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  • If you’re a parent, you know that bath time for little ones often proves to be a challenge. And it’s not true just for human babies but for  creatures big and small. A new video of a baby elephant having some trouble getting into its bath is going viral.  It comes to us on YouTube from user Claus Jorgensen who was visiting Elephantstay, a reserve at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal in Thailand.  In the video, a baby elephant appears to be having trouble getting into and out of a small tub.  I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help but laugh at the little guy.   

    The Elephantstay reserve allows visitors to live with, care for, and learn about the majestic animals.  I think they’re gonna need a bigger tub!

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    A video of a dad amazing his son with a simple card trick has gone viral online.

    This poor little boy must think his dad has magical powers or X-ray vision as he correctly guesses card after card. Little did this boy know, his dad had a bit of help from a sneaky assistant — the boy’s little sister.

    His sister sits perched behind her brother, stealthily miming the numbers on the card to her dad on the other side of the table.

    In the end, the little girl’s enthusiasm gives her away, and her brother figures out just how his dad was pulling the whole thing off. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

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  • A sign-language interpreter in Sweden signed his way into Internet fame over the weekend. Tommy Krangh was on hand to sign lyrics of a song performed on Melodifestivalen, a televised Eurovision singing competition.  Krangh enthusiastically signed and danced to a performance by singer Magnus Carlson as it played on a screen behind him:

    The show aired on Sweden’s public service TV station SVT. You don’t have to know sign language to see that Krangh is having a great time dancing to the music.  

    A post on reddit not only took the YouTube video to viral status but also turned Krangh into a local celebrity. He told a Swedish newspaper, “It’s crazy and I’m very happy for all the nice words. I have really been love-bombed.”

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  • Jason “Jace” Larke was working across the country when his wife, Alison, was scheduled to give birth in Perth, Australia. But thanks to an elaborate virtual reality setup, he was able to “be” by his wife’s side at the moment when she gave birth, despite being nearly 2,500 miles away.

    This special moment was brought to you by Samsung.  A team from the company arranged the cameras and audio equipment in Alison’s hospital room and paired them with a Samsung Gear VR headset for Jace where he was working on the other side of Australia.

    When Alison went into labor, Jace went into a special virtual birthing suite that Samsung had set up, where he was able to “move” around in real time and talk to Alison.

    The couple’s story is featured in a new ad for Samsung Gear VR, and the company has said that this experience is proof that virtual reality isn’t just a toy.

    “We were given the opportunity to be involved in the Samsung project. Jace was able to see our son born and experience the birth as if

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  • If you were a fan of the sitcom “Dinosaurs,” which aired from 1991 to 1994, we have good news for you. They’re back! Well, sort of. A Canadian filmmaker released a mashup of scenes from the hit show timed perfectly with The Notorious B.I.G.’s song “Hypnotize.” Bet you never expected to hear that combination! Unusual as it may be, the video has gone viral on YouTube with more than 4 million views so far. The show’s main character, Earl Sinclair, appears to be rapping along to the lyrics and dancing in perfect harmony to the song.

    Benjamin Roberts created the video that everyone can’t stop talking about.
    He told Yahoo News that he dreamed up the prehistoric idea after he noticed that Sinclair’s moves mimicked those of a rapper. Roberts told Yahoo News he picked Sinclair because “He’s just so expressive.” It took him 30 solo hours to edit the video, and his hard work definitely paid off. When asked about his Internet fame, he told us, “I spend a lot of time on reddit, so I was excited

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