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  • Have you seen this video shared on your Facebook feed lately? There’s a good chance that you have, and if you have not watched the clip yet, we can break it down for you. The YouTube video was posted on Upworthy with the title "No One Applauds This Woman Because They're Too Creeped Out At Themselves To Put Their Hands Together."

    It starts out by showing a group of people watching a talk on "The secrets of food marketing." A woman who tells the group she is a marketing consultant to the food industry proceeds to explain a few of the tips and tricks she and other food marketers use to get people to buy a company’s product, like changing one cereal from square shape to diamond shape.

    Next, the topic turns to meat and animal products. The first lesson, she says, is not to trust a label that says something like "farm fresh" or "100% natural." A picture of a crowded chicken farm is shown, and the eyes of people in the audience widen. Then she shows the audience a few more startling photos

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  • Fans of DOTA 2 normally tune into the live-stream of a gamer known as "Sajadene" to watch her and teammates attempt to destroy opposing players' Ancients. But on Monday, what started as a normal match stream turned scary when two men broke into Sajadene's home in Tempe, Arizona, and part of the attempted robbery was caught on camera.

    Viewers of the stream, as well as teammates, were immediately concerned when yelling could be heard off camera, and Sajadene (real name Nikki Elise) left her computer. Soon after, a man holding a handgun stepped into frame, and then out again.

    People on the Web knew something was wrong. They immediately posted on message boards, Reddit, and the streaming service Twitch to find someone who might know something about where the Elise lives. After about 15 minutes, the man with the gun came back into the room, took Elise's own firearms, shut off the light, and disconnected the webcam. Viewers on Twitch uploaded the video to YouTube.

    Arizona's 3TV reports that

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  • A graphic designer in the U.K. launched an incredible crowdsource drawing experiment called "Internetopia," and it is now complete. Benjamin Redford specializes in highly detailed art and wanted to get the Internet involved in his latest creation. He put the call out for submissions on Kickstarter, where participants submitted requests for what they wanted Redford to draw in a tiny cube on a large, detailed poster. At the cost of $1 per cube, participants could ask for anything their heart desired. Redford accepted submissions between November 27 and December 29, 2013. In total, $11,347 was raised and 3,042 cubes were requested.

    Redford posted the drawings to his Kickstarter page and Internetopia's Twitter account. Here are just some of the submissions: "An airplane with the head of a tuxedo cat that has fangs too big to fit in his closed mouth, wearing over-the-ear headphones. 5 cubes," "A giant frog made of the universe. 10 cubes," "A classic 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA. 6 cubes."

    People who

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  • When looking at incredibly detailed satellite photos of the Earth, or following turn-by-turn directions on the street, it's easy to forget how much we still don't know about our planet. The deep sea, for instance, remains mostly unexplored. With all that mystery, it shouldn't be a surprise that sometimes scary and unpleasant questions present themselves, like, "What could have possibly eaten a 9-foot great white shark?"

    The story is chronicled in the upcoming Smithsonian documentary, "Hunt for the Super Predator." As part of Australia's first-ever large-scale tagging and tracking program for great whites, cinematographer Dave Riggs and a film crew found the perfect specimen. They named it "Shark Alpha" and successfully planted a tracking device on the 9-foot female. Four months later, however, the tag washed up on the beach and was found by a passer-by.

    Shark Alpha is tagged. Shark Alpha is tagged.

    Riggs was puzzled by the data it contained. Alpha had plunged straight down the side of the continental shelf, more than 1,500 feet

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  • The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat 110-95 Thursday night to take a 1-0 lead in the NBA Finals. However today most of the conversation surrounding the game seems to be centered on what happened in the arena but not necessarily on the hardwood.

    During the first quarter of the contest, the air conditioning unit in the AT&T Center, where the Spurs play, broke. Throughout the game, spectators could be seen fanning themselves to try and cool down. Temperatures reportedly reached 90 degrees on the court.

    And this may have affected the final outcome of the game. Players used towels, water, and ice packs to stay cool, and coaches made quicker substitutions throughout the game to keep the team refreshed.

    Then in the fourth quarter, Heat fans experienced what Head Coach Erik Spoelstra described as a "punch in the gut." With 3 minutes and 59 seconds to go, four-time MVP LeBron James asked for a substitution. For the second time in the game, James' cramps got the best of him. Despite

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