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  • People who advocate pet adoption often stress the importance of adopting an animal from a local shelter over buying one from a pet store. However, there aren't many people who are able to get that point across with a mind-bending magical trick that makes you not believe your eyes.

    A video of a Taiwanese man named Loya making a small kitten appear out of thin air has people going wild on YouTube. So far, the video of the magic trick has amassed more than 1.3 million views in just over two weeks. The running time of the video is under 30 seconds, but Loya certainly makes his point. In the video he says a phrase in Chinese that is translated to mean, "Please adopt instead of purchase." Loya has clearly mastered the slight-of-hand trick, because all of the eyewitnesses to his stunt seem to be in shock and awe.

    By the way, in the about section of the video, Loya says he's really a rapper, not a magician. Here's the video to prove it. Apparently he has multiple talents, because he certainly

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  • Usually only celebrities and models grace the covers of the world's most famous fashion and style publications, but the Italian edition of Vanity Fair is bucking that tradition and doing something that has never been done before. It put a clergyman on the latest cover.

    Archbishop Georg Ganswein, who is Pope Benedict XVI's private secretary, is on the current issue of Italian Vanity Fair. For years the archbishop has been dubbed "Gorgeous George" by the Italian media, and designer Donatella Versace even created a fashion line that was inspired by him. He's no longer being talked about just in fashion circles, because now people the world over will know his name, because he's officially a cover model--just not on purpose.

    The 56-year-old appears on the magazine cover with the headline, "Father Georg--It's Not a Sin to Be Beautiful." Vanity Fair also describes the archbishop as the "George Clooney of St. Peters." The magazine does divulge that "Gorgeous George" did not pose for the cover

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  • You've heard the cliché "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." What about a young dog? That is exactly what happens in a new video making the rounds on the Web, in which an adult dog teaches a little puppy how to walk down stairs.

    Tim Doucette of Winnipeg, Canada, uploaded a video of his two dogs interacting on the stairs. Little Daisy, a Labrador-mix foster pup, seems scared and unsure of how to walk down the stairs. In comes older, wiser Simon the Labrador to the rescue.

    Doucette explains in the description of the YouTube video, "Our 6 month old lab mix rescue pup taught our 8 week old foster pup (adopted now) from Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue in Winnipeg to go down the stairs once she got up and couldn't get down!" Seeing the older dog help the younger one has to be seen -- even if it's just for the cute factor.

    After a few attempts to show Daisy how to get down, Simon tries a different approach and gently nuzzles the nervous puppy. Finally, she submits to one more demonstration as a

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  • Up until early this morning, I considered myself among the biggest fans of the movie 'Toy Story.' It's one of my favorite childhood films, and as far as I'm concerned, it changed the game in animated children's movies. Apparently, at least two other people could argue their case for being the biggest fans of 'Toy Story' who ever lived, and they have the evidence to prove it.

    Teenagers Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta of Arizona created a full-length, live-action re-enactment of the original 'Toy Story' using actual audio from the film. They even got permission from Pixar to upload their version onto YouTube, and boy, did it pay off, because the duo's film is not going unnoticed. Fans of their 'Live Action Toy Story' are showing up in droves, with more than 3.1 million views since the video was originally posted on January 12.

    Pauley and Perrotta met at school and discovered they had a mutual love for the animated classic. To create the set, each boy transformed his room and made it

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  • Almost everyone can remember a time when they received bad service at a restaurant. Usually, human error plays a major role in the experience. But what would happen if humans were taken out of the equation? How about making the entire situation a bit more robotic? Well, look no further -- a restaurant known for its service and its food is run almost entirely by a staff of robots.

    Robot Restaurant, located in the Heilongjiang province in China, has been open since last June, and it has been successful. When patrons enter, a robot greets them by extending its mechanical arm and saying, "Earth person, hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant." However, welcoming guests to the restaurant is not all the robots do. Robots wait the tables, cook the noodles, and even entertain the patrons by singing to them. As meals are prepared, they are brought out on a conveyor belt, and the waiterbots take it from there.

    The restaurant has gained international fame and has become increasingly popular since

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