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    This kid is dancing, and he doesn’t care who is watching!

    The star of the video is Guillermo Gael Delgado Garcia. Remember his name — we’re sure that one day you’ll see it in lights.

    Guillermo’s aunt Lazarin Delgado Oviedo posted the video of her nephew dancing poolside to Jose Norman’s “Cuban Pete,” and it has gone viral, with more than 5 million views on Facebook.

    The dance is a loose interpretation of Jim Carrey’s performance in “The Mask.”

    We can’t get enough of Guillermo, but we hope that next time he picks a less wet surface to dance on.

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  • We’ve all been there — our phone is dying, and we just need a little juice. We’ve scrambled to the nearest outlet, no matter where, no matter how demeaning. We just couldn’t miss that next text, all right?!

    We get it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. But NOT when those desperate measures involve breaking what is left of the last of human decency: theater etiquette.

    However low our cell phone charging standards, this (hopefully now blacklisted) theatergoer has really blown us away.

    While attending a Broadway performance of the play “Hand to God,” a man in chinos brazenly hopped onstage to plug his phone into an outlet before the show.

    The outlet “shockingly” was not real. It was a prop, a part of the set located on the stage he climbed onto.

    He and his cell phone were immediately escorted back to their seats.

    We really hope that nothing above 10 percent battery power led this man to such insane and desperate actions.

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  • A new social media challenge is going viral, and this time around it involves teens trying to look unattractive for the camera.

    Smearing makeup on their faces to create fake acne, uni-brows, and scars, the teens re-emerge after quick blackout to reveal their true, beautiful, meticulously made-up selves.

    The #DontJudgeChallenge started with good intentions — it was supposed to be a social media campaign against body-shaming — but it has since drawn a lot of backlash.

    The point of the campaign is to not "judge a book by its cover," but critics say the challenge only continues to reinforce stereotypes of what is beautiful and what is ugly. At the same time, the videos mock people who do have these "flaws."

    Many of the critics have started a counter-movement, #BeautyInAllChallenge, where all faces are embraced, no transformation needed.

    As for the #DontJudgeChallenge, maybe it should be renamed: #Don'tJudgeMeI LookBeautifulWithMakeup — but that's probably not the best hashtag.

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  • A homeless man in Florida is being given a chance for a new start after a video of him playing a public piano went viral.

    A video of the ex-Marine playing Styx’s ‘Come Sail Away’ went viral early this month, garnering more than 6.8 million views. A GoFundMe page was started on his behalf to give him a second chance at life.

    Donald, who also goes by Boone, has been homeless off and on for seven years. And he can do more than just play the piano.

    “I went into the Marine Corps, played clarinet, went all over the world. I was in a symphonic band. But like I said, after the Marine Corps, I took a couple years off; had to go to work somewhere,” Donald said. “But then I decided to go back to college, so I learned how to play every instrument, from the piccolo down to the tuba.”

    Thanks to his viral video and fund-raising campaign — and the national attention that goes with that — Donald’s fortunes are on the rise.

    Spring Arbor University is offering him a full-ride scholarship to help him finish

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  • Another day in the UK, another member of the Queen’s Guard annoyed with a pedestrian.

    But not so fast! While this video appears to be an addition to the growing collection of documentation of the Queen’s Guard slipping from their disciplined focus, the Internet is calling this one a hoax.

    The man dressed as a guard appears to be wearing a replica uniform, which does not include a white belt or a strap from the bearskin hat across the chin. Also, he is standing without his bayonet-tipped rifle!

    While the video has gathered more than 70,000 views, we can really relate to videos of the queen’s disgruntled employees only if they’re real.



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