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    Have you ever met someone whose life was changed by social media? Well you're about to. Allow me to introduce AnnMarie Walsh of Chicago, who credits Twitter for helping her escape homelessness. After being homeless for more than four years, Walsh started tweeting from a local library about what it was like to be homeless, hoping to erase the stigma, stereotypes, and misconceptions associated with it. Walsh says most people think "homeless people are all criminals, on drugs, alcoholics." That simply is not true, she said, explaining that some homeless people "have college degrees and because of the economy got laid off." The 41-year-old suggests people take the time to sit and converse with a homeless person to try and understand their situation better before passing judgment. The more she tweeted, using the handle @padchicago, the more popular she became. She currently has more than 5,200 followers, making

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    It is the first week of the new year, and some of you are probably doing a great job of sticking to that resolution of working out and eating more healthfully. Coincidentally, it's also Girl Scout Cookie season, so the battle of the bulge may be that much tougher for those of us who find the sugary delights hard to resist. 2012 marks the 100th year that the popular cookies are being sold. Annually, Girl Scout Cookie sales reach more than $714 million. This year, a new cookie has been added to the mix: the Savannah Smile. The newbie, named after Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low's hometown, is described as a lemon wedge cookie dusted in powdered sugar. People have debated for years about which cookie is the best. This month the most sought-after cookie, according to Yahoo! Search, is the Samoa, which gets almost double the number of searches as Thin Mints do. Further down the list are Shortbreads, then

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    Many of us have made the mistake of seeing a snippet of something and drawing a conclusion that we may not have come to had we seen the entire story. That situation seems to be happening in Utica, New York. Over the weekend, Utica Phoenix, a weekly local newspaper, released a one-minute and 40-second dashcam video from last year that shows police officers pulling over a vehicle for allegedly running a stop sign.

    The video captures what seems to be a police officer planting drugs. One minute into the video, the officer appears to take an unidentified bag and place it in an unidentified African American man's car. The officer then takes the same bag out of the car. The video was spread in social media and sparked so much interest (64,000 views in fewer than 24 hours) that it caused the newspaper site to crash.

    In response to the uproar, the Utica Police Department released the entire 30-minute dashcam video,

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    What are you most afraid of? One woman's debilitating anxiety disorder is to blame for her fear of being in situations that are not easy to escape or embarrassing to do so. ArLynn Presser, a writer who lives in a suburb of Chicago, made a 2011 resolution to overcome her agoraphobia. How did she set do it? She decided over the course of a year that she would try to meet all 325 of her Facebook friends--in person.

    Chicago filmmaker Benjamin Gonzales, an acquaintance of Presser's, decided to chronicle her journey in a documentary titled, "Face to Facebook." Gonzales said he initially got involved because he was fascinated by Presser's attempt to make a "visual connection into something real." Presser said she rarely left her community or even her home for most of her adult life. Presser added that she was even afraid of getting on a plane. On December 31, 2010, Presser blogged about wanting to conquer her fear

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    Let's start with number five and work our way to number one.

    At number 5 is the end of NASA's manned space exploration program with the launch of the space Shuttle Atlantis on July 21. But what makes this story stand out is what happened two months before Shuttle Atlantis launched. Stephanie Gordon took a picture of the Shuttle Endeavor on its launch into space from her airplane window and it became the iconic image associated with the end of the manned space exploration program. The photo itself took off, gaining more than 600,000 views on Twitpic alone. Gordon's image has also been reposted to countless Web sites, with people describing it as summing up the end of an era.

    Number four is all about the rise of the activist hackers. Two hacking groups, one known as 'Anonymous' and the other 'Lulz-Sec' made a name for themselves on the mainstream media scene by hacking their way into several high-profile Web

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