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  • Tom Dickson, Blendtec founder and general expert on all blendable things, has attempted to blend just about every product Apple has to offer. So it should come as no surprise that he just subjected the new Apple Watch to the Blendtec Will It Blend test.

    Apple enthusiasts may want to shield their eyes after Dickson drops the Apple Watch into a blender and turns it on.

    The smartwatch puts up a good fight in the first few seconds of the Will It Blend test — but the clear victor here is the blender.

    By the time Dickson is done, the Apple Watch is nothing more than a pile of black powder.

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  • It’s every homeowner’s nightmare, coming back to a completely destroyed house.

    Star and Mark King rented out their home in Calgary, Canada for a weekend on Airbnb to four adults who claimed they were in town for a wedding. But a few hours after the Kings turned over their keys to the renters, a party bus with over 100 people inside pulled up at the house.

    The Kings had no idea what was going on inside their home until they started receiving calls and texts from their neighbors to let them know the police had arrived.

    The police received three noise complaints over the weekend, and eventually they shut the party down after reports that a fight had broken out. The police were still on the scene when the Kings returned on Monday to find their house in shambles.

    “Our hardwood floors are all popping because there are pools of liquor. There’s glass shards, there’s a dent in our walls, toilets flooded and plugged with condoms,” said Star King.

    “For me, my first feeling was shock,” Mark King

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  • When you were a kid, did you ever tell your parents you wanted to run away? A feisty 5-year-old threatened to move out of her mom’s house, and thanks to good old YouTube we get to watch the funny exchange she had. Check out little Saige’s proclamation that she must move on.  The video has already been viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube!

    So where does she want to go? Saige says, “I’m moving on. I’m going to Jen’s.” By the way, Jen is her mom’s best friend.

    Saige is also not happy with the conditions of her living quarters: “My bedroom is a zaster [disaster].”

    When Mom asks Saige’s brother Tanner, “What did you say to her to make her mad?” Saige responds for him with, “He was throwing dirt at me, Mom.”

    We totally blame Tanner for this. Throwing dirt is not cool.   

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    When Jeff Sullivan got into his Uber, he had no idea that such a delightful ride was in store.

    His driver took him by surprise when he started serenading him with a few bars of opera singer Luciano Pavarotti.

    In the YouTube description, Sullivan wrote, “Was on my way to The Playwright to get paid to party with and well... Who needs a radio when you have an awesome Uber driver!”

    “Wow, that’s brilliant. Thank you very much! Is that Pavarotti?” Sullivan says in the video.

    “This is Pavarotti,” the driver responds.

    Best driver ever? No contest here! We hope Jeff gave him a five-star rating.

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  • “Sesame Street” has been on a roll with its parody videos, tackling everything from Oscar-winning movies to a Netflix hit show. Now it is stepping into the Marvel Universe, with Cookie Monster playing the lead in “Aveggies: The Age of Bon Bon.”

    When an evil villain attempts to turn all vegetables into dessert, the Aveggies must work together to defeat him. The cute spoof recasts the “Avengers” heroes as Onion Man, Captain Americauliflower, and the Black Bean Widow. And, of course, Cookie Monster becomes Dr. Brownie.

    Technically, this video teaches kids about self-control and staying focused, as we watch Dr. Brownie get distracted from the task at hand. His job is to “Turn green, get big, and eat giant cookie ship” to defeat the evil Bon Bon.

    Besides the wonderful food puns, the best part of the video is when Cookie Monster Hulks out and eats the big ship in the shape of a chocolate-chip cookie. Whether Hulked out or not, Cook

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