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  • Many airlines have loyalty programs that give frequent fliers special perks like bonus miles and upgrades for traveling with them. So it's no secret that people get to collect miles, but what about inanimate objects? The controversy is actually a lot more complex than you might expect.

    Grammy-winning musician Lynn Harrell travels the world with his $5 million cello, which is nearly 300 years old. When he travels, Harrell purchases two tickets -- one for himself, one for the cello. For years "Cello Harrell," as his cello is known, has been accumulating frequent flier miles of its own (most cellos that travel with their owners do). That is, until a Delta Airlines internal audit revealed that Cello Harrell had been the recipient of the miles, a practice the airline discourages.

    According to Delta, Harrell's cello is not a person and therefore cannot enjoy a "loyalty experience," even if it has its own seat on each plane that its owner flies. Delta banned the cello's SkyMiles account, as

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  • If you were to compare a marriage proposal to a film plot, you would probably expect it to be more like a romantic comedy than a suspense filled thriller. However, one young man in Poland turned that idea on its head when he created a suspenseful movie trailer to pop the question to his girlfriend.

    The man mixed in clips from 'The Grey' and 'The Bourne Ultimatum' to splice together his own preview, which he then showed to his girlfriend -- who thought she was simply going to catch a movie with friends -- and the audience. Even though the woman had to cover her eyes during parts of the trailer because of the suspense, she began to catch on to the point of the whole thing before her boyfriend walked into the theater to propose.

    The man got down on one knee and professed his love for his girlfriend in front of the crowd of moviegoers. Even if you don't speak Polish, the young man's elaborate plot seems to have been a success. The young woman wraps her arms around him after he gets up from

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  • Never has a walk down the sidewalk been so inspiring. A new video of a blind little boy taking his first step down a curb by himself is touching the hearts of people on the Web.

    Gavin Stevens was diagnosed with Leber congenital amaurosis, an inherited retinal degenerative disease, when he was only 4 months old. LCA causes severe vision loss. His parents were devastated by the diagnosis. They knew that they would have a tough road ahead and that Gavin's would be even tougher. They wanted to help Gavin establish his independence. In the video shot by his mom, Jennifer, Gavin is hesitant at first but listens to his mom and dad, who encourage him to take a walk off the curb and find his way on his own. Using his cane, Gavin feels his way around and gradually takes a step down.

    Gavin squeals, "I can do it!" To which his mom says, "You can do it, baby. Go ahead."

    Gavin is now 4 years old, and in the years that have passed since his diagnosis, his parents have established the Gavin R. Stevens

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  • Do you like to laugh? Who doesn't? Watching funny TV shows, movies, and clips online is something people do every day, and now there's a new show that breaks the traditional comedy mold. Get ready to add puppet-crime comedy to your list of favorite genres, now that Yahoo! has teamed up with independent studio Vuguru to bring you "The Fuzz."

    "The Fuzz" is the story of Herbie, a rookie puppet cop who sets out to prove himself to his fellow human officers by trying to clean up Puppet Town’s criminal jellybean trade. The only way Herbie can put a stop to the candy trafficking is to stop Rainbow Brown, the dangerous dealer. Rainbow Brown will stop at nothing to become the most powerful criminal in the city. Herbie and his human partner, Officer Sanchez, delve deep into a world filled with evil puppets, jellybean deals, puppet racism, and romance.

    The 15-episode series is directed by Duncan Skiles and written by Christopher Ford and Jon Watts.

    I had a chance to interview two of the stars of

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  • The Interactive Festival at SXSW is almost over (insert sad face emoticon). With all the new applications being launched and all the emerging startups trying to get people's attention, it's hard to narrow down the list to just one favorite. So we took a man-on-the-street approach and just started walking up to strangers here in Austin, asking them what apps they just could not live without.

    As you might imagine, the apps that people use most involve social networking in some way. People also mentioned a lot of music apps for streaming songs on the go. One trio of teenagers we ran into are particularly fond of Twitter because they are die-hard, self-professed Beliebers, and they love being able to stay connected to superstar Justin Bieber and other celebrities on Twitter.

    People we spoke with also enjoy using photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Instagram to keep up with what their friends and loved ones are up to. Several people mentioned apps that help them to meet up with friends and

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