mail that she had “no idea” that the video was actually a proposal.

    “He makes videos for my birthdays and our anniversaries and when I’m having a bad day. He always picks me up with these little things, so he knew I wouldn’t catch on till halfway through.”

    The heartwarming proposal video was filmed

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  • OK Go is known for creating some pretty spectacular viral music videos, but its latest one is a little different. The rock band’s latest video is aimed at selling furniture in the biggest market in the world, China.

    The trippy video is actually a commercial for the Chinese furniture store Red Star Macalline, set to a remix of the band’s song “I Won’t Let You Down.”

    If the commercial looks familiar, it should. It was inspired by the band’s music video for the song “The Writing’s on the Wall.”

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    You might think a golden retriever would be excellent at, say, retrieving things… especially food.  But Fritz the dog has made quite a name for himself doing exactly the opposite. The pup just can’t catch food in his mouth for the life of him.

    Fritz’s owner, Evan Ball, posted a video on YouTube of the dog failing to catch any food thrown his way — with one solitary exception you really have to wait for. The video has garnered more than 540,000 views.

    “While we all intently anticipate the day when Fritz masters the skill of catching food in his mouth, we also patiently embrace the journey,” Fritz’s owner wrote.

    Now before you call the ASPCA, Evan notes on YouTube that he never lets Fritz eat all the fallen food.

    “I actually intercept most of the food and give him just a little for his efforts. Plus, he only gets a food tossed to him about once a week,” Ball told the Huffington Post. “The rest of the time, he eats healthy dog food and gets regular exercise. He’s actually quite a

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