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  • Prepare to be stunned. We're seeing more and more drones being sent into the skies and capturing never-before-seen footage. This holiday weekend resulted in a bird's-eye view of colors bursting in air, providing us with beautiful pictures.

    A camera-mounted drone flying above downtown Nashville, Tenn., captured the spectacular view of the fireworks in celebration of America's birthday. The $1,300 device, provided by local businessman Robert Hartline, also took in the city skyline and river backdrop.

    This isn't the first time we've seen the rocket flares up-close and personal. In May, Jos Stiglingh took us on an aerial journey through the fireworks show in West Palm Beach, Fla. GoPro shared the video, which has been viewed 6.5 million times. The video of the fireworks show is set to an Andrea Bocelli aria — and the performance is dramatic to say the least.

    The stunts are stirring controversy, too. Online comments on both videos discuss irresponsibility and recklessness. Some viewers

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  • We've all seen a dog or two in our lives sit, shake, or roll over. They're adorable and often-difficult tricks to teach to a pup. Then we see a video like "Dancing Pit Bull," and it kind of raises the bar for amazing canine abilities.

    In the video, posted to YouTube two days ago, the dog and its human, a belly dancer, perform a routine that defies belief in its intricacy, at least as far as dog dancing is concerned. Not much is known about the provenance of the pair's moves, but the video was uploaded to YouTube by Alex Zhardanovsky, no stranger to viral videos himself, and it has since exploded into quite a hit.

    It now has more than 150,000 views and a huge crowd of fans. People are commenting passionately, writings things like "That's one talented dog!" and "This pit bull should have opened the World Cup."

    Dog dancing, or "Canine Freestyle," is actually an organized activity in some parts of the world, so if you think your dog could have moves like this, you might look into it.


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  • Have you ever watched a building get demolished? I think it goes without saying that being near tons of falling metal and concrete is dangerous, but be that as it may, people still show up to observe such an event. There's a new video showing how one lucky couple in the Czech Republic avoided a catastrophic situation when a chunk of concrete came flying toward them as they watched the controlled explosion of an old clothing factory. The video switches from regular speed to slow motion to offer a good look at how the chunk gets flung from the building site, bounces on the ground, and flies extremely close to their heads. Surprisingly, no one around them appears to be fazed by what just happened. The two are being hailed as the luckiest people in the world, so perhaps they should go play the lotto.

    A second video from the scene gives a better view of the man's face, but the concrete rock also appears to be smaller. This led to a few commenters suspecting that the video is fake. But one

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  • For anyone who thinks that school recitals are boring, behold a new video on Vimeo that will change your mind! Here's an elementary school boy's fantastic performance of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance."

    We can only hope that mother monster, aka Lady Gaga, sees this video and brings him on tour with her this summer.

    This is the best Lady Gaga copycat we have seen since Greyson Chance's YouTube video featured him rocking out to Gaga's song "Paparazzi" during his sixth-grade festival in 2010. That video went viral with more than 52 million views.

    Maria Aragon was featured in a video singing and playing the keyboard to "Born This Way." That video not only was viewed more than 57 million times but also was the catalyst for Aragon's performance onstage with Lady Gaga at her "Monster Ball Tour" in 2011. She has also performed on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" — not too shabby either.

    The fame landed Chance with three popular albums on iTunes, so the latest recital dancer might have a shot at hitting

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  • Maymo — or, as he's known, 'Cute Dog Maymo' — is only 3 years old and has more than 45,000 subscribers on YouTube. It's quite an accomplishment, even if it makes some of you humans out there a bit jealous. Maymo's "people," as they are called on YouTube, thought they'd surprise him with a big gift for his birthday. And, boy, was it big. Like, 100-new-balls-to-play-with big.

    In the viral video of the gift presentation, Maymo is first confronted with a few different balls, which seems to confuse him enough. Then a deluge of balls comes crashing in, causing the beagle to run for the hills. But that many new toys is nothing to bark at, and Maymo eventually gets on board, running through the house and playing to his overwhelmed heart's content.

    At the end of the video, we see just how tuckered out Maymo is. It's clearly bedtime for Maymo. In only a few days, the video has tallied nearly a million views, ensuring a steady stream of more subscribers to view the dog's antics. Commenters on

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