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  • They are a little fast, a little furious and very adorable.

    DreamWorksTV released a kid-friendly spoof video of the hit action flick “Furious 7.” The trailer features a group of kindergartners taking on the classic roles of the “Fast and the Furious” gang.

    The action-packed parody trailer is complete with kiddie car chases, Nerf gun fights and mini versions of Vin Diesel and The Rock donning bald caps.

    “There’s nothing more important than family,” says a kid version of Diesel. “Except Legos. Legos are pretty important to me right now.”

    We think “A Little Fast a Little Furious” could give “Furious 7” a run for its money at the box office.

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  • Were you a fan of 2048?  Well, prepare yourself. There’s an addicting new Internet game to get yourself wrapped up in. It’s more of a color test for your eyes called Kuku Kube. In case you’ve never heard of it, here’s how you play: First, you start out with four cubes, and click on the one where the shade looks slightly off. Each time you pick the correct cube, a new set of cubes is shown and you must once again pick the cube that stands out to you as different, all with just 60 seconds on the clock. This goes on until you win the game or go insane — whichever comes first. Network 365, the developers of the app, say, “This puzzle is designed to evaluate the quality of your color vision.” A score of 31 or higher is considered to be expert status. If you’re looking to go down this rabbit hole, the free Kuku Kube app is available on Facebook, for Android and iOS, and for desktop browsers. And while we’re on the topic, is this dress blue or gold?

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  • You may have seen those new virtual reality headsets and thought — yeah, that’s cool, but what can they be used for?  Apparently one thing they can do is help pull off an epic proposal.

    Groom-to-be Mike Rios used a Google Cardboard VR Kit with the help of family, friends, mariachis, and local businesses in Old Pasadena, Calif.. Mike took his girlfriend, Maggie, to the spot where they met five years ago and had her put on the headset, which was inside a large box. What she saw was something that Mike’s intricate planning brought to life.  

    Through the VR headset, she saw her dad standing near her, and friends in the distance holding up signs that spelled out: “Do you remember what I asked you here five years ago?” That message referred to a joke Mike played on Maggie back then  when he proposed in jest.  

    Then, Maggie removed the headset to watch her family and friends (in real life this time) do a flash mob performance to “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid.  Next, Mike walked over

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  • Rocky the Flying Squirrel has nothing on daredevil Sebastian Alvarez.

    In a new video, watch wingsuit pilot Alvarez soar through the sky above Santiago, Chile in his squirrel suit, blasting through a Chilean flag on top of an inactive volcano as he descends. The target was only a little more than 6 feet wide.
    The flight was captured from several angles, including from a GoPro fastened to Alvarez’s helmet.
    Alvarez may make it look easy as he flies through the flag, but don’t let him fool you; this man is a professional, and hitting such a small target requires incredible precision flight skills.
    At the end of the video, Alvarez even manages to stick the landing in the middle of a street at the mountain’s base. Very impressive!

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  • The restaurant Ai Pioppi can be found just an hour north of Venice, Italy, and to find it, just follow the screams — which happen to be coming from the people who are powering the very rides that are prompting their squeals of delight.

    Behind the restaurant lies a giant, human-powered, theme-park playground, which was built over the past 40 years by the restaurant’s owner, Bruno.

    With ride names like Wheel of Death, you would think that people would stay away, but think again. Last weekend, Tom Scott and his friend Paul took on the kinetic-art theme park and filmed their experience.

    “I’ll be honest: I sort of thought it was a myth.” Tom wrote in the YouTube description, “The idea of unattended, huge kinetic ride-on sculptures was surely false?”

    The pair tackled almost all the rides and even managed to do a somersault on the Bicycle of Death.

    But the two didn’t come away unscathed; Tom injured his face on a piece of metal after a fall and had to be taken to the hospital, where he received

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