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  • When a crime is committed, it's not always a matter of black and white: Just because someone commits a crime does not mean that person is automatically bad. Take what happened at a Papa John's in the Helena, Montana, area. A man, armed with a knife, allegedly walked into the pizzeria early Tuesday morning as the staff was closing for the night and passed the clerk a note demanding money from the register.

    When the clerk began taking money out of the register to give to the alleged robber, the robber began to cry. As he cried, he explained to the clerk that he needed money for his wife and children, who were hungry. The warm-hearted clerk spoke to the man and decided to make him a pizza and some chicken wings. The man waited patiently at a table while the clerk prepared the meal, and when it was done, he took the food and left.

    Helena Police Chief Troy McGee hailed the clerk for handling the delicate and dangerous situation so well. "I'd say the clerk was pretty astute; I mean, he knows

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  • Dolphins are known for being highly intelligent mammals. So intelligent, in fact, that they can communicate with humans even when they have not been trained to do so. That's what happened to a group of divers on an observation trip off the coast of Hawaii, known as the Big Island.

    While the divers were observing manta rays, they were approached by a bottlenose dolphin. Luckily for all of us, they captured the encounter on video and uploaded it to YouTube. Keller Laros, one of the divers, heard an unusual squeal from the dolphin. Laros realized the dolphin was in distress; a fishing line was wrapped around its pectoral fin. He described how he tried to remove the fishing line: "I was trying to unwrap it, I got the fishing hook out of the pectoral fin. ... I was worried if I tugged on it, it might hurt him more."

    The amazing part of the video is how cooperative and gentle the dolphin is as the divers help him. Laros was able to get the hook out and snip the fishing line near the

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  • Many of us have found vintage items in our parents' storage spaces and wondered why they had kept the treasures locked away. Attics can be treasure troves, filled with memorabilia and items from the past -- many of which are no longer made. But what if you were to come across a piece of work that one of your parents had created, and you were so enthralled that you wanted others to experience it, too?

    A woman in Japan made an incredible discovery that is going viral. Known to the world by her Twitter handle @KYA7Y (we'll just call her K), she found an intricate maze that her father had drawn on a 23-by-33-inch piece of paper 30 years ago. The maze was not just some doodle that her father had whipped up in a few days. He took seven years to complete it.

    After K found the maze, she shared an image of it on Twitter. Lots of people saw it and shared it with their friends. From there, the photo was posted on Reddit, where it catapulted to international recognition.

    People on Twitter and

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  • It's not often that you get a firsthand view of what a tiger's prey sees moments -- or seconds -- before being eaten. In case you were wondering what it's like to be attacked by a big cat, here is the footage, thanks to keepers at the Longleat Safari Park in England. They set out to build snowmen for young Siberian tigers to play with in their enclosure. The keepers had the brilliant idea to insert a GoPro camera in the shoulder of a 6-foot-tall snowman to get a closer look at the beasts while they played. The staffers hit the record button, and then jumped into a Jeep for safety. Good thing, because the curious cats went in for the attack.

    Soundari, a 7-year-old tiger, even had the camera in its mouth. Not only did zookeepers get to witness the scary sight of a tiger attack, but, a spokesperson for the safari park said, it "gave us the opportunity to do a quick health check on Soundari's mouth, gums, and teeth."

    What's your favorite zoo animal? Let us know on our Facebook page or

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  • The presidential inauguration dominated media coverage and just about everyone's news feed on Monday. People used Facebook and Twitter to discuss speeches and poems, but one piece of technology was clearly the preferred method for chronicling the day's most infamous events: the GIF. Graphic Interchange format, or GIF (pronounced "jiff" or "giff"), is the official term for those endlessly replaying short video clips.

    Bloggers love them for their ability to record fleeting events, and Monday's events gave birth to many now-famous ones. There was Michelle Obama's (debatable) eye roll that ignited conversation online. There was Sasha Obama's exhausted yawn, which will no doubt haunt her for years to come. And there was the highly shared moment when Malia Obama photo-bombed her little sister's attempt to capture an adorable smooch between the president and first lady.

    GIF's popularity was officially acknowledged when it became the Oxford Dictionaries USA Word of the Year 2012, but here's a

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