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  • A creative husband and wife figuratively made lemonade out of lemons: They turned potholes into works of art.

    Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca have collaborated on a number of projects. Luciano works as a photographer, while Ficca is a food stylist. The two have combined to shoot series such as Gourmet Mouse Traps (fitted with bait "for the pickiest mouse") and Meals Interrupted (dining tables disrupted by various events).

    Claudia Ficca/Davide Luciano

    In 2011, the couple re-created a number of scenes around potholes in four cities. Photos from New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, and Toronto transform the dreaded road nuisances into ice coolers, ponds, grape buckets, and much more.

    "This project started as a humorous way to expose the ridiculous pothole problem in our hometown," Luciano told us via email. "Along the way we realized that sometimes we can't change things that frustrate us [like potholes], but we have the power to change our perspective toward those things. This is what this project is really about."

    Claudia Ficca/Davide Luciano

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  • A German supermarket commercial is gaining worldwide attention, and it has nothing to do with any shoppers' club discounts or products offered in the store.

    Edeka is a large grocery chain in Germany. For its new advertisement, the store enlisted the help of 58-year-old Friedrich Liechtenstein. In 2013, the German entertainer was featured in a song by Der Tourist called "Supergeil." Playing off of that hit, Liechtenstein reworks some of the lyrics and randomly pops into various scenes of people preparing or eating food.

    The song continuously repeats the word "super," to the point where it becomes borderline supercatchy. A translation of the lyrics unveils quite a bit of double entendre. Even the word "geil" has a dual meaning of both "cool" and "horny."

    Throughout all of it, Liechtenstein offers up one bizarre scene after another. He dances in supermarket aisles, parties in a kid's bedroom, smokes a hot dog as if it were a cigar, and bathes in milk.

    And those are just a few of the

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  • A couple of Super Mario-inspired videos are becoming super popular online.

    First up is a spoof that combines the video game character with Jerry Seinfeld. The comedian has been in the news quite a bit as of late. He reunited with Jason Alexander and Larry David for a skit that aired during the Super Bowl. Last week week, Seinfeld became the first comedian to perform on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

    Now, the New Yorker’s iconic TV show is receiving the parody treatment thanks to Mario and his fellow characters.

    Mario Seinfeld – A Parody About Nothing” starts off with the Mario theme as if the same people who composed the Seinfeld open were playing it. We are then brought in to Mario’s apartment, which looks strikingly similar to Jerry’s. There, Mario is talking with Toad – presumably the “George Costanza” of the bit.

    Apparently Toad just broke up with a woman and Jerry, I mean Mario, can relate.

    “She gave you the ‘It’s not you, it’s-a me’ routine?” Mario yells in a voice

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  • Australia's latest celebrity infatuation doesn't just act like a goat; he is a goat. Meet Gary, an animal who travels with stand-up comedian Jimbo Bazoobi. Jimbo bills himself as "Australia's crudest comedian."

    Well, he's definitely the most unusual.

    According to his website, the comedian started off as a kids' party clown in the '90s. Then in 2004, he began touring with his comedy show.

    About seven years later, Gary the Goat was born. At least that is what his Facebook page says. When Jimbo performs in Australia, Gary travels with him.

    "I bought it for a case of beer … after a comedy gig," Jimbo told "Sunrise," an Australian TV morning show, last year. Was he joking? Maybe. "I just threw him in the car. He gets his own food. He follows me around, and he's a funny goat."

    It was an incident during these travels that led to Gary's popularity and Facebook likes skyrocketing. In August of 2012, Gary the Goat landed Jimbo a $440 citation from Sydney police for allegedly "damaging vegetation

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  • Facebook, Instagram, and a couple of quick-thinking employees at Chick-fil-A in Florida led to the reunion of a daughter and her worried parents last week.

    About seven months ago, 16-year-old Kaitlyn Harp met 19-year-old Daniel Bridgeman online. The two began a relationship that culminated with Kaitlyn running away from home home last Tuesday to be with Bridgeman. After she was gone, Kaitlyn’s parents discovered a note she left them. Tammy and Steve Harp immediately went online and found a picture of the two teenagers. Bridgeman was wearing a Chick-fil-A uniform.

    After driving to the Chick-fil-A at the Jacksonville airport, the Harps were connected with another location manager, Lita Fannin.

    “It just really hits home,” Fannin told NBC affiliate First Coast News in Jacksoville, Fla. "I have kids at home the same age, and I would hope if that something like that happened with me, someone would act quickly.”

    That is exactly what Fannin did. The manager posted the photo of the two

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