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  • You've probably heard of Discovery Channel's Shark Week. In fact, you may be one of the many obsessed viewers. But have you heard of Shark Cat Week? It's real, and it's a favorite online, not unlike other serial cat videos.

    The most recent viral Shark Cat Week video starts off with Max-Arthur, the star cat dressed in his shark suit riding around on his iRobot Roomba. He turns. He looks. He bumps into the wall. Doesn't react. Goes out of frame. Re-enters frame. And, it's groundbreaking. Genius, even.

    The latest video is just one in a series that began four years ago. In 2008, the cat and his owner tag-teamed another brilliant upload. That time, Max-Arthur in his shark suit (what else?) chases a duck on his iRobot Roomba. TexasGirly1979's dog makes a guest appearance dressed as a hammerhead shark. The video has nearly 3 million views.

    YouTube user waxpants comments, "This is why the Internet was invented."

    Another commenter on YouTube praises the video's cinematic impact on a larger

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  • What's one thing more challenging than a marathon? A vertical marathon.

    A group of elite vertical marathoners ran up 82 floors, or nearly 1,100 feet, to the top of the China World Trade Center Tower 3, Beijing's tallest building on Sunday.

    It took the winner less than 10 minutes to climb all 2,041 stairs. It takes me 10 minutes to run a mile. Thomas Dold of Germany took the gold in 9 minutes and 55 seconds, and Suzy Walsham of Australia led the women at a speedy 11 minutes and 47 seconds.

    The participants came from 10 different countries and included professionals and amateurs. Runners competed for cash prizes and round-trip tickets from Beijing to London along with a three-night stay at the Shangri-La Hotel.

    The 2013 Vertical World Circuit hosts eight races across the globe. It started in the U.S., went to Switzerland and Taiwan, and just completed China. Next, it heads to Vietnam, Spain, Singapore, and then Brazil. That is a lot of calories burned.

    Apparently a huge draw for

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  • The New Britain Rock Cats, a minor league baseball team from Connecticut pulled off a pretty good promotional prank that’s going seriously viral this week.

    The video shows a guy, David, proposing to his girlfriend, Jessica, in the middle of a minor-league baseball stadium. Here's how it plays out: He proposes, she steps back in shock, the goofy mascot gets the crowd cheering, and the announcer says, "She looks excited." But, she is not excited. Jessica replies, "No."

    Meanwhile the announcer who is facilitating the whole thing seems to be having way too much fun. "I don't mean to laugh! The answer is no. She said no. (He laughs.) I don't think we've ever had this happen before!"

    A dramatic exit by the couple running off the field leaves the crowd in disbelief. Or not?

    Witnesses and commenters online began to analyze. Jessica's reaction looked genuine to some. But let's not forget how convincing Julia Roberts was in "Runaway Bride." Jessica could have very well been a stage actress

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  • Hat tip to College Humor. They've done it again.

    It looked like any other subway car during a morning commute. Bored passengers, noises of the train and a panhandler, cup in hand. But instead of holding his cup out for change, he explains that he has just finished his latte and refuses to litter.

    Cue passengers' confused looks. Instead of explaining how he had run into a string of bad luck, he boasts about how his family has just upgraded houses and how his daughter recently got a full ride to an Ivy League school. He then references his own situation: "I used to have a job at a financial institution, but now I have an even better job at that same financial institution. I got a promotion. I may buy a boat."

    Passengers start looking around as if to say, "Is anyone else hearing this?"

    The faux panhandler starts showing pictures of his family and their vacation to the Grand Canyon. He then recommends the Grand Canyon as a great family vacation. Passengers start to smile.

    Throughout the

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  • Think it's possible to visit all 201 countries and 15 territories while never stepping foot on a plane?

    If you answered yes, you win.

    British travel blogger and filmmaker, Graham Hughes wrapped up his global odyssey this past December and recently released a four-minute video of him in each country. It's kind of like a video on steroids.

    In between shooting one-second videos, Hughes went on some wild adventures. This is how he described them on Facebook:

    "I've fed the crocs in Australia, hunted the dragons of Komodo, befriended the orangutans in Borneo, played with the lemurs in Madagascar, washed the elephants in India and eaten live octopus in South Korea."

    Hughes made it out alive — and earned some major street cred along the way. In addition to the Guinness World Records recognizing him for "Most Countries Visited in One Year by Scheduled Ground Transport," Hughes spent a week in a Congolese prison, was arrested sneaking into Russia and joined a Bwiti tribe in Gabon. He even

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