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  • It's Monday again. Most of us have just started our week, and we are dragging a bit from the weekend. So hopefully this story about a centenarian achieving something extraordinary will inspire us to get after it a bit more.

    Fauja Singh, who is 101 years old and lives in London, just finished his last competitive race. Singh has decided to hang up his sneakers after completing eight marathons since 2000. He said, "I am happy that I am retiring at the top of the game, but I am sad that the time has come for me to not be part of it." He no longer plans to run competitively, but he said he will run for charities if asked.

    Singh began running marathons after suffering from a bout of depression when he lost his wife and his fifth son. In 2011, Singh became the oldest full-marathon runner after completing the Toronto marathon in 5 hours and 40 minutes.

    Singh completed his final race, the Hong Kong 10K, in an hour and 32 minutes. "From a tragedy has come a lot of success and happiness," Singh

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  • I can speak only for myself here, but I know exactly what I will doing on Sunday evening. I'll be sitting in my living room glued to my television as I watch all the coverage I can consume of the Academy Awards. I look forward to the glitz and the glamour sometimes as much as I anticipate who will take home the Oscars.

    And, maybe, just like me, you didn't get a chance to watch all the nominated films. Luckily for us, we can catch up with a new YouTube video that does not feature all of those famous Oscar-nominated actors but replaces them with adorable children 6 years of age or younger.

    If you missed "Zero Dark Thirty," no problem -- you can catch a re-enactment at the beginning of "Kids Oscars"; there's a kiddie version of it. Haven't had a chance to see "Argo," either? That's been re-imagined, too, in a more compact version.

    The video also features adapted scenes from "Beasts of the Southern Wild," "Django Unchained," and "Lincoln." The kiddie versions actually do a fair job of

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  • This story is a tearjerker, so grab your tissues now. A 92-year-old woman from Iola, Kansas, had a wish fulfilled by her family just six weeks before she died. Dorothy Ellis had seen a man flying over her house in a motorized parachute and decided that she wanted to do the same thing. So her family made her wish come true.

    Dorothy's granddaughter Holly and the hospice nurse who cared for Dorothy made arrangements for a pilot to fly over the family's ranch house in southeastern Kansas. So on Sept. 18, 2012, on a crystal-clear day with blue skies above and green grass below, Dorothy was taken for the ride she had wished for in a rainbow-colored parachute, and her son Tom captured it all on video.

    In all four minutes of "Grandma Dorothy Flies Over the Rainbow," viewers get to witness Dorothy living out her dream. Holly said, "It shocked the hell out of us," when they found out that this was what Grandma had in mind to do before she died. Holly added that her grandmother had said, "I

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  • We are bombarded with commercials and advertisements on TV, on the radio, and of course right here on the Internet. They're unavoidable. In fact, ads are so prominent now that to get consumers' attention, marketing agencies have had to become extra-creative.

    So if you're an ad agency looking for a creative way to get people's attention, look no further than the latest gimmick from Miracle Whip. They've launched a fake charity ad campaign called "Miracle Whip Open Mouth Anthem," encouraging people to "keep an open mouth."

    The "We Are the World"-style song brings together a bizarre collection of celebrities, including Don Dokken, Gilby Clarke, Susan Boyle, Lance Bass, Wynonna Judd, and even the Village People for the collaboration.

    Here's a sampling of the lyrics from the wacky spot: "In this world there's lots of turkey, but also a lot of fear. People making up their mind, before the facts are clear. And when it's time to make a sandwich, ugly judgment rears its head. If it's tangy,

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  • Bullying is one of the biggest social problems facing our society, and the saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" not only is a cliché but also has been proved to be false. Words can indeed have a lingering effect on people's lives beyond their childhood.

    Canadian poet Shane Koyczan brings to life his feelings about how bullying affected him in a new video that is going viral. Koyczan, previously known for his performance at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, combined the words of his poem "To This Day" with 20-second segments from different animators and motion artists.

    The seven-minute video recounts some of Koyczan's haunting childhood memories. Each moment is a poignant reminder of the pain he felt being alone and also the pain that he shared with a childhood companion who was also the victim of bullying.

    The video was posted to YouTube only a couple of days ago, and it already has been viewed more than one million

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