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  • A Washington couple, Courtney and Harly Forbes, were shocked to learn Monday that their tandem bicycle had been stolen from their front porch while they were sleeping. The couple, who live with Courtney's mother, Kim Turner, in Vancouver, are developmentally disabled and use the bike to get around town. The $900 tandem bike is the only mode of transportation for the two, who do not drive.

    "I don't like riding by myself, because I have anxiety. I like riding with my husband," Courtney said, adding that she is "really upset, sad, and I'm hurt" that the thieves stole their bike.

    A neighbor's security camera, however, captured the thieves riding by on the stolen bike. In the video, three people go past, two of them on bikes, and shortly thereafter, all three ride past---one of them now on what looks like the Forbes's tandem bicycle. The thieves allegedly propped a rocking chair under a doorknob to the house to block anyone inside from opening the front door.

    Surprisingly, Wednesday

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  • New York City is easily one of the most-photographed places in the United States, and an unusual new photograph is showing why. The picture, taken by Russian photographer Sergey Semonov, is a stitched-together panorama, a flattened version of the type of photographs that Semonov takes for the company he works for, AirPano.

    The AirPano team collects its pictures by shooting from helicopters and then stitching the images together to create spherical panoramas. The company travels the world and calls its creations 360-degree virtual tours. New York is not the only place to make it to panoramic status. AirPano has also created 360-degree virtual tours of Brazil, India, Egypt, San Francisco, Peru, Toronto, and other locations. The images appear almost 3D but are not in perfect scale. Still, they're amazing.

    Semonov wrote about his work on the AirPano site: "I shoot landscapes, spheres from helicopters, gig-pixel panoramas as well as manipulate Photoshop and prepare the photos to be printed

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  • The Internet makes our lives easier in a lot of ways. Specifically, if you've lost touch with someone for a few years, having the world wide web at your fingertips, can make your search go a lot more smoothly. But what if you have not seen someone for sixty-five years? That was the case for Betty Billadeau and her brother Clifford Boyson, who were put into two separate Chicago foster homes as children in 1948. Clifford and Betty were able to speak to each other for the first time in more than 6 decades via video chat. "How long have you been looking for me?" Boyson responds, "a long, long, long time." Billadeau told a local TV reporter Anne Allred that she knew he was there, but not where he was at, and that not knowing exactly where her brother was had left a hole in her heart.

    Perhaps even more surprising that the reunion itself is who orchestrated it. "That's the little munchkin. He's the one who found ya," Boyson says to Billadeau during the chat, referencing Eddie Hanzlin, an

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  • Two men in Columbus, Ohio, experienced first-hand what can happen when complete strangers stand up for what they believe is right.

    After a night out, Ethan White and Joel Diaz decided to stop by the popular Mikey's Late Night Slice, a pizza truck. It was cold, so the two men held hands and stood close together. White and Diaz happen to be gay men. This did not sit well with one patron who was standing in front of them, and he let it be known by yelling at the them. He allegedly called out, "cut that gay sh-- out," and continued to yell out antigay comments.

    What happened next surprised White and Diaz. Instead of ignoring the man's outbursts, almost every person in line came to their defense, including their friend John Warner, who is also gay. But it was the straight people who surprised Diaz and White the most. They had not expected allies in a public forum--nor had they expected the man's outburst in the first place. The outburst was especially surprising to them because the food

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  • Susie and Chris Linford of Anchorage, Alaska, became the victims of identity theft when their debit card number was stolen a few weeks ago. They were contacted by their credit union, which informed them that their identity theft protection had kicked in and they would not be responsible for the fraudulent $5,000 online shopping spree the thief had gone on. In fact, their money was returned, and they were issued a new account number. Then they filed a police report and figured the nightmare was over. But while the Linford's story seemed to be a run-of-the-mill identity theft case, it does not end there. The next day, packages they had not ordered began arriving at their home.

    The thief who had cloned the debit card had apparently used the Linford's billing address as the shipping address as well. So a series of unexpected deliveries continued to arrive -- sometimes multiple shipments a day were being dropped off at the Linford's home.

    The first package contained a car stereo and radar

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