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    It’s perhaps the most Scottish way possible to shut someone down — drown him out with bagpipes!

    A homophobic preacher, armed with a microphone, was in the Scottish town of St. Andrews, ranting about how same-sex marriage had “ruined the economy.” Enter bagpiper Daniel Boyle, who walked by the preacher and played out “Scotland the Brave” over the hate speech.

    Boyle walked over to him and followed him around, playing the entire time, much to the delight of the crowd.

    Well, that’s one way to tell someone to pipe down!  

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  • On your wedding day, you kind of expect things to go wrong, but you don't expect two bickering waiters to drop your wedding cake right in front of you!

    Newlywed Laura Cox was enjoying her wedding reception when suddenly a confrontation broke out between two waiters, and her four-tier wedding cake ended up on the floor.

    Luckily, the cake was a fake and the whole thing was an elaborate prank organized by her new husband, Joe.

    Joe hired two entertainers to pose as waiters and created a replica of the cake, covered in real icing, for the prank.

    "If I'm being completely honest, I was absolutely gobsmacked when it happened right before my eyes. All I could think about was how angry I was that people had been fighting on my own wedding day, they had ruined it," Laura told the Daily Mail.

    "I saw red and was about to storm outside and give them a piece of my mind, but then they ran back inside singing and I turned and saw Joe, who was laughing his head off. I realized I'd been well and truly

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  • Tutto è impressionante!

    Ahead of Pope Francis’ visit next week, an elaborate replica of the Vatican is on display at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia — and it’s made entirely out of Legos.

    It took Rev. Bob Simon 10 months to construct the mini St. Peter’s Square.

    “I think there’s about half a million pieces in it,” he said. “I’m not sure. I think there are about 44,000 cobblestones of the square, 6,000 round bricks that make up the colonnade and, under the little cobblestones, there’s 12,000 two-by-two tiles that are under there. I knew if I was going to build the Vatican, it had to be big!”

    The Lego St. Peter’s Square is full of Swiss guards, tourists, a nun with a selfie stick and, of course, the pope overlooking the crowd. Simon also included a version of himself in the piazza, taking it all in.

    Simon’s masterpiece measures 14 feet by 6 feet and weighs about 100 pounds.

    “It was daunting,” said Simon. “It was an exercise in patience, and I was thrilled with the way everything came

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  • One daredevil in Australia has just become the poster child for pushing through the pain during a death defying tightrope walk between the peaks of Melbourne’s Eureka Tower.

    Kane Petersen was in the middle of walking Australia’s highest tightrope walk, 300 meters (or nearly 1,000 feet) above the ground, when he got a leg cramp!

    The high wire artist lay down in the middle of the 21-meter crossing, and there were no safety nets below to catch him if he fell.

    “I tried to get my leg back out to stand back up and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, how am I going to do this?’“ Petersen told the Herald Sun, “I just pushed myself through it. I have just lived a dream — it’s fantastic.”

    On the other side of the walk, he was greeted by his wife, Jessica McCrindle.

    Petersen’s stunt is reminiscent of French high-wire artist Philippe Petit’s crossing between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in 1974.

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    Having a baby can be a scary proposition. To that end, Judy and Gavin Holt decided to let all of their friends and family know they were expecting a little bundle of joy —  by scaring the pants off of them!

    The Holts’ spoof of a horror-movie trailer starts innocently enough: A happy couple is moving into their new home, but soon, as in all horror movies, things take a turn for the worse.

    “I can feel it grow inside of me,” whispers Judy over ominous music. “What’s happening to me?”

    Many scary moments later, there is the big reveal: “Baby Holt Coming March 2016”

    “My wife let me have free reign [sic] on our ‘announcement’ video … I may have cursed my house,” Gavin Holt wrote in his Reddit post.

    We tip our hats to Gavin for including a bun-in-the-oven scene and a close-up of Prego spaghetti sauce. Well played.

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