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  • Four ducklings trapped inside a storm drain in Canada were rescued thanks to a quick-thinking dad, after Ceiligh Dodds, 15, saw four baby ducks fall into the sewer and rushed to her dad to help her rescue them.

    “I was terrified,” Ceiligh told CBC News. “It was one of the saddest things I've ever seen in my life.”

    “I felt so bad for them when they were cheep-cheep-cheeping,” Dennis said. “There was no way they were going to get out of that sewer.”

    He had the brilliant idea to attach a butterfly net to a hockey stick to lift the baby birds from the sewer below.

    “I didn't know whether we’d be able to scoop any of them up at all,” he said. “[I'm] relieved and very pleased with myself.”

    The successful rescue mission was a family affair, with all the kids taking part, from assisting in the rescue, to researching what to do with the rescued ducklings, to capturing the event on camera.

    Once retrieved from the storm drain, the ducklings were released back into the wild, where they were taken

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  • You’ve probably never seen a street performer quite like William Jafta.

    Jafta, also known as “Animal Sound Man,” has the unique talent of perfectly mimicking farmyard sounds, to the point where you almost feel you can smell the manure.  

    Jafta, who is from Cape Town, South Africa, can reproduce about 11 different animal sounds, including a cat, donkey, chicken, horse, cow and dog.  The secret to his successful impressions, he says, is that he practices daily.

    The video was filmed by YouTube user Chris Schofield and quickly went viral, getting over 500,000 views after just two days online.

    Jafta uses his talent for charity, collecting money for local street kids around Cape Town.

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    Not many iPhones can fall to the bottom of the ocean and live to tell the tale.

    Gregory Papadin was vacationing in Spain and accidentally dropped his iPhone into the ocean. The phone was in the middle of recording before it fell and managed to capture its slow descent to the bottom of the ocean.

    After several unsuccessful rescue attempts by Gregory and his brother, a diver was able to retrieve the phone from its premature watery grave.

    “The underwater pressure was too much for both my brother and I to swim and get it, but the owner of the boat we rented was able to reduce the pressure using a special breathing method meant for diving [equalization],”Gregory wrote in the YouTube description. “He was able to retrieve it, and my phone managed to survive the whole ordeal!”

    We’re glad that Gregory’s iPhone survived its journey to the bottom of the sea, and we are very curious about what kind of phone case he has.

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  • Move over, #KylieJennerLipChallenge — there’s a new social media craze in town. This time kids are trying to summon a Mexican demon named Charlie.

    The #CharlieCharlieChallenge is a cross between “Bloody Mary” and a Ouija board, and he’s a pretty easy demon to summon.

    All you need to do is take a piece of paper, draw a cross on it, and write your question in the squares. Then balance two pencils on top of each other over the cross on the paper.  Then you summon the spirit Charlie by asking, “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” The next part is waiting for Charlie to answer. He communicates by moving the pencils.

    The fourth step of this process is posting the supernatural encounters for the world to see. And many of the results of the #CharlieCharlieChallenge have kids from all over screaming!


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  • Talk about getting served!

    A video of an unidentified Russian waitress giving a grabby customer exactly what he deserves has gone viral.

    The security footage shows a customer in a Russian restaurant trying to stuff money down the waitress’s shirt. To say she doesn’t take it well would be an understatement. She slaps him, knocking him off his chair, and when he follows her and grabs her butt, she hits him with the menu so hard that he falls to the floor.

    The waitress then walks away as the groper is picked up off the floor by some other customers and leaves the restaurant.

    According to the Daily Mirror, some people are speculating that this instance of girl power may have been a setup, but that whack sure looks real.

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