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  • He shoots, he scores!

    It was a pretty impossible shot, but somehow this kid was able to shoot a basketball from his front porch, across the lawn and driveway and into the basket.

    Right after he makes the shot, he goes into a pretty intense victory lap. We have to admit, this video is made all the more entertaining by his celebration. Running around the yard, yelling and screaming … even loosing his shirt.

    The video cuts off, so there’s no telling how long the celebration continued. But we have a feeling he’ll be telling the story for years!

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  • Aw, we hope you have some tissues handy.

    Charles Green, aka Angry Grandpa on YouTube, thought he was helping his son, Michael, and Michael’s girlfriend, Bridgette, look for a house, but little did he know his son had other plans.

    “For the past few months, Bridgette and I have been planning a huge prank on Angry Grandpa, and today’s the day we’re going to pull it off,” Michael says in the video. “We’ve been taking my dad house hunting with us under the pretenses that he’s looking for a house for me and Bridgette. The only problem is, he’s been looking for his own house.”

    In the middle of the tour of the house, Michael let his dad in on his master prank.
    “We are searching for a house for you,” he tells his dad before pulling a key out of his pocket and handing it over. “This is yours.”

    What happens next is a whole lot of tears and a whole lot of gratitude. Charles breaks down, saying over and over again, “No, no, Michael” and “ I don’t deserve this.”

    The video ends in a big hug with both

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  • Every cat is a character, but this cat in particular resembles a character we all know and love — Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers films.

    Even though his look is not that diabolical, Nelson the cat is having a hard time getting adopted.

    (We don’t know why his name is not Mr. Bigglesworth, either.)  

    He has been at the Cats Protection shelter in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, in England ever since he was discovered in a parking lot with an injured eye — which led to the permanent, totally groovy, hair-free scar on his face.

    Nelson has now been neutered, and anyone interested in adopting him should contact Cats Protection — unless you are pure eeevil.

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  • Get ready to feel old…

    The popular Internet series “Teens React” features a group of adolescents discussing and reacting to ancient artifacts. This week: encyclopedias.

    “We are always taking a hard look at how life was in the past in coming up with interesting subject matter for our various series,” said Benny Fine, one of the videos’ producers, “and remembering how much I used to want an encyclopedia as a kid made me realize wanting a set is very unlikely for teens today and that conversation would be interesting. And it was.”

    The teenagers were given a set of “World Book Encyclopedias” and had to guess what was lying in front of them.

    While most knew what encyclopedias are, they struggled with trying to describe them. Some of the best responses were, “It’s like a dictionary for different stuff” and “It’s the Internet, but in books.”

    “It was Google back in the day!” Tom said in the video. “It was the worst of times.”

    Things took a tricky turn when they were asked to look up a chapter

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  • It’s 109 degrees in Phoenix, and one genius decided to make the most it by making chocolate-covered strawberries in his car.

    It’s a pretty simple, no-frills recipe. Just take strawberries and pieces of chocolate bars and leave them on the dashboard of your overheated car.

    Twenty minutes later, you’ll be able to enjoy your homemade — or car-made —chocolate-covered strawberries.

    We recommend eating them somewhere with air conditioning.

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