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  • On Tuesday, to protest Costco's refusal to sell her new best-seller, "I Hate Everyone … Starting With Me," comedian extraordinaire Joan Rivers entered a Costco in Burbank, California, and caused quite a stir. While voicing her disapproval through a megaphone, Rivers signed and handed out copies of the book and handcuffed herself to a shopper's cart. The video of the incident is getting a lot of attention on the Web.

    We spoke to Rivers about why she chose this particular method to convey her message, where the cameras came from, and whether this was a First Amendment protest or a publicity stunt for her book. Oh, and also, what items she recommends buying in bulk.

  • Admit it: Sometimes the commercials are the best part of watching TV. If you've been watching the Olympics, you've probably seen this Nike commercial featuring a heavyset young boy running down a street with the ending slogan "Find your greatness." The spot and the 12-year-old, 200-pound youngster named Nathan Sorrell have quickly become a hit online. One person on Twitter said, "I absolutely love Nike's new ad… I feel like watching it every time I work out."

    After shooting the commercial, Sorrell has even vowed to change his eating habits. He proclaimed on Facebook, "Went to the gym for the first day!" If he sticks with the program Nike says they'll return to film him again.

    Does the commercial inspire you to hit the gym? Let us know on our Facebook page or by following us @YahooTrending.

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  • When the head of the State Department needs to unwind, she knows how to work it out. Three months ago Hillary Clinton was seen dancing and having a beer in Colombia. When the Tumblr sensation 'Texts From Hillary' went viral earlier in the year, she became a social media star. (Is there anything cooler than the image of a sunglasses-wearing Clinton checking her BlackBerry on a military plane?)

    A few days ago, Clinton danced with the chairwoman of a group of dairy farmers in Malawi. And now, while on a trip to South Africa, a new video of Clinton cutting a rug at a party has people talking. One Twitter user wrote, "Hillary Clinton gives me yet another reason to love her," while another tweeted, "Get it girl!"

    What do you think of Clinton's moves? I say they are awesome. The shiny blue jacket is another story. Let us know on our Facebook page or by following us @YahooTrending.

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  • In the 53 years since Mattel introduced the world to Barbie, she has certainly experienced unparalleled success as well as her share of controversy. Critics have said the doll's unrealistic body image can have a negative effect on young girls. It's a criticism that's been dismissed by some -- after all, she's just a doll. But a photo that's making the rounds on the Internet right now shows just how different Barbie's measurements are when compared to a normal woman.

    The photo depicts model Katie Halchishick, the founder of the, marked with dotted lines that correspond to what a Barbie doll would look like in real life. The contrasts, such as the pointy chin, tiny waist, and huge eyes, are plain to see and "mildly terrifying," according to one Huffington Post writer. A Twitter user echoes the sentiment, saying the image "confirms what I knew since I was eight. No one grows up to look like Barbie."

    But should anyone want to? And what about all the other popular

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  • When Grant Glassco got married on May 4 of this year, his mother, Liza, presented him with a unique, heartfelt gift from his childhood at his rehearsal dinner. Whenever Liza did her son's laundry, she took out whatever was in his pockets -- Nintendo GameBoy games, yo-yos, rocks -- and put it in a glass jar. To celebrate his nuptials, Liza filled a lamp with the collection of Grant's boyhood odds and ends. The story of Liza's extraordinary gift has become a huge hit on the Web, and in today's episode, we chat with Grant and Liz via Skype from their homes in Texas.

    The whole collection was actually Liza's attempt to teach her son to empty his pockets. Once the items made it to the jar, you see, they stayed there. Grant says even though he could see his prized possessions staring back at him through the glass, he never attempted to retrieve them, fearing his mom's disapproval. It's a tradition he plans to continue with his own children someday.

    Liza says she got the idea for the gift when

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