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    With the end of every year come many year-in-review stories, but French director Luc Bergeron has placed the year 2014 in a video time capsule.

    Squeezing 233 of the most clicked videos of the year into one almost 7-minute compilation, he has created a sizzle reel of all the videos that we found interesting and shared with one another over the past 12 months.

    The video is broken up into categories such as daredevil stunts, dancing and entertaining animals. Bergeron posted the video to his YouTube page, but a Reddit posting, which has links to each individual video in the compilation, has really taken off.

    A video compilation is a perfect way to remember the year that was and all the links that we sent each other.


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  • A social media campaign has been gaining momentum, reflecting the hope of many to maintain solidarity in the community which has been shaken by terror after the dramatic hostage situation that occurred at a café in Sydney.

    In an effort to thwart any intolerance toward Muslim Australians, residents have shared the hashtag “#illridewithyou” with the intention of spreading tolerance and supporting the safety of those in their community who fear that they will be the target of hostility.

    Tessa Kum, a TV content editor and writer living in Sydney, is credited with starting the hashtag. She told the Guardian Australia that she was inspired after seeing a powerful Facebook post by commuter Rachel Jacobs. After noticing a woman remove her hijab, Jacobs encouraged her to put it back on and offered to accompany the woman.

    Twitter users have joined in the gesture, offering up their support and assistance in coordinating with Muslims who may not feel safe commuting because they fear backlash.
    In a

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  • The Holderness family has had quite a year. You might remember the crew from Raleigh, N.C., from last holiday season’s viral hit video ‘Xmas Jammies.’  
    That YouTube video was viewed more than 15 million times! Since hitting it big, the Holdernesses have been releasing fun parody videos for most holidays. And while some families will choose to send out a written newsletter, this family opted to go a different route because that’s in the Holderness DNA. They released an overview of their exciting year, performed to their own version of R.E.M.’s hit “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine).”  The video chronicles the best-of moments of 2014 from mom Kim, dad Penn, and their son and daughter, Penn and Lola. Highlights include Lola’s birthday party and little Penn’s love for kayaks and waterslides.
    All of this attention is not only fun for the family, but its good for business too! Kim and Penn run a digital marketing company called Greenroom, which has seen a recent

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  • For the past six years, John Couzens, who owns a roofing business, and his now 26-year-old son, Dan, have been working up to 12 hours a day in their backyard building a beautiful, luxury yacht.

    Dubbed Out of the Blue, the yacht is 38 feet long, weighs 8 tons, and is valued at more than $275,000. It has two bedrooms, a working head, and even two showers.

    However, the finished yacht was too big to simply wheel out of the backyard, so they had to pay to get a crane to hoist it out over their own home and that of their neighbors. It was quite the sight.

    The idea to build the vessel originally came from Couzens’s desire to give his son a project on which to focus his excess energy. Dan used to fix up cars, but he always finished in just a couple of days. The boat was intended to take two years, but six years later, they finally were ready to put it in the water.

    Couzens praised his son’s craftsmanship on the boat, calling it a “work of art.”
    After putting up with a boat in her backyard for

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  • How did you get to work this morning? Did you take the train to the bus, and then have a 10-minute walk? Must have been grueling. Well, take into consideration the commute that the residents of a mountaintop Chinese village make every day.  In order to leave the village of Yushan in Hefeng county, they must travel by a cable car that is suspended between two very high cliffs — 1,575 feet high, to be exact. Before the cable cars, the residents would have to make the journey by foot. Now it takes the villagers just a couple of minutes to ride the cable car about two-thirds of a mile. And they have been doing this for 15 years, ever since the car was made by hand and the cables were purchased from a European ski resort. The cables have to be lubricated once a week, a job that looks scarier than a New York City window washer's. And if you can believe it, there have been no reported accidents associated with the crazy cable-car commuting method, proving that even a treacherous cable

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