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  • Utah resident Dustin Finlinson keeps his eyes on his freezer.

    So, for the past year, he knew someone was snatching some of his frozen food. Most recently, he noticed that his Chicken Bakes were being taken out of the family freezer in the garage.

    “We started noticing food missing here and there ... somewhere around $1,000 worth of food,” he said.

    So what’s a guy to do? Finlinson decided to try to solve the crime.

    In February he installed two home surveillance cameras inside and outside of his garage, where the freezer holding the food is stored.

    Some time passed, and finally last week he caught the hungry burglar on film. He handed the footage over to police in hopes of catching the culprit.

    The family has dubbed the burglar “the Chicken Bake bandit,” but in the end they really want to find him to help him.

    Finlinson told reporters that it’s unnerving to have your property invaded. “It’s more about the act,” he said. “If he needed food that bad, he could come knock on the door and my

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  • This fearless 4-year-old cannot stop laughing as her pilot father introduces her to some more advanced aerobatic flying techniques, such as spinning around in midair.

    Lea has been going for plane rides with her dad, pilot Raphael Langumier, since she was a baby and so she is pretty unfazed by these crazy maneuvers.

    Her father, president of Quebec’s Aviation RL, posted a video of Lea’s adorable reaction on Vimeo, and her giggles are contagious. In fact we dare you not to laugh while watching her reaction to the plane doing summersaults.

    According to the YouTube description, this was Lea’s first aerobatic ride with her dad and she was the one who asked him to flip the plane.

    We don’t think an outburst of giggles would be our reaction to a plane flipping around in the sky.

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  • Meet Matilda, a cat with alien-like eyes who probably has more Instagram followers than you.

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    The 2-year-old cat was rescued from a hoarder house and suffers from spontaneous lens luxation, which causes her eyes to take on an alien-like quality.

    Matilda’s owners, who call themselves “The Lady” and “The Bearded Man” on their website, said her eyes were perfectly normal until around her first birthday, when  one pupil became enlarged and stayed that way for several minutes before going back to normal. Several days later, the same thing occurred.

    The vet gave his diagnosis, and then the owners had to make the difficult decision about whether to put Matilda through surgery right away.

    They explained on their website:

    “After much discussion and consideration, The Lady and The Bearded Man decided with the veterinary [ophthalmologist’s] support that we would let Matilda’s eyes do what they naturally would, and would not intervene with a

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  • The Queen’s guards are on a roll lately! They’ve been proving they won’t stop for anyone or anything in their way.  

    In this video, a pack of soldiers clad in red uniforms and bearskin hats marches straight into a tourist who is paying a little too much attention to his camera.

    In their defense, one soldier does call out, “Make way!” But it’s too late for the tourist, who becomes road kill.

    Steven Macaulay, who shot the footage and uploaded it to YouTube, captioned the video: “You better be on your guard when the Queen's Guards are coming through.”

    Between this and the little girl who was recently slapped by a guard, we think Her Majesty needs to sit down with her soldiers for a chat about their people skills.

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  • It takes something pretty impressive to get the attention of New Yorkers on the street, but one thing that is certainly going to stop them in their tracks is a traffic cop lifting a cab off the ground.

     In a fairly typical New York scene, a cabby and meter maid were fighting about where the taxi driver could park. But things took a turn for the bizarre when the tiny traffic cop lifted the front of the taxi four feet off the ground.

    No surprise here ... it was all a hoax! 

    The video was staged by Thinkmodo, the team that brought you the “Devil Baby” and “Carrie” stunts.  

    This new viral video is part of a marketing campaign for a new app called And no, the company does not sell cars that are easy to lift — that’s all an analogy for how easy the app is to use. 

    Even though it’s an ad, we like to believe that one day we will see a meter maid Hulk out and lift a car. 

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