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  • Schoep and his owner, John Unger, got famous thanks to a photo. Now Unger is posting what may be his final recollection of his beloved dog. Yesterday, he posted on his Facebook page, "I breathe but I can't catch my breath. Schoep passed yesterday."

    They became famous last August when a photo taken by a friend, photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, become a true viral success on Facebook. The photo depicts man and dog embracing while bathing in Lake Superior in Wisconsin. The touching nature of the photo was backed up by an even more wonderful story. Schoep had been developing advancing arthritis in his old age and had trouble sleeping and standing up. A veterinarian suggested that Unger bring Schoep into the waters of the lake because they might soothe his painful condition. Sure enough, the trick worked, and the dog was having a better time getting around. Each night, Unger brought Schoep into the water to help his pet sleep.

    Unger still needed money for medical care, funds that

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  • Son Surprises Father With Long-Lost Car After 24 Years

    It is a very ''Dad'' thing to do — to talk about the first car that he drove back in the good old days. Rick Lookebill from Brazil, Indiana, loved his 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1 but sadly had to part ways with it 24 years ago. After years of Lookebill's searching, his son Michael was able to locate the car in Florida. After negotiating a price with the current owner, Michael got to give his father the ultimate surprise. Rick Lookebill saw the car through the kitchen window and began running around the house like a little kid. Then, through tears, he went outside to check out his old hot rod.

    The emotional video has racked up more than 800,000 views on YouTube. It was originally posted by Michael Lookebill back in April but went viral thanks to a recent post on Reddit. Michael Lookebill said that he helped "put the keys back in the hand they belong in." That's one revved up and thankful father — such a priceless gift.

    What's the most meaningful gift you've ever given? Let us know on our

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  • Cory Kalanick usually wears his helmet-mounted camera while he's on the job as a firefighter in Fresno, California. Generally, the camera captures images of people's most tragic days. He's thrilled (as are we), however, that it was recording when he rescued probably the tiniest being of his career thus far.

    Kalanick was sweeping a burned-out house for salvage when he noticed a motionless kitten lying on the floor. He immediately picked it up and sprang into action. Outside, he placed the kitten on his glove to protect it from the hot ground, and then he cooled it down with water while administering oxygen to the little guy. A whole tank of oxygen and some gentle strokes later, sure enough, the kitten came to with a "meow" that would melt the iciest heart.

    Using the footage captured by his helmet cam, Kalanick put together a mock movie trailer about the rescue. Poking fun at his veganism and love of animals with the titles, he added in laurels for the film's supposed "awards." He notes

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  • Ever since Rebecca Black's crazy song "Friday" went viral, the world has been waiting for a music video they love to hate. And we are happy—and sort of mortified—to announce that it is here! Tay Allyn, who calls herself a BMI-affiliated recording artist, released the video for her single "Mass Text" on YouTube. So far it has been viewed more than 145,000 times, but critics are not singing along.

    Most comments on YouTube have been negative. One user wrote, "Wow, this sucks." Others are accusing Allyn of being an Internet troll, or someone who tries to upset people online. But we believe that Allyn's video is nothing more than a joke. First, the YouTube description of "Mass Text" says Allyn was chosen by Justin Timberlake as a top upcoming artist of 2013. Also, there's a brunette "Funny or Die" uploader named "Taylor Allyn" who put out a music video featuring the same "Mass Text" song in 2011.

    OK, very funny, Tay Allyn, you got us for a minute.

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  • Making a truly awesome display of dominoes requires attention, patience, and an ease with the fleeting nature of the work you are creating. You spend hours, sometimes days, making intricate lines, structures, and shapes that will hopefully fall down in a smooth, wavelike motion. And for this, you get only a few minutes to actually see the thing in action. Of course, this task becomes a lot easier when you know that you might end up with a Guinness World Record when it's all said and done. That is exactly what happened for the Sinners Domino Entertainment team in Germany.

    Over eight days, a team of 12 builders set up "Enjoy Your Life," the record-breaking display. The setup consists of several themed areas, including ones devoted to travel and to sports. In each, different structures, like pyramids, or even shelves, are employed to elevate the fall of dominoes to more than just one plane of existence. The main event is the world's largest domino spiral, though. Containing over 55,000

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