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  • Creating a work of art can be a long, painstaking process, but a time-lapse camera can help quicken the pace when you're showing people how a drawing came together. In a time-lapse video that Kiki Kim posted to Reddit, her artist husband, Tim, uses a $2 Uni-ball pen to draw a beautiful, detailed scene of woman and a child taking a stroll in a forest in only four minutes.

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    Kim posted the video with the headline, "A time-lapse video of my husband's art. I might be biased but I think it's really amazing." The Reddit community seems to agree. One user said, "Love it. He and I are cut from the same cloth! What a beautiful illustration!" A user called Robotocism even said, "Not gonna lie, I usually skip through time-lapse videos of people drawing, but I watched this one start to finish."

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    What sort of creative endeavor would you like to see on time-lapse video? My suggestion:

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  • Baboon Adopts Stray Kitten

    There's something about watching animals take care of their adorable offspring that never gets old -- even more so when the love extends across species. That's exactly what recently happened at a zoo in Israel, when a female baboon started taking care of a stray kitten that wandered into her enclosure.

    The primate now watches over the little feline, inspecting it for fleas and barely letting it out of her sight. But like any relationship, it's complicated. The baboon sometimes steals the kitten's food, and according to zoo officials, the two will have to be separated if that continues.

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    Commenters on YouTube have different feelings about the unlikely pair. One person wrote, "They need to remove that kitten as soon as possible. I wouldn't trust a wild animal like a baboon with anything." Others were less severe, with one person adding, "That kitten is adorable. Cross-species coexistence like this melts my

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  • A Hobbit House Made Completely From Balloons

    Thanks to the Internet, fandom and geek culture are no longer taboo. In fact, creating an ode to one's obsession, whether a sports team or a comic book hero, and sending it out into the social media world, can make a person an instant celeb of sorts.

    That's exactly what has happened to Jeremy Telford, a balloon artist from Pleasant Grove, Utah. Telford is a superfan of the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien, and he used 2,600 balloons to re-create Bag End, the home of Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit.

    Balloon Bag End features a fireplace with balloon flames, roof beams, a chandelier, a fruit centerpiece, a pantry with working doors, and much more. It took Telford three 10- to 15-hour-long days to complete the project.

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    Telford is no stranger to the ambitious concept. He has created life-size replicas of a stegosaurus, a complete T. rex skeleton, and a motorcycle. This is just the latest high mark in his career. He

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  • Harvard Students Send Burger into Space

    Many things, from dogs to monkeys to Lego figures, have been launched into the stratosphere. But five students from Harvard University wanted to send something that had never been there before: a hamburger.

    B.good, a local hamburger chain, contributed $1,000 and the burger, which the friends attached to a 600-gram weather balloon, along with a video camera and a cell phone for GPS tracking. The enterprising crew actually bought the burger two days beforehand, varnished it, and superglued each layer together before screwing it to its pedestal. Footage shows the burger floating up through the clouds, reaching an altitude of nearly 100,000 feet. When the balloon finally bursts, the burger safely plummets back to Earth. The video has already received more than 100,000 views on YouTube.

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    The students used GPS to locate their equipment, which was stuck in a tree 130 miles away from the launch site. After several unsuccessful

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  • Who doesn't love a fireworks show full of awe-inspiring pyrotechnics? Folks looking forward to the annual Bonfire Night display in Edinburgh, Scotland, were hoping for one, but they didn't exactly get the visual treat they came for. Instead they got a show reminiscent of San Diego's Fourth of July spectacular last summer, in which an entire program's worth of sparks and bursts went off in 30 seconds.

    This time one of the rockets misfired and landed in a box of unlit fireworks. A video shot by someone in the audience captures what appears to be a giant fireball. Spectators can be seen making for the exits as they figure out that something's gone seriously wrong. One girl suffered burns to the side of her face, and unbelievably that appears to be the extent of the injuries. Organizers have vowed to review all safety procedures for future shows.

    What's the most memorable fireworks show you've ever been to? Let us know on, and follow Trending Now on Twitter: 

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