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    Parents of teens and tweens, we've got a story for you and your kids. Some sage advice from a judge is going viral and soon could be making its way to a Facebook post near you. In 1959, Judge Philip B. Gilliam of Denver, Colorado, published a letter in the Pierce County Tribune in North Dakota.

    Fast-forward just over half a century when in 2010 the Tribune's editor posted the letter on the paper's website. From there, principal John Tapene all the way in New Zealand posted the letter in his school's newsletter. Finally, some of Judge Gilliam's wise words found their way to Canadian radio station 96.7, which posted the letter to its Facebook wall with the title "Every teenager should have this framed and hung on their wall in their room."

    The popular Facebook post has been shared more than 11,000 times and counting. Here's a snippet of what the letter says: "Your parents do not owe

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  • Calling all "Rudy" fans. This one's for you. Marc Panu is a fourth-year walk-on on Vanderbilt University's football team. During the preseason camp, head coach James Franklin was showing the team a film of their plays when all of a sudden, to Panu's surprise, the attention turned to him. Franklin started pointing out Panu's skills and then segued into an announcement that he was awarding Panu a full scholarship. His teammates gave the emotional student a standing ovation.
    Video of the surprise scholarship is warming the hearts of people on the Web. Since Vanderbilt's athletic department posted it on YouTube on Friday, the video has gained more than 210,000 views. One viewer wrote, "This is what athletics and working hard is all about."
    What's the most inspiring sports moment you've seen? Let us know on Facebook or by following us on Twitter @YahooTrending.

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  • Costco is in the headlines again, and this time it has nothing to do with Joan Rivers. It seems the Costco in Bellingham, Washington, has become exceedingly popular with Canadian shoppers to the dismay of locals who are claiming "gridlock" in the aisles. The store's proximity to the Canadian border means Canadian shoppers need only to drive 21 miles south to take advantage of the exchange rate and lower sales tax.

    Angry locals have even created a Facebook page, "Bellingham Costco Needs a Special Time Just for Americans" which has received more than 3,000 "Likes." An opponent of the Americans-only plan wrote on the page, "Not only are you giving Costco a bad name, but the entire town of Bellingham. Just be happy your town is busy. There are a lot of places around America that would do anything for patrons to visit their businesses." Good point. Another user offered this proactive peacemaking suggestion: If Costco's so popular, how about it open another location? That way there will

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  • It was supposed to be a regular guys' fishing trip off the coast of Santa Cruz, California, but thanks to one fisherman's camera skills and some unexpected visitors, there was nothing "regular" about it. Mark Peters brought along his underwater camera, a GoPro Hero 2, to get some up-close and personal footage of albacore tuna. He even created a custom case for the camera and attached it to the fishing boat. As the boat traveled, the camera floated 45 feet in its wake and roughly 4 feet below the water's surface.

    Peters and his buddies were reeling in the tuna and happily capturing the catches on film. Then, about 20 miles off the coast, a pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins came in for their close-up as well. The dolphins -- who look like they're smiling -- seem intrigued by the camera's lens and playfully dart in and out of the frame.

    Peters didn't realize what he had until he watched the footage later with his family. He uploaded a video called "The Blue" to his Vimeo account, and

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  • I think this guy wins the "what I did with my summer vacation" contest. A 22-year-old Reddit user named Daniel spent his summer traveling and helping out redditors all over the world simply by getting stuff done. He reached out to the social news site's community with a post saying, "Need help getting something done? I will attempt to complete the highest voted tasks to the best of my ability."

    Luckily for Daniel, and for those who took him up on his offer, one of his family members works for an airline, so he was able to fly standby whenever there was an open seat on a flight. His travels took him across the U.S. and Canada, through Thailand, South Korea, and Australia. The chores he helped folks tackle ranged from the mundane (washing a redditor's car, helping a guy with a bad knee move out of his apartment) to the thrilling. He taught English in Thailand, rode an elephant, and came close to a giant spider in Australia.

    Next summer, he's taking it a step further. He's planning to

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