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  • For many mothers, getting a first look at their children before they are born is a given, but that is not the case for Tatiana Guerra.

    Tatiana lost her eyesight when she was 17 and thought she would have to wait until her child was born to “meet” him. But the wonders of 3D printing changed that and allowed her to get a glimpse of her son.

    The short film, titled “Meeting Murilo,” was made by Huggies Brazil as part of an ad campaign. It follows Tatiana to her 20-week ultrasound exam, where she has no idea she is about to be presented with a 3D printed image of her son, Murilo.

    Because she is unable to see the ultrasound like other expecting mothers can, Tatiana has to rely on verbal descriptions from the doctor to get a sense of what the child will look like.

    “If you could touch him, would that let you know what he’s like?” her doctor asks in the video. He then presents her with a 3D model of her unborn son’s face.

    “That’s an image of your son. See if he feels the way you think he does,” the

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  • Brace yourself... because parents have now discovered the joys of lip-synching.

    The app Dubsmash allows you to create and share hilarious lip-synched videos of yourself. The parents of Redditor bagelwhale are hooked.

    They keep sending him videos, so he has begun posting them to YouTube for all of us to enjoy!

  • A video of 10-year-old Lacey Parker learning she made her middle school cheerleading squad has gone viral.

    Making the squad has been a dream of Lacey’s since her older sisters were on the team, so Lacey’s teacher and principal encouraged her to try out.

    On Friday May 1, the names of the girls who made the team were posted online. When the big moment came to find out if Lacey was going to be a cheerleader, one of her sisters was on hand to record Lacey’s reaction.

    “I made it!” Lacey screams in the video.

    Lacey’s mom, Renee, posted the video for family and friends, but the sweet video has gone viral and has been seen millions of times on Facebook.

    “It’s just so amazing that one little girl has touched so many people by achieving her dream,” said Renee.

    Lacey has Down syndrome, but according to her mom she has never let that get in her way.

    “Down syndrome is a label; it’s not who she is. She’s an amazing little girl who strives to do whatever she wants to do,” says Renee. “She’s always told

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  • Veteran prankster Rémi Gaillard took Tetris, everyone’s favorite old-school game, off the computer screen and brought it onto the streets.

    And Gaillard’s Tetris stunt definitely kicks things up a notch. He and his friends, all dressed as different Tetris-shaped bricks, worked together to create a complete line, even if that meant blocking escalator entrances and elevator exits and running into people.

    From stopping traffic to infuriating strangers on the streets, Gaillard’s game of Tetris is much more intense than the computer version we remember. We don’t recommend trying this at home.

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  • Actor Jamie Costa is back with a new video, once again wowing us with his amazing celebrity impressions.

    This time around, it’s a trip to Middle Earth. Costa impersonates Sir Ian McKellen’s Gandalf, asking who would like to join him on a quest. It’s an unlikely bunch of celebrities who volunteer to go along.

    From Matthew McConaughey to George W. Bush, his impressions are spot on, but the best one of all is definitely his Robin Williams.

    This isn’t the actor’s first time channeling the late comedian. Costa’s Robin Williams tribute video went viral last month, and has attracted more than 3.5 million views to date.

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