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  • Lizzie Velasquez has found a way to not only overcome adversity, but also transform it into something positive. After inspiring many with her story, the Austin, Texas-native has launched a Kickstarter campaign. Velasquez is looking to raise money to produce a documentary that will spread her message even further.

    Elizabeth Velasquez was born on March 13, 1989, four weeks premature. Her birth weight was 2 pounds, 11 ounces. Doctors would diagnose Velasquez with a syndrome so rare that it is unnamed and only two other people are known to have it. This condition affects her skin, vision, and metabolism. Now 25 years old, Velasquez has never weighed more than 64 pounds.

    With her family's support, Velasquez did everything she could to live a normal life. But in high school, she found herself the target of an online bully. While browsing YouTube, Velasquez discovered an 8-second video titled "The World's Ugliest Woman." She clicked the thumbnail and saw that the clip was of her. It already

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  • Alternative rock band They Might Be Giants recently held an online contest soliciting fans to submit music videos for its song, "Am I Awake?". The track is off the band's forthcoming compilation, "Idlewild."

    Of the 150 entries, three were picked as winners by actor/comedian John Hodgman. Paul and Mike Swiatek won for their submission, "Sleep Study Voyeur."

    The video starts with an overhead shot of a couple, played by Leah Huebner and Nate Weisband, in bed. Weisband gives Huebner a good-night kiss and turns off the bedside light.

    Then the couple moves through about 60 different sleep positions. Watching the actors demonstrate each maneuver is funny, but the descriptions really add to the piece.

    "Beautifully shot, hilarious, and unexpected," Hodgman said of the piece. "As a creator of list-based humor, I must admire anyone who can keep the same joke so consistently engaging and surprising for three minutes."

    Innocently enough, the first position featured is "spoon," followed by "east

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  • If you are compiling a montage of 2014's best news bloopers, here are two nominees for the final cut.

    The first comes courtesy of KTLA in Los Angeles. Reporter Courtney Friel was on the scene of a brushfire in Rancho Cucamonga. As she was interviewing a person off camera, a man without a shirt approached her. Friel asked the bystander if he lived around the area. The man answered her but also had an inquiry of his own.

    "Yeah," he responded before asking, "Wow, you're super pretty. Wanna go on a date sometime?"

    Friel quickly informed the man that they were on live TV. He simply replied, "Awesome."

    Undeterred, the reporter actually continued to question the man. She finally moved on when he told her that he thought the brushfire was "pretty cool."

    Friel clearly did not give much thought to the man's proposal, but her producers definitely took notice. Unlike most bloopers, which are uploaded by TV viewers, KTLA actually put this on its own YouTube channel Wednesday. It already has more

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  • It does not take much to captivate the Internet audience. In the latest instance of this, the only things involved are a hamster and mini burritos.

    Comedy group Hello Denizen began publishing videos online this month and its second upload is a massive hit; more than 507,000 views in less than 24 hours.

    The 1-minute-23-second clip simply features a hamster eating a couple of tiny burritos.

    "Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos - Episode 1" starts with chef Farley Elliott preparing the hamster's fine cuisine. While he appears to be chopping up human foods, the people at Hello Denizen assure viewers that all of the burrito's contents were deemed safe for hamsters.

    The hamster then walks over to a makeshift, miniature dinner table in a setting that resembles a restaurant. A mini-burrito is placed in front of him. He grabs it with both hands, and chows it down. Followed by another, and another.

    And that is how the Internet was won.  One commenter summed it nicely, writing, "I have no idea

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  • New York City-based Improv Everywhere usually elicits shock, awe, and laughter with its stunts. But the comedy group's latest performance caused a much different reaction; one that involved a 911 call and the New York Police Department.

    While the latest Improv Everywhere video involves a trip to the Gap, the idea came from a visit to a different clothing store.

    "About a month ago I wandered into the brand new Uniqlo store on 5th Avenue. While browsing I was struck by how many mannequins they had in the store," wrote the found and creator, Charlie Todd on the Improv Everywhere website. "While giving one a closer look, I realized how much they looked like humans wearing white Morphsuits."

    Todd began to plot out a stunt in which a flash mob invaded Uniqlo dressed as mannequins. But to his dismay, Todd returned to the store just days later and saw that the white mannequins were replaced with clear ones.

    Uniqlo's loss would be Gap's gain — at least in terms of human mannequins.


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