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  • For anyone who thinks that school recitals are boring, behold a new video on Vimeo that will change your mind! Here's an elementary school boy's fantastic performance of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance."

    We can only hope that mother monster, aka Lady Gaga, sees this video and brings him on tour with her this summer.

    This is the best Lady Gaga copycat we have seen since Greyson Chance's YouTube video featured him rocking out to Gaga's song "Paparazzi" during his sixth-grade festival in 2010. That video went viral with more than 52 million views.

    Maria Aragon was featured in a video singing and playing the keyboard to "Born This Way." That video not only was viewed more than 57 million times but also was the catalyst for Aragon's performance onstage with Lady Gaga at her "Monster Ball Tour" in 2011. She has also performed on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" — not too shabby either.

    The fame landed Chance with three popular albums on iTunes, so the latest recital dancer might have a shot at hitting

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  • Maymo — or, as he's known, 'Cute Dog Maymo' — is only 3 years old and has more than 45,000 subscribers on YouTube. It's quite an accomplishment, even if it makes some of you humans out there a bit jealous. Maymo's "people," as they are called on YouTube, thought they'd surprise him with a big gift for his birthday. And, boy, was it big. Like, 100-new-balls-to-play-with big.

    In the viral video of the gift presentation, Maymo is first confronted with a few different balls, which seems to confuse him enough. Then a deluge of balls comes crashing in, causing the beagle to run for the hills. But that many new toys is nothing to bark at, and Maymo eventually gets on board, running through the house and playing to his overwhelmed heart's content.

    At the end of the video, we see just how tuckered out Maymo is. It's clearly bedtime for Maymo. In only a few days, the video has tallied nearly a million views, ensuring a steady stream of more subscribers to view the dog's antics. Commenters on

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  • For someone with two hands, this might be the most useless skill on the planet. Yet, so many people can't stop watching this video.

    A Chinese comedian whose YouTube name translates to "Now Not Enough" published a video online Saturday in which he puts on a pair of pants. So what's the reason for the hubbub around the clip? He gets the trousers on without using his hands.

    The video has more than 1.6 million views. It also has almost 4,000 upvotes on Reddit, where commenters are simply calling it "Majestic."

    Once you watch the video and see this guy's moves scored to the synths of Europe's "The Final Countdown," you'll understand why. In less than 30 seconds, he steps into the pants, begins moving around as if he's mimicking a choreographed dance routine, and suddenly, like magic, the pants are on securely.

    Maybe it is magic. Maybe he is a superhero. Judging by the always-reliable YouTube comments section, both or neither could be true. The video also has 16,000 likes, compared to just

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  • In Lil' Wayne's 2008 song, "A Milli," he asks, "Where is Erykah Badu at?"

    Well, on Friday, she was trying to steal a kiss from a reporter in New York City on live TV.

    WPIX TV reporter Mario Diaz was finishing a live report about actor Shia LaBeouf's latest escapades during the 5 p.m. newscast. As he was getting ready to wrap, a woman appeared in the background of his live shot. She was wearing a tall hat and a long black jacket, which she would open on camera to reveal a colorful top. After making a few gestures to the camera, the woman moved in on Diaz and went for a kiss.

    For his part, Diaz offered a gentle forearm push and told the woman, "Excuse me," before continuing on with his report.

    "… Avoiding all cameras," he said of LaBeouf before adding, "unlike myself, who couldn't avoid a fan just now."

    The reporter and anchor Tamsen Fadal shared a laugh about it on camera and moved on. But in this age of social networks, of course someone would recognize Badu. A Twitter user asked the

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  • Here's a do-it-yourself slip-and-slide that you should not try at home: a homemade water luge atop a 50-foot cliff that sends you into the lake below.

    Devin Graham and his professionally trained SuperTramp stunt group took to the southern area of Lake Powell in Utah for the feat. There, the crew spent two days filming "Cliff Slip and Slide! 50 Feet! In 4K!" The final piece is just shy of three minutes long. Throughout the video, it looks as if everyone involved is having the time of his life.

    The setup for the slip-and-slide seems pretty straightforward save one key ingredient: a large tarp, a lot of water, and environment-friendly dish soap. The final addition ensures that all those participating will be able to slide off and clear the cliff before landing 50 feet below in the lake.

    Some of the people who slid off described the feeling of landing in the water as "when people take a box of fireworks and throw it at your back." Hopefully that is a foreign sensation to you, but

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