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    You might think a golden retriever would be excellent at, say, retrieving things… especially food.  But Fritz the dog has made quite a name for himself doing exactly the opposite. The pup just can’t catch food in his mouth for the life of him.

    Fritz’s owner, Evan Ball, posted a video on YouTube of the dog failing to catch any food thrown his way — with one solitary exception you really have to wait for. The video has garnered more than 540,000 views.

    “While we all intently anticipate the day when Fritz masters the skill of catching food in his mouth, we also patiently embrace the journey,” Fritz’s owner wrote.

    Now before you call the ASPCA, Evan notes on YouTube that he never lets Fritz eat all the fallen food.

    “I actually intercept most of the food and give him just a little for his efforts. Plus, he only gets a food tossed to him about once a week,” Ball told the Huffington Post. “The rest of the time, he eats healthy dog food and gets regular exercise. He’s actually quite a

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  • Starting at the age of 12 through the age of 28, Mike Cohen from Buffalo, N.Y., secretly recorded conversations with his parents. Well, they were more like arguments.  
    Now, years later, his friend Rodd Perry took one of those tapes from 1985 and brought it to life with the art of animation. This particular argument occurred while Cohen was home from college for a visit. In the animated video, his parents can be heard nagging him about a typical college-age issue — cleaning his room.

    The video was posted to Vimeo, where it has been viewed more than 270,000 times thanks in part to a posting on Reddit. In a Reddit comment, Perry said this was his first foray into animation; in case you’re wondering, he used Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. We think it’s safe to say this is not the last Cohen-Perry collaboration. Can’t wait to see what the second episode will bring!

    The Brother Mike Tapes: 1985 from rodd perry on Vimeo.

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  • Don’t you just hate elevator small talk? Well, YouTube prankster Greg Benson decided to kick the usual elevator chitchat up a notch by breaking into a full-blown weather report, complete with a pull-down weather map.

    Because no weather forecast would be complete without tossing to sports, Benson did just that, with a sportscaster joining them in the elevator, too.

    The reactions from his unsuspecting victims were pretty priceless.

    We can only hope this happens to us the next time we get into an elevator.

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  • A professional snowboarder in California figured out a genius way to get closer to the slopes. Mike Basich built this tiny 225-square-foot home in the middle of his 40-acre property near Truckee, Calif. He told Laura Ling from “Going off the Grid” about how he built his new digs by hand. “It took me five years — two and half years to do all the rock work. I think I moved about 175 ton of rock.”

    Not only is the little house off the beaten path, it’s also off the grid. That means no Internet, no indoor plumbing, and no traditional electricity. Luckily for anyone wanting to take a shower or wash their hands, the property has two creeks that provide water for the home. The best part for Basich is the location. Not only can he snowboard on private trails, but the property even has its own chair lift that Basich built with the help of some friends. If you think this style of living is crazy, Basich is one of 180,000 Americans choosing to live off the grid. He says of the home, “I like to

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  • Talk about a chilling experience — a skier in the Alps had to be rescued by his friends after the group was struck by an avalanche. And the whole thing was caught on camera.

    The helmet-cam footage shows not only the moment when the avalanche hit but also the group’s effort to find their friend James. He was spotted miraculously when the tip of his ski pole broke through the surface of the snow.

    James was buried underneath nearly 5 feet of snow, and it took almost an hour for his friends and the ski patrol to dig him out.

    “This story should serve as a cautionary tale for all who enjoy spending time in the mountains both in and out of bounds,” James wrote in a blog post. “Do not follow my path, always practice conservative decision making when in the mountains taking into account the local avalanche conditions.”

    Seems that James has learned his lesson and is doing his best to make sure that others stay safe when skiing.

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