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    When a pet goes missing, people often continue to hope for its safe return. Although some owners never get that happy ending they're wishing for, one Raleigh, North Carolina, family is rejoicing after an unlikely reunion with their dog. The Metcalf family lost their 11-year-old black-and-white border collie mix, Cassie, almost four years ago while she was being watched by a relative.

    Two weeks ago, Cassie wandered into the neighborhood of Cheryl Smith in Gaston County -- more than 190 miles from Raleigh. Smith decided to try to find Cassie's owner by contacting local veterinarians. Smith told local TV station WBTV, "I felt like if it was my dog, I would want someone to do that for me." She also said that she did not want to just drop the dog off at an animal shelter.

    Luckily, Cassie had been implanted with a microchip that had data on it with her owner's information. The only

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    In a presidential election year, there's no shortage of jabs being thrown by each party at the other's candidate. But what has become a trend in the last few years is people with no particular political affiliation using clips of a candidate's words to create viral videos.

    Australian lawyer and fan of political satire, Hugh Atkin, used President Barack Obama's quote "You didn't build that" from a speech and edited several clips of Obama speaking at various events. The video, titled "U Didn't Build That by MC 'Bama," is set to MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." Even though the words from Obama's speech appear to have been taken out of context, the viral video has crossed party lines. So far, it has been viewed more than 345,000 times on YouTube.

    When President Obama said "You didn't build that" in a speech he gave referring to business owners, it ignited a firestorm of controversy

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    The art of photography has evolved over the last 200 years from using light-sensitive chemicals on metal plates to printing pictures on paper, and now you probably mainly see digital images on computer screens. Scientist turned photographer Zachary Copfer has come up with an innovative method of displaying images. Instead of printing pictures, he grows them.

    The microbiologist uses bacteria to re-create famous images, including the Hubble Space Telescope's pictures of galaxies and historical figures like Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso. Copfer calls his process "bacteriography." He uses a supply of E. coli bacteria and turns it into a fluorescent protein and applies that to a plate. Then he makes a negative of the photo he wants to duplicate by attaching the photo to the bacterial plate and exposing it to radiation.

    That's when nature takes over and the culture is allowed to grow

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    When Sayli and Jon Gibbs got married on Sept. 1 at Living History Farms in Urbandale, Iowa, in front of close friends and family, they expected that it would be a romantic day they would never forget. What they did not expect was that the barn they chose would also be the site of a last-minute rally for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

    The couple was told that the president's event, which started in the morning, may run past schedule, and that the parking lot of the venue would be closed to cars. So Sayli had to walk across the parking lot carrying her wedding gown. Luckily for the couple, the president left on time, and he also left behind a special gift: a silver tray and a mint julep cup, both with the presidential seal, and a handwritten note that read, "Congratulations on the wedding. Michelle and I wish you a great life together. Barack Obama."

    Neither Sayli nor

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    Facebook's "People You May Know" section can be a helpful tool to connect people to potential friends on the social media site. Suggestions normally point you to someone you used to know or friends of friends that you may want to connect with. The suggestions do not normally display photos of your husband's other wife.
    That's what happened to Ellenora Fulk, the first wife of Tacoma, Washington, resident Alan Fulk, when "People You May Know" recommended she add Alan's new wife as a friend on Facebook. Alan recently changed his last name to O'Neill and married Teri Wyatt. Teri's profile picture, the one that had been suggested to Ellenora, depicted Teri and O'Neill dressed up in evening attire standing in front of a wedding cake -- a dead giveaway that O'Neill had found himself a new wife. The only problem was, he and Ellenora were still married.

    Ellenora contacted authorities, who

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