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  • Neil Sedaka famously sang that breaking up is hard to do, but one Brooklyn couple is taking that notion and turning it on its head with another catchy tune. Jonathan Mann and Ivory King dated each other for five years, but they recently came to an impasse. Mann wants to have children sometime in the future, but King does not. The two decided that it was in their best interests to part ways, but they did so agreeably. To prove just how amicable the breakup is, King and Mann made a music video about it and uploaded the final product to YouTube.

    The video, titled "We've Got to Break Up (Song a Day #1435)," is a playful but serious assessment of what led to the demise of their relationship. In some of the most striking lyrics the couple pour out their emotions to the YouTube world and sing: "We still love each other, but this train has stopped. We just needed you to know, we've got to break up, though this really sucks."  The video is heartbreakingly honest as Mann says that he would

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  • Holiday shopping online translates into the busiest time of the year for package delivery companies. So it is understandable that for their employees, this season tends to be among the most stressful of all. In addition to the promise of on-time delivery, knowing that a package's arrival by Christmas Day might make or break that special someone's holiday joyfulness is a lot to handle. With that in mind, holidays can sometimes get to even seasoned delivery pros. But while there have been several highly publicized instances of drivers and delivery personnel behaving badly, one UPS man may be changing that perception.

    In a YouTube video titled "Santa Drives a Big Brown Truck," UPS delivery man Ken Jones reminds people how the season's gifts make their way from points A to B, with some pretty clever lyrics. "I'm in my sleigh, handling my business. Delivering gifts, for little children. If you don't understand. I will tell you my friend, Santa is a UPS man." Jones sings his song to the tune

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  • Rube Goldberg machines are overly complicated, overengineered mechanisms built to complete a simple task. Despite this, they are incredibly beguiling to watch. The contraptions can be extensive, like the band OK Go's video for "This Too Shall Pass," or simple, like the board game "Mouse Trap." In a new YouTube video from Canadian production company 2D House, a Goldberg machine takes a turn for the unbelievable, and we have never seen anything like it.

    At the beginning of the video, "Isaac Newton Versus Rube Goldberg," the machine looks basic enough. Pieces start falling into place, each action triggers another, and so on down the line. But then things become gravity-defying, as parts of the contraption behave in ways that inspire curiosity and questions. Midway through, the camera turns upside down (or perhaps it turns right-side up, depending on where it actually began). The machine appears to have zero respect for the laws of physics.

    The video is proving to be a big hit online, with

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  • It happens to all of us. You're out somewhere, and someone says you look just like someone else. Most of us just smile politely and continue on with our day. But what if it happens so often that you really begin to wonder. Would your curiosity get the best of you, and would you just have to find out who that person is?

    Bao Lulin works as a waitress in Jiuyang, China. Over a period of three years, she found she was constantly being told that she looked just like a woman named Yang Yanfei. Lulin's first encounter with being mistaken for this mystery woman was in 2009, when she was asked by a stranger, "You have come back from Fujian Province? Why didn't you inform us?" When people continued to call her "Yanfei," Lulin finally decided to search for her doppelganger.

    In October, after Lulin was once again mistaken for the other woman, she asked the person to give her Yanfei's address so that she could meet her. She never imagined that this encounter would change her life.

    When Lulin showed

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  • A new video titled, "Meet Billy, Rescued from a Puppy Mill," from the Humane Society could warm even the coldest of hearts. Adam Parascandola and other members of the Humane Society's animal rescue team travel to a puppy mill in North Carolina where it's obvious the dogs have been severely mistreated. The dogs are in cages clearly too small for them, and they are in poor physical and emotional health. Parascandola says, "All of the dogs that we get out of these rescue efforts want and need love and attention."

    Parascandola takes notice of one dog in a particular, a frail Chihuahua. The lock on his cage is rusted shut. The dog may have been in the cage for years, and his lower jaw is basically missing. Parascandola and a Humane Society veterinarian pry the cage open and assess the dog's condition. He is found to be in such a terrible state that he's given a rating of one, the lowest on the Humane Society's scale.

    However, the little Chihuahua's life changes dramatically after

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