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  • To highlight the inequality of female athletes in terms of salaries and media coverage, decided to showcase the talent of female soccer players in a new prank video.

    Two women soccer pros, Raquel Benetti and Alice Fougeray, put a group of guys to shame when they crashed a pickup game.

    The pair were incognito, dressed as a girl in a summer dress and a fragile grandma. The two female players were quickly disregarded by the men.

    “I play soccer, too” Raquel called out to one of the men, to which he replied, “You look like you're going to the mall.”

    Well, looks certainly were deceiving in this case. Soon after Benetti and Fougeray joined the game, they showed what they could really do. They shot goal after goal and also did tricks.

    The message of the video is pretty clear: Don't underestimate female players.

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  • Hugh Jackman, is there anything that you can't do? You can sing, dance, act – and you’re an expert photobomber!

    Jackman surprised TV reporter Jessica Turner outside a Sydney, Australia, hospital during her live TV hit.

    He walked up behind her, spread his arms and called out, “Photobomb!”  Very subtle, Hugh.

    Turner, however, took the surprise in stride. "The best kind of photobomb, Hugh!" she called back at him.

    The actor and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, were at the Children's Hospital in Sydney to visit sick children as part of their work with the Fight Cancer Foundation. Jackman and his wife launched a new initiative, Back On Track, which will help cancer-stricken kids keep up with their school work.

    Turner, who was there to cover Jackman's visit to the hospital, wrote in her blog later, "Yep, you can photobomb me all day, Hugh."

    We would like to note that Hugh did apologize for the intrusion once he was off camera.

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  • Meet Fergus Hillman, a baby with a lot of hair … and we do mean a lot!

    At just 6 months old, little Fergus is sporting a full head of hair, and according to his mom, Hayley, has already had two haircuts.

    His first was at 4 months old, and he recently returned to the hairdresser for a second trim. (For reference, most babies don’t need a regular haircut until after the age of 2.)

    “During his second haircut, he fell asleep as soon as the hairdresser started brushing his hair,” his mom told the Daily Mail.

    Hayley isn’t too surprised about her son’s luscious locks. According to her, they run in the family.

    “I was hairy, and my dad was hairy,” she said. “I think it’s only really when you see him against other babies that you realize how hairy he is, but people generally just sort of laugh at it.”

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  • Want to know the secret to living until 110? Well, according to supercentenarian Agnes Fenton, the key is God, whiskey and beer … Miller High Life to be precise.

    Fenton’s daily beer routine started 70 years ago after a health scare involving a benign tumor. When her doctor discharged her, she said he left her with this important piece of advice: “Agnes, you must drink three Miller High Lifes a day.”

    Fenton has followed his suggestion to the letter for decades — she even added a glass of whiskey to the mix.

    According to the Record, her caregivers have recently taken alcohol out of her daily routine because she eats less now.

    The Englewood, N.J., resident turned 110 on Saturday surrounded by more than 40 children she took care of during her years as a nanny.

    “When I was 100 years old, I went to the mirror to thank God that I was still here. And I thank him every morning,” she told the Record. “He gave me a long life and a good life, and I have nothing to complain about.”

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  • Welcome to Hogwarts. It’s been waiting for you!

    Thanks to YouTuber Kate Parkin, this magical “Harry Potter”-themed Taylor Swift mashup now exists.

    Parkin, also known as weasleysweaters on YouTube, took several songs off Swift’s “1989” album and changed the lyrics to reflect “Potter” story lines and themes.

    The songs are all sung by Parkin and from the perspectives of different characters in the Potterverse — complete with costumes.

    Props to Kate Parkin, combining both “Harry Potter” and Taylor Swift is truly Internet gold.

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