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  • Childhood obesity in America has been a hot-button topic for the last several years. First lady Michelle Obama spearheaded the Let's Move campaign with the goal of helping America raise a healthier generation of kids. President Barack Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of  2010 on December 13, 2010, getting the government officially involved in mandating ways for the USDA to directly help improve the nutrition of school lunches. Even though the goal is to help kids get healthy and become more aware of what they're consuming, the effort is receiving some backlash.

    The nutrition guidelines set maximum requirements for school lunches as follows: 650 calories for elementary students, 700 calories for middle school students, and 850 calories for high school students. This was the first major overhaul of school meals in 15 years. Some students, particularly those who participate in athletic activities, say the new rules do not provide enough food to fuel an active kid.


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  • The coolest science class that I can remember from my high school days involved chemical reactions and explosions. In fact, it was fascinating whenever we could take what we had learned from our textbooks and apply it to real materials. That's what Roy Lowry, a professor at Plymouth University, did to get his students more involved in his chemistry class.

    In a video demonstrating the dangers of storing liquid nitrogen in a sealed container, Professor Lowry certainly captures his students' attention. Students are gathered in a room as Lowry conducts an experiment using a plastic trash bin filled with a bucket of warm water, a 1-liter plastic bottle filled with liquid nitrogen, and 1,500 pingpong balls. Before beginning the experiment, the professor tells the students to cover their ears because the explosion could produce a loud bang. Several students giggle, and some take out their cameras to film the experiment.

    Lowry explains that it's perfectly safe to fill the bottle with liquid

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  • Do you really need pyschic abilities to know intimate details about a stranger? Maybe not. A new video from Belgium that hit it big on Reddit and YouTube is proving that, thanks to the Internet and social media, learning a person's deepest secrets and even just mundane info such as his or her favorite color or best friend's name is only a few clicks away.

    The video is actually a public service announcement titled, "Amazing Mind Reader Reveals His Gift." It begins with random people being selected from the streets of Brussels. They are asked if they would like to participate in an upcoming TV program featuring Dave, described as a gifted clairvoyant. Once they agree, they are ushered into a white tent to meet Dave. He hugs them and dances around as he seemingly tries to get a sense of the person's energy. As people are seated across from him, Dave tells them random facts about them, from the color of the motorcycle they own to their bank account number and even the types and locations

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  • As far as the Trending Now team is concerned, there can never be too many videos of cute animals. And what better time to put a smile on your face than on a mellow Monday when you're trying to get your week off to the right start?

    The Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada, released a video of two gorillas curiously inspecting a caterpillar climbing on the gate surrounding their enclosure. The gorillas seem completed captivated by the tiny caterpillar as it crawls. One of the gorillas even makes an inquisitive face as he gets superclose to the caterpillar without touching it, watching as it crawls. As this same gorilla observes the caterpillar, another gorilla approaches to take a look. It seems that the first gorilla thinks that the second has gotten too close for comfort and gently nudges the new gorilla away.

    The video runs for only about 40 seconds, but it's already been viewed more than 93,000 times. The Calgary Zoo posted the video on its website, and commenters are enjoying watching the

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  • Since Apple's iPhone 5 was first released in the United States, people have been itching to get their hands on it -- staying up late waiting for it to be available for preorder at midnight and even standing in long lines for hours to be among the first to purchase it. So a group of pranksters in the Netherlands thought it would be funny to play a trick on people who are eagerly anticipating owning the phone.

    The iPhone 5 will be released in the Netherlands this Friday, and jokesters from the website thought it would be humorous if people were to stumble upon a new iPhone in the middle of Leidseplein, a busy square in Amsterdam -- but there was a catch. They used Super Glue to secure the device to the pavement and set up a hidden camera to capture people's perplexed reactions as they tried to pick up the phone.

    Person after person approached, surprised to spot a new iPhone just lying on the street, and tried to pick it up. Some made multiple attempts to grab the phone. People

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