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  • Funeral for fallen Border Patrol agent Brian Terry

    Fortune magazine released a six-month investigative report in Operation Fast and Furious. Here's a timeline based on that report and other sources.

    —1993-2005: ATF reputation suffers in high-profile cases.
    October 31, 2009: Operation Fast and Furious is launched.
    December 2009: David Voth heads Phoenix Group VII, which lacked funding, to stop guns from going to going to Mexico criminals.
    January 5, 2010: In Phoenix, assistant U.S. Attorney Emory Hurley tells agents they lack probable cause for arrests as multiple long gun purchases are legal in Arizona. He suggests a wiretap. Voth later writes a briefing paper stating strategy "to allow the transfer of firearms"—because that is legal.
    January 18, 2010: James Avila, a drug user and transient, purchases three WASR-10 rifles. ATF is notified over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, so agents lose the chance to seize them, but input the serial numbers in the gun database. These are the guns that are found at the Brian Terry shootout.

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    The Supreme Court's ruling on the health-care law Thursday created an unparalleled social media firestorm. At one point, there were more than 13,000 tweets every minute about the decision. So it should come as no surprise that some people made incorrect statements.

    One notable trend on Twitter involved people threatening to move to Canada to escape America's new health-care law. The big problem with that decision? Canada already has universal health care, which is even more involved than the newly mandated U.S. law. There was even an 18% increase in Yahoo searches for "Canadian immigration" yesterday.

    Another trend included common typos in response to the new health-care law. A Tumblr page called "Affordabe Care Cat" went up in response to the common typo on the "Affordable Care Act." The blog posts one of the Internet's common subjects, pictures of cats, with clever block texts

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    Memorable wedding proposals are becoming almost as common as hot summer days, but one man in Brooklyn, New York, figured out a way to stand out. Armed with a film degree from the University of Texas, 24-year-old Anthony Pinder created a stop-motion video using Lego blocks to ask his girlfriend of six years, Ariana Gomez, to marry him.

    The video required a week of editing and several thousand photos, but Pinder found a way to pull it off without his girlfriend knowing. Gomez has a Tumblr blog where she posts one photo a day, and Pinder told her that he was inspired to take a photo a day of Lego toys and put it on his Flickr page. Whenever she left the apartment, he would work on the video. When it came time to pop the question, Pinder had to get her in front of the computer, so he told her that he wanted to show her a "cool video." As Gomez watched and "started freaking out in a

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  • Retiring a slogan (Justin Sullivan:Getty Images)
    Stand Your Ground. Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Show Your Papers (Please).

    Reducing a complex concept into a slogan is an uncertain art, but one that people have tinkered with for centuries. The word "slogan" itself hails from the Gaelic sluagh-ghairm—a battle cry, one that the Scottish Highlanders whooped as they stormed into the fray, how a liege would declare his allegiance to his lord, and, in the United States, most memorialized in that call to arms "Remember the Alamo."

    These days, instead of military chiefs, the consultants and companies do their "Mad Men" mojo on complex laws and political concepts, with the media perpetuating slogan shorthand to explain legal defense in the Trayvon Martin case, a military policy's postmortem at the Pentagon's first gay pride celebration, and the Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona. And in case you couldn't keep up before, our meme-obsessed flightiness has sped up the slogan life cycle, which in turn increases the demand for more.

    Are we sheep for

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    It's official. We are at the height of wedding season in America. But before you dart off to the local department store to buy your friends a gift from their registry, President Barack Obama's re-election campaign would like you to consider a new gifting option: the Obama Event Registry. Part of the description reads: "Instead of another gift card you'll forget to use, ask your friends and family for something that will go a little further." The description goes on to suggest donating the money you would have used for your friends' gift to the Obama re-election campaign in their honor.

    The registry is now available online, and it suggests that donating does not have be limited to weddings. It could be for any event from birthdays to graduations and even bar mitzvahs. The website even gives couples suggested wording when asking for the gifts. For example, it has, "I'm making it

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