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  • Screen Junkies correspondent Nick Mundy has always had a weird relationship with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Nick somehow managed to bridge the gap between journalist/superfan and friend. Now their friendship has morphed into a full-on bromance.

    Because of their history, Nick thought nothing much of his next assignment to interview the Rock for his new movie, “San Andreas.” But little did Nick know that his co-workers had other plans for him: They arranged for the Rock to marry Nick and his fiancée in a surprise wedding!

    When everything was revealed, the look on Nick’s face was priceless.

    “It’s a pleasure for me to do this,” the Rock told a shocked Nick. “It’s an honor for me to do this. It’s completely legal — I am officially ordained by the state of California. Yeah! I go all out. Because you’re my bestie.”

    Have no fear — Nick’s fiancée, Dilara, was in on the whole thing. They even flew his parents in from Texas.

    Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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  • An amazing new video has come out of Brussels featuring an elderly lady dancing with a beat boxer.

    Street performer Ammar Dafri, who goes by Power Beat, was in the middle of his beat-boxing harmonic routine when all of a sudden, a woman walking her dog crashed his performance.

    Much to the enjoyment of the crowd, the woman started dancing along to the music.
    After her performance, the woman and her dog just walk away like nothing ever happened.

    This definitely proves you are as young as you feel!

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  • Are you obsessed with your smartphone? If you’re like most Americans, there’s a good chance the answer to that question is yes. Staring down at our mobile devices is something we have become used to as a society, and now there’s a rap anthem to really highlight that growing problem.  
    The video comes to us from YouTube parody singers Key of Awesome, starring Todd Womack, and it already has more than 282,000 views.  

    “Stare into the screen, look at your phone. It’s everything you need, look at your phone. So much better than a friend, look at your phone.”

    One YouTube commenter summed it up nicely by writing, “One of the greatest love stories of our time.” The catchy song will probably get stuck in your head, and if you can’t get enough of it, you can buy it on iTunes!

    Do you have any tips for how to resist the constant allure of these devices? Share them with us on our Facebook page.

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  • One man in Minneapolis has a new hat, and he’s trying desperately to make sure you know about it.

    Curt Oren, a quirky 23-year-old musician, has always used humor to express his fashion — including the time he got his face printed on a T-shirt. But once he bought a new hat that read “Curt’s New Hat,” he knew he had to up his game and let the world know. He started by changing his name on Facebook to New Hat. Up next, he had to pimp his ride with a “New Hat” license plate.

    And as if that wasn’t enough dedication to spreading the new hat awareness, Curt purchased a billboard that reads, “Do you know about Curt’s new hat?

    It’s possible that his hat tricks are not all fun and games, though. Curt’s friends set up a donation site that’s listed on the billboard. According to the site, “A vast majority of the donations will go to fund the Curt Oren Memorial Institute for Comedic Safety, a division of Public Space One, an Iowa City non-profit arts organization. The remainder of the donations will

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  • Raising kids is always an adventure, but what happens if your children also have superpowers?

    Daniel Hashimoto, the mastermind behind the YouTube channel Action Movie Kid, teamed up with YouTube’s Field Day channel to create a new video featuring the superkid family.

    Hashimoto — or, as he is known in the series, Action Movie Dad — is a DreamWorks animator who has been making Action Movie Kid videos for about a year now. But his latest video is the first to feature baby Sophia, Action Movie Kids’ powerful little sister.

    The short film also introduces a new villain from the Alpha Tots Academy. And the villain is played by none other than Brian Baumgartner, most famous for playing Kevin Malone on The Office.

    We hope they consider making the sequel into a feature-length film!

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