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    Scientists in search of ancient tusks made a startling discovery. They uncovered the nearly perfectly preserved remains of a woolly mammoth in northern Siberia. The juvenile mammoth is believed to be more than 10,000 years old, but was only 3 to 4 years old when it died. It is unlike any other mammoth that has been unearthed before.

    The scientists reveal their discovery, which they named "Yuka," in a BBC documentary. Yuka has strawberry blond hair, unlike the dark hair that other mammoths have been found to have. Plus, Yuka's footpads are incredibly well preserved, but some of his bones are missing.

    Scientists are trying to determine how Yuka died. They believe it's possible that it could be due to human interaction with the animal. It's plausible that ancient humans may have stolen the mammoth from lions. If their theory proves correct, this will be the first relatively complete

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  • As Wisconsin marked a defining moment in Mitt Romney's quest for the Republican presidential nomination, the Badger State might well be noted for another hot-button issue: record campaign spending.

    Just two years ago, in a season that cost about $3.65 billion, the most expensive votes belonged to a California gubernatorial race and two Senate races (Connecticut and Nevada). This year, more dollars per vote may be spent in Wisconsin, not so much on a race, but a recall.

    Most expensive recall: Ironically, a contest to remove someone from office may be more costly than putting someone in the Oval Office. The recall effort over Gov. Scott Walker, which catapulted after he targeted collective bargaining power, has been pitched as a battle of workers' rights vs. political intimidation. The recall election has stolen the spotlight from this year's gubernatorial races.

    All told, the two sides spent some $44 million last year for or against the recall efforts there, according to the

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    A controversial smartphone application is being pulled from the Apple App Store. The "Girls Around Me" app combines the location sharing network Foursquare with Facebook to tell users where girls or guys are checked in nearby using real-time GPS location data. "Girls" goes a step further by connecting the user to publicly available Facebook profiles of the people they spot so they can learn more details about them.

    According to PC World, one blogger who tested the "Girls Around Me" app was able to learn a woman's full name, age, birthday, marital status, where she went to school and her parents' names by scanning her Facebook photos.

    Online people are outraged, calling the app "horrible"  and many people are criticizing the app saying it is geared toward stalkers and invades peoples' privacy. One person tweeted, that app is "one of many legitimate reasons not to ever use

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  • The weekday report for the topics and people that are trending on
    Yahoo! and across the Web for Wednesday, April 4, 2012.

    Research by Search editor Christopher Craig

    Intelligence matters in this year's NFL draft pick. A 200-year-old Supreme Court case  is back in the spotlight, and Mother Nature deals a heavy blow to the state of Texas. Catch up on today's biggest searches across the Web.


    • Wonderlic Test: The intelligence test known as the Wonderlic Test (which the NFL administers to prospects at its Scouting Combine) is in the spotlight after LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne, a likely top-five pick in this month's NFL draft, scored a 4 out of 50.
    • Marbury v. Madison: The 1803 case was the first time the Supreme Court declared an act of Congress unconstitutional. References to the case have risen since President Obama made comments Monday warning that an overturn of the Affordable Care Act would be an "unprecedented, extraordinary step." Related searches: supreme
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  • The story has been updated with victims' names and latest reports.

    In recent months, Oakland, Calif., had been the center of national attention as a flash point in the Occupy Movement. Now, a horrific spree shooting at a religious vocational school has once more focused on the city's persistent homicide rate, among the highest in the nation.

    As families and community come together to mourn the victims, questions about gun control and why school shootings happen have surfaced, as well as the most troubling one of all: What makes a lone gunman pull the trigger.

    Nearly 1,000 people gathered at a  memorial service in Allen Temple Baptist Church, one of several vigils for the seven victims. The suspect, One L. Goh, will be charged with seven counts of murder.

    Timeline, according to press reports: Goh, a 43-year-old Korean-American, moved from Virginia, where he left more than $23,000 in debts, to California. He attended Oikos University, a Korean-founded vocation school. There, he was

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