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  • Jennifer Aprea Closson, a mother of two in Southern California, found a creative way to deal with her 4-year-old daughter’s pre-bedtime temper tantrum. Equipped with just a phone and a mirror, Closson lip-synched the entire scene and then posted it to YouTube with the hashtag #TantrumLipSync.

    And wouldn’t you know it, Jennifer’s performance worked! She says that it sent her daughter into a fit of giggles.  The video was viewed more than 55,000 times on Closson’s YouTube page.

     Let’s see how much her daughter is laughing when she realizes she’s part of a viral video!

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  • We all do it: Jump in the car, turn on the radio, and belt our hearts out.

    YouTube musician and comedian Chad Neidt is laying it down on how we jam out in the car. In a hilarious (and fairly accurate) video, Chad breaks down car radio singers into different categories — he identifies 15.

    Among them are the Premature Chorus Singer, the Faker, the Harmonizer, and of course, the Interpretive Dancer.

    We are all guilty of at least one of them, but the real question is: What type of car singer are you?

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    This crow may think he’s pretty sneaky, but a new viral video proves that isn’t the case.

    Conor McCarthy was eating lunch outside when he noticed a crow behind him. The crow would inch closer to Conor while his back was turned, then fly away when Conor turned toward him.

    That’s when Conor whipped out his camera to record the incident. While the crow may think he’s playing it cool, he’s no match for a selfie video.

    The clip instantly went viral and has already been viewed over 1.9 million times.

    We don’t know why the crow was trying to sneak up on poor Conor, but he was definitely caught red-handed.

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  • We all know how important it is to get a killer picture on social media, but this daredevil duo has taken it to a whole new extreme.

    Armed with GoPro cameras and not much else, Vitaly Raskolov, 21, and Vadim Makhorov, 25, climbed up the Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen, China. The building is still under construction, but when complete it will be the tallest building in China and the second-tallest tower in the world at 2,165 feet.

    The pair snuck into the 115-story building at night and camped out until daylight. They cracked the combination lock to gain access to the roof and then proceeded to scale the crane on top of the building, with no safety equipment to speak of.

    To top it all off, they took a selfie of themselves and the city of Shenzhen below from about a quarter-mile in the air.

    This isn’t the first death-defying stunt the two have pulled off. They also climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, Cologne Cathedral in Germany and the Shanghai Tower.

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  • For many mothers, getting a first look at their children before they are born is a given, but that is not the case for Tatiana Guerra.

    Tatiana lost her eyesight when she was 17 and thought she would have to wait until her child was born to “meet” him. But the wonders of 3D printing changed that and allowed her to get a glimpse of her son.

    The short film, titled “Meeting Murilo,” was made by Huggies Brazil as part of an ad campaign. It follows Tatiana to her 20-week ultrasound exam, where she has no idea she is about to be presented with a 3D printed image of her son, Murilo.

    Because she is unable to see the ultrasound like other expecting mothers can, Tatiana has to rely on verbal descriptions from the doctor to get a sense of what the child will look like.

    “If you could touch him, would that let you know what he’s like?” her doctor asks in the video. He then presents her with a 3D model of her unborn son’s face.

    “That’s an image of your son. See if he feels the way you think he does,” the

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